Where to get the most affordable ice cream in Nairobi

Where to get the most affordable ice cream in Nairobi

The sun is slowly making a comeback to the streets of Nairobi and we are ready to ditch our trench coats, boots, and heavy clothing to go outside and enjoy it. It is the perfect time to unleash all the bikinis in our closets and sunglasses. This also means that our choice of desserts in restaurants is no longer going to be a hot cup of tea/coffee/ chocolate or dawa. It is time to enjoy some ice cream!!!!

When was the last time you went for an ice cream date? Do you know where to get the best ice cream in Nairobi? or how much it will cost you? worry not because that’s why I am here. Below is a list of places where you can get the best and most affordable ice cream in Nairobi.

Sno Cream

I came to know about this place around two years ago through a friend who is head over heels in love with it. From all the hype she was giving me, I had to try it. Sno cream is located on the farthest end of Monrovia street in Nairobi CBD at a tiny corner store. It is just one minute away from Club Number 7 which I mentioned in my previous post as one of my best cocktail joints in Nairobi.

Sno Cream has been there since 1952!! Yes, you better believe that. It has been here even before we got independence. Their décor has not seen much change apart from the modern ice cream machines but the good thing is that their ice cream is still of great quality thanks to their secret recipes. They have a wide variety of flavors to choose from and the prices start as low as from Kshs. 150. They even have sugar-free ice cream!!!

Yolo Ice cream

How much sugar can you handle? That’s the question you should be asking yourself before you go to this place located at Kenya Cinema’s 3rd floor in rooms 3-4. Yolo ice cream is as woke, urban, and as lit, as the name suggests. The place is known for its humongous and loaded ice cream, thick milkshakes, and fresh virgin cocktails. It is an ever-busy place but that does not affect their service. Their prices start from Kshs. 150 to Kshs. 500 and they charge Kshs. 50 for any extra topping.

Cold Stone Creamery

My other favorite place is Cold Stone Creamery which is an American ice cream parlor chain with branches all over Nairobi at The Hub, Galleria Mall, Yaya Center, The Junction Mall, Capital Center, Village Market, and Two Rivers Malls. Their premium ice cream is freshly made every day and you can tailor make your own ice cream or cake.

My all-time favorite is the Oreo Overload which is made of sweet cream ice cream, Oreos, chocolate chips, and fudge. I also like buying their waffle because it is really crunchy and delicious. Prices range from Kshs. 250 for the ice cream and Kshs. 350 for the Milkshakes.

Big Square

The mission for any ice cream parlor must be “go big or go home” because clearly everybody is doing it big. At Big Square, they have monster shakes similar to what Yolo Ice cream and Cold stone have. They get creative to add wafers, Oreo biscuits, and skittles. I love their plain vanilla ice cream and would highly recommend it. Also the chocolate biscuit Sundae.

Creamy Inn

Creamy Inn has to be the most popular ice cream place of all time and its numerous branches all over Nairobi make it even more marketable and convenient. The ice cream is available in a wide selection of cups, cones, sundaes, and Milkshakes. Their Vanilla ice cream is worth a try and it is actually really nice. A cone of ice cream goes for Kshs. 50 bob on Wednesdays and Kshs. 100 on the other days. For more taste try and mix vanilla and strawberry.


Most people go to steers for their wacky Wednesday offer on burgers and also for the flame-grilled chicken. They forget that steers also sells ice cream from as low as Kshs.50 bob for a cone of ice cream. Any cone flavor dipped in chocolate or caramel goes for Kshs. 150 and it is worth the money. Try them out.

Zucchini Greengrocers

Though the name suggests that this is a grocery shop, Zucchini has a section for ice cream. They sell their ice cream per scoop for Kshs.150 and have different flavors to choose from. I love their branch at The Hub in Karen. It is like rewarding yourself after shopping.


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