Transcription Jobs with Scribie – Requirements | Pay | Review | How to Apply

Transcription Jobs with Scribie – Requirements | Pay | Review | How to Apply

Is Scribie legit or a scam? Is it possible to make money transcribing audio files on Scribie? And more importantly, is it worth working for Scribie? Let’s find out.


Founded in 2008, Scribie is a legit audio/video transcription service that hires both beginners and experienced people all around the world to work as transcriptionists, which later on promoted as reviewers, proofreaders then QC.

Scribie pays $5 to $25 per audio hour, which means a six-minute audio file varies from $0.5 to $2.50 depending on the difficulty level and other criteria. Once your submission is reviewed, your earnings are credited to your account. You get paid via a verified Paypal account.


  • Scribie hires transcriptionists without experience.
  • They hire worldwide but you have to be able to get a verified Paypal account.
  • They prefer people with fast typing speed.
  • The main qualification is passing their transcription test, which may include strong accents. To pass the test, you will need a fast typing speed, good listening and comprehension skills in English, including American, British, Australian and Indian accented English.
  • You need to use a headset (a foot pedal is not required).
  • You need the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browser.


  • Flexible hours. There are no obligations, minimum commitments or withdrawal limits.
  • You choose the files to work on when you want to work and can listen to a sample of the file to check the quality before selecting it.
  • You’ll transcribe short files, 6 minutes or less.
  • You have to complete a 6-minute audio within two hours.
  • Most of their files are telephone calls, interviews and speeches.
  • Transcription files go through a three-step process of raw transcription, review, and verification.
  • They provide an automated transcript with each file. The automated transcript is machine generated and the accuracy varies from 60% to 90% depending upon the audio quality, accents, and other things and has to be corrected before submitting. This can still save you around 50% of the effort.


  • The website says that they pay $5 to $25 per audio hour for Raw Transcription and Review which is $0.5 to $2.00 for a 6 minute file.
  • Transcribers report making $10 per audio hour ($1 per 6 minute audio).
  • They pay a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours completed each month.
  • Your pay doubles when you become a self-reviewer as you will get paid twice for the same file.
  • Reviewers make the same amount of money per audio minute but it’s less work so you can make more hourly.
  • Proofreading pays a fixed amount per file depending on the difficulty level, accents, deadline and various other factors.
  • They pay daily.
  • They have contract positions for proofreading which pays a fixed monthly salary.
  • There is no minimum withdrawal limit.
  • They review your transcripts within a few days.


I have been working for Scribie since September 2021, and I think it’s a really good opportunity for beginners to get the hang of transcribing as a start to their careers. There are always files available for transcribers, especially on weekdays.

Choose a file, transcribe it then submit it. It takes around one business day to review that file. The review varies from poor to excellent, if your transcription wasn’t accurate then your work will be rejected and you will not get paid, and that will affect your overall grade.

Also, if you work for a minimum of three hours a month, you will get a $5 bonus credited to your account. You can withdraw your earnings whenever you want, but a fee of 2% will be charged. Withdrawals of $30 or higher are free.

I personally didn’t take working for Scribie seriously because I was just curious about the legitimacy of it, and if it’s true that you can make money working for these companies or not.

After working a few hours a week in my free time, I can confirm that it’s possible and quite easy to make money on Scribie. I even got promoted as a reviewer which I wasn’t expecting at all.

I only worked on 15 files, four of which were rejected (LOL), but I’m proud of myself nonetheless.


As I said before, I didn’t take this seriously, so I obviously didn’t make that much money. So to keep it short, I earned $11.15 for both transcription and reviews, $8.60 for transcribing, and $2.55 for reviewing.

So minus the 2% withdrawal fee, my Paypal balance is $10,93.

In my opinion, it was pretty easy making money on Scribie considering that English is not my first language, so I’m sure that if you take it seriously, you’ll be able to make more money than I did.

Now I’m not saying this is a job that’s going to pay your bills or depth or your college tuition, absolutely not, but it sure is an easy side hustle that you could consider for some extra money, and it’s a good place to start off your career as a transcriber.



  • Free to join.
  • The test is quite easy to pass.
  • You can preview files before selecting one to transcribe.
  • Variety of files to choose from which increases earning potential.
  • There are files available the majority of the time.
  • You can retake the test if you fail.
  • Getting promoted to higher levels.
  • You can withdraw your earnings any time you want.
  • Work from anywhere in the world.


  • Your average grade should not fall below 2.5, otherwise, you will no longer be able to select files.
  • The pay is low.
  • Only supports Paypal as a payment method.
  • There’s a 2% fee for withdrawals less than $30.
  • You won’t be able to make that much money if you’re a slow typist.
  • Your work will be rejected if it’s not accurate enough, and you won’t make any money from it no matter how much time you spent transcribing the file.
  • Some files are pretty hard to transcribe because of the quality of the audio.

My comments

  • Scribie is one of the easiest places to get accepted – especially if you’re a fast typist.
  • The pay is one of the lowest. There are other transcription companies that pay much better — even for newbies.
  • It’s a good place to learn transcription because you can see your work after it has been reviewed.
  • You can be promoted to reviewer, self-reviewer and proofreader based on performance. And you can become a reviewer very fast.
  • They often have bad audio quality and interviews with foreign accents. Transcribing poor audio quality, multiple speakers and accents will take longer. You can turn down any files you don’t want to transcribe. But transcribing those is good practice to learn to transcribe audio with accents and multiple speakers.
  • Availability of work varies. You can choose from many files some days and other days there won’t be any.

How to get better paying transcription jobs

Taking a specialized transcription course will get you started right.  It will speed up the learning process, help you get started faster, make you a better transcriptionist and help you get higher-paying jobs.

How to Apply


Scribie is a great opportunity for entry-level transcriptionists who want to learn and get some experience while making money, before jumping to bigger companies that require a certain level of experience.

Signing up for Scribie is pretty easy. But before that, you need to have a good comprehension of English with the ability to apply context and identify mistakes, a laptop/desktop computer with an internet connection, a good headphone/headset, and a verified Paypal account.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to applying as a transcriptionist for Scribie.

1. click here to sign-up as a transcriber.

2. Enter your information, and make sure to choose “Transcriber” for the account type.

3. Log in to your verified Paypal account.

4. Scribie will then send you a confirmation e-mail, which typically takes one day, whether you’re rejected or invited to pass their transcription test.

5. Before taking the test, I advise you to read their transcription guidelines which are a set of rules that you should always follow. Also, Scribie provides you with some audio files to practice your skills before passing the test.

6. If you pass the test, Scribie will reward you with $0.5, then you’ll be certified as a transcriber. You can log in to your account anytime and select files to work on.

P.S: You have two hours to submit the audio file which can be extended to three hours.

Get more info at

Also read their FAQ at

CONCLUSION: Scribie Review

We can conclude that Scribie is definitely not a scam but a legitimate transcription company that hires beginners and professionals worldwide to work from home and earn some money.

You can start by signing up and reading their transcription guidelines, then practice a little before taking the test.

Even though the pay is not that high, you can still try it out and make some beer money.


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