10 Steps To Buying A New Car In Kenya

10 Steps To Buying A New Car In Kenya

Planning to buy your first car for so long? It’s good to take time and think intensely as it’s one of the most expensive purchases you will make. Thus, how can you make sure that the investment you made is the right one?

Thankfully we have got answers to all of your doubts. In this article, we will look into how should you buy a car in Kenya.

Since 80% of Kenya’s automobile market consists of grey imports which are second-hand cars. Thus in between these second-hand purchases, you can make the best of it by purchasing a new one.  Here are the 10 important tips you must follow when buying a new car in Kenya:

  • 1.       Determine Your Car Needs:

We all plan to buy our dream car .. but planning for a ford or a BMW should not be the main focus. Think about the major needs for which you have decided to buy the car. For instance, if you want it for leisure then choosing Toyota Camry Hybrid is a perfect choice but if you are buying for daily usage, then the car with the best mileage will be the ideal choice.

  • 2.       Read Reviews From Experts:

You may come up with a number of choices but to make a wise purchase, you must know the cons and pros of the vehicle you want. In this context, you can check out different online car dealers in Kenya. We recommend you to visit Autotrader where you can view a list of all types of car makes and models, prices, features, and specifications

You can also talk to your friends or relatives. For instance – if you are willing to buy a Toyota Corolla, you can ask a friend who already owns it. That friend can better guide you on whether you should opt to get it or not.

  • 3.       Figure Out Your Best Trade-In:

When you visit a car dealer in Kenya, you can’t predict if it’s the best deal that you are offered but you must know that the trade-in you are planning to invest is worth it or not. You will want to know as much information as possible before setting any deal but never let your detail offer you its entire retail price.

  • 4.       Understand Your Affordability:

Choosing the car is not enough, it is also required that you get it under your budget.  Different shoppers have made different car buying strategies so if you are financing your car or leasing it, you need to first create a budget and figure out monthly payments before heading to the dealership. Secondly, make sure you make savings so that when you have decided to buy, you can pay without breaking the bank.

  • 5.       Choose the Car You Want to Purchase:

Now when you are all set to acquire the car, take a glance at a few things – final price, latest model, popular dealers in the market where you can get the car, any special offers etc.

In case, the model you want is sold, you can think about other options. You can try with some other dealer or you can look for another car from the list.

  • 6.       Compare Prices:

If you drive around Nairobi for a day, you will find numerous car dealers. It may seem tempting if you spot the car you crave and thereafter begin the purchase process; but you know, this is not a smart approach.

Instead how exactly you should approach is to visit several car dealers and compare the prices you get. This way you will find that the price at which you buy your first car will be much cheaper than the original quotation you got.

  • 7.       A Long Test Drive:

Once you decide the make and model you want to buy,  the next important step is to go for a test drive. Remember,  it’s you who has to buy a car, and invest in your biggest purchase so never settle down for a short drive even if salesman asks for a short route. Take a long drive and observe the fuel efficiency, mileage, and other interior features.  If you are not satisfied or making a decision in a rush, it is completely fine to say ‘No’ and opt for other cars for a test drive. But never settle down in a rush so that your decision results in the regression for your purchase.

  • 8.       Time to negotiate:

When you visit the dealer for making a purchase, they never come up with the best price. Although you will be offered offer one price it can be negotiated if a buyer tries. Thus, to make it the best deal, firstly, be firm with the price which you want. Secondly, if the dealer doesn’t accept it, even then don’t agree for the price you aren’t comfortable with. If not happy, you can walk out the door any time. This is the biggest chip you will ever get from a purchase as if the dealer will be interested he will get ready for your price otherwise you have already got a list of a number of cars you can choose from.

  • 9.       Read the Buyer’s Order Carefully:

This is a final document that will drive you to purchase. Go through the document thoroughly.. Check out the price of each and everything listed in the document, from the car’s original price to taxes incurred. If you are not sure about something included in the document, now’s the last chance to ask.

Further, when you sign the buyer’s order, there is a pretty good chance that dealer will offer you special add-ons but be careful before choosing one. It may end up costing a lot while paying monthly.

  • 10.   Buying A Car Insurance:

Now here comes the additional expense that befalls with every car purchase. Being a Kenyan native, you need to buy the minimum coverage for your car i.e. liability insurance if you want to drive your vehicle on road. But this is not the only car insurance you can buy. In fact,  you can take fully comprehensive car insurance Kenya coverage for overall protection for both the parties as well. You can compare the car insurance quotes from all top insurance providers and then choose the one that suits your budget as well as your needs.


Each of the above-mentioned tips is extremely important to make the best decision on your vehicle investment and therefore do not skip any of them as you start the process of buying your first car.

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