TSC Revised Score Sheet (+Guidelines) For Mass Recruitment 2022

TSC Revised Score Sheet (+Guidelines) For Mass Recruitment 2022

  • The Teacher’s Service Commission Has announced Mass Recruitment of teachers to fill teaching positions across schools in Kenya.
  • Most of the advertised positions are those for primary school teachers.
  • The deadline for application of the announced TSC teachers mass recruitment positions is not defined.
  • The successful candidates shall be posted by TSC to schools across Kenya
  • TSC announced and opened applications for this positions after their former teachers lost them through death, retire or being sucked by TSC.
  • After the advertisement, intrested unemployed teachers who qualify and have valid TSC numbers should visit the TSC application portal to apply for the advertised positions.
  • Ensure you go through the below TSC guidelines for recruitment to ensure you do it right.
  • Primary teacher position applicants shall be interviewed at the sub-county level while secondary school position applicants should apply via their applied schools.

Apply For TSC Teacher Available Positions Here (primary&secondary)


In this guide, we’re going to look at the TSC guidelines for recruiting high school teachers.

These are the guidelines followed when recruiting teachers for post-primary schools in Kenya today: 


  1. After the teacher’s recruitment advertisements are done, the TSC should induce the selection process for the recruitment of teachers in various institutions. The panel in charge of the selection process is expected to embrace a high level of transparency and accountability during the process as declared in the TSC Code of Conduct and Ethics, 2015 as well as the Public Officers Ethics Act. The administrator of the institution will be expected to raise the panel members’ awareness of the appropriate parts and sections of the act before they commence the selection process.  
  2. The county director as well as the Teachers Service Commission should ensure the exercise is carried out in adherence to the protocol set by the Ministry of education to help curb the contagious Covid 19 
  3. All applying individuals must be registered members of the TSC as declared in section 23 (1) of the TSC Act, 2012. The unregistered applicants will be disqualified in the recruitment.  
  4. Any applicants applying to confirm their results from the Kenya National Examination Council should state their county director’s address depending on where their application submission forms were submitted 
  5. A sworn affidavit for individuals whose names might vary in the application from one document to another 
  6. Individuals who have resat for their KCSE or KCPE exams must submit copies of their certificates of the National exams to confirm their engagement in the course. 
  7. Applicants are expected to submit the applications to the TSC secretary on the online portal i.e. (http://www.teacheronline.tsc.go.ke/) to earn a space in the positions declared vacant by certain institutions 
  8. A final merit list will be generated and given to the county director who will later have a meeting and share with the heads of institutions and the sub-county directors as well. The sub-county directors will later declare and announce the selection day after consulting with the county director. The heads of institutions get to use this merit list to set up recruitment interviews after consulting with the sub-county directors 
  9. Upon qualification and invitation to the interview, the applicant should carry the originals and copies of the documents listed below

Documents Needed To Apply For TSC Teacher Recruitment

  1. National ID card 
  2. Your KCPE certificate (or its equivalent) 
  3. Your KCSE certificate (or its equivalent) 
  4. NCPWD card i.e if applicable 
  5. Secondary and primary school leaving certificates amongst other relevant endorsements 
  6. A teacher registration certificate 
  7. Degree or diploma certificates 
  8. Intern service engagement evidence 
  9. If names on the submitted forms differ, the applicant will have to attach a sworn affidavit 
  • The venue, date, and time of the selection day/interviews should be exhibited on notice boards at the institutional, zonal, sub-county, and county offices to make all the qualified applicants aware of this important day 
  • 7 days before the selection day, the heads of institutions should reach out to the shortlisted applicants via SMS. This acts as a reminder for the applicant to prepare for the day of the interview. This stage should be keenly observed to make sure all the applicants are notified 
  • All applicants should be offered equal opportunities regardless of their origin, gender or ethnicity. However, the following aspects will be put to consideration to prioritize them differently in case of a tie: 

Considerations For TSC Teacher Recruitment

  1. Their service as intern teacher 
  2. Period of graduation i.e. early graduates are prioritized by the recruiter in many cases 
  3. Applicant with/without disability 
  4. The quality of academic and professional certificates one holds 
  • The county director releases the list of the interviewed individuals ranked for every vacancy (Appendix III) alongside the employment application forms 
  • Individuals who have been formerly employed by TSC must allege to their past emloyment experience and history and what led their break in service. Any applicants who go contrary to this policy will be disqualified from the selection process.   

2. Documents Needed At TSC Teacher Recruitment

TSC applicants must provide the original and legal copies of the documents listed below: 

  1. Registration certificate as a tutor
  2. National ID card
  3. A KCSE certificate or its equivalent (if the applicant resat for the exams)
  4. A KCPE certificate or its equivalent ( if the applicant resat for the exams)
  5. Degree and diploma certificates as well as other official transcripts
  6. A sworn affidavit if the names in the applicant’s documents differ
  7. Evidence/proof that the applicant served as an intern teacher
  8. Secondary and primary school leaving certificates as testimonials
  9. NCPWD card if applicable (National Council of Persons with Disability card)


This board consists of four individuals who are appointed by the Teachers Service Commission. Here’s the membership of the selection panel: 

  • Chairman of the Board of management- Chairman 
  • Institutional head administrator- Secretary 
  • TSC county director- Member 
  • Subject pro*/specialist- Member 


  1. TSC county representative/director- Chairman
  2. Institutional head administrators- Secretary
  3. PA chairman-Member
  4. A subject specialist

The TSC representative should make sure the selection process is carried out sensitively to hold the interviews in accordance to the set protocol to contain Covid 19


The TSC County director shall present a system-generated merit list of all applicants before the selection panel.

Using different scoring criteria from one group to another, some applicants will score high marks while others fail the test.

Individuals who qualify for the interviews are informed through SMS at least seven days before the special day comes.

The TSC county director is expected to make decisions and advise all applicants appropriately.


Graduate tutors

To qualify as a secondary school teacher, here are the TSC guidelines and qualification factors for recruiting high school teachers: 

  • One must have scored a C+ and above in the two tutoring subjects as well as a backup ‘A level pass
  • Bachelor of Education degree and a PGDE as well (2 teaching subjects)
  • Bridging certificates shall be accepted for those who finished their course before 31st December 2015
  • Bachelors of art/science with education (two subjects)
  • A Bachelor of education with a mean of C(Plain) on each teaching subject as well as a diploma in education.

Diploma Tutors

All applicants must have attained a mean of at least C+ in KCSE or its equivalent with at least a credit pass in their teaching subjects. Moreover, they must all have a certificate of diploma in education from an authorized tutor-training institution. 


The visually and hearing-impaired individuals who enroll in training with an average grade of C(Plain) are eligible to offer knowledge in the two teaching subjects. 

Any diploma graduates of 2018 and before with a grade of at least C (Plain) overall and in the two teaching subjects qualify as well. 

Technical Tutors

All applicants should have attained an average grade of C+(plus) in the KCSE (or its equivalent) and at least a pass in the two specialized subjects. Furthermore, all applicants must have: 

  1. Bed TECH (A Bachelor of education technology)
  2. A Bachelor of Science in the appropriate technical course/subject
  3. A diploma cert in a technical subject
  4. A higher Diploma cert in a technical subject


Amongst the TSC guidelines for recruiting high school teachers, the commission’s county director should put his best foot forward to make the selection process a success: 

  1. Make sure that all the requisite documents are attached alongside the employment application forms
  2. Review the applicants’ recruitment forms and documents to check and ensure that the applicant qualifies in accordance with the recruitment guidelines
  1. Ensuring all forms are accordingly signed by the relevant individuals. These documents include: selection panel meeting minutes, scoresheets, and part C of the employment application to make sure that the applicant qualifies
  2. Attach a compilation of the complaints and the responsive action taken thereafter to the commission for verification


The TSC county director should submit the following forms to the Teachers Service Commission headquarters: 

  1. An accordingly filled employment application with an attachment of a copy of the confirmation of the receipt of an employment application, a copy of the registration certificate, ID card copy, NCPWD-card(if applicable), An Affidavit if applicable, teaching intern participation evidence, 2 passport-size photos for qualified applicants
  2. A merit list of interviewed candidates in accordance to declared vacancies in various institutions
  3. A system-generated list showing the applicants who didn’t qualify in the interview
  4. List of candidates with disability(ies)
  5. The selection panel signed minutes
  6. Accordingly signed meeting minuted of the Board of management
  7. A complete and signed score-guide
  8. Paypoint details form
  9. A bank plate copy
  10. A KRA pin copy
  • An NHIF card copy 

8. TSC TEACHER RECRUITMENT Complaints compilation

Any dissatisfied applicants should submit a complaint letter to the TSC headquarters through email; soon within the first seven days after the selection process is done. 

The TSC county director should analyze and present all complaints filed by the applicants to the commission and the immediate actions taken.  

Lastly, following the above TSC guidelines for recruiting high school teachers in Kenya 2021, individuals should be able to apply for the selection process and even get to achieve their objectives as high school tutors. Keenly follow the guidelines and instructions to become a qualified high school teacher today.


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