5 Reasons to Consider Web Development as a Career

5 Reasons to Consider Web Development as a Career

Is being a web developer a good career decision? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for in a career.

There are some qualities of web development careers, such as job availability and base salary, that make this option a great fit for anyone who wants a secure and high-paying job. While good pay and flexibility are historically among some of the biggest contributors to job satisfaction, they aren’t the only ones. 

Getting appreciated for your work, finding opportunities to learn and grow, and an interest in the job itself are also high-ranking aspects of job satisfaction. Luckily, those also happen to be some of the primary benefits of web development as a career. Here are five reasons to go into web development that might convince you to get started today.

1. Web Developers Are In-Demand

Today, the online experience is essential to the success of every business and organization. Without a web developer, companies are left using drag-and-drop web builders like Squarespace or a WordPress template. 

While these might do the trick for some companies, many more rely on a web developer or team of developers to deliver the unique, engaging, and well-designed experiences consumers expect today. This is one reason the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the web development industry is expected to grow 8% by 2029, much faster than the average.

2. Web Developers Earn a Great Living

Do web developers get paid well? In Indiana, the answer is yes. Though compensation is based on experience like every other industry, the average web developer in Indiana earns $62,901 a year according to Glassdoor. This is around $30 an hour, significantly higher than the Indiana statewide average hourly pay of $16.93 per hour. Getting into web development is one way for Hoosiers to make around double the average salary without necessarily needing to earn an advanced degree. 

3. Web Developers Have Diverse Opportunities

Many web developers have a range of opportunities open to them once they start their careers. Just because you start out in web development doesn’t mean you have to stay there.

You may find you love the process of design and delivering on audience expectations for a website. Or, you may get interested in a specific programming language and get more focused on giving commands to the computer. Or, you might get the experience and passion to fully develop apps for yourself. 

However your career evolves, web developer jobs are an excellent gateway to many other exciting tech careers.

4. Web Developers Get to Be Creative

Those who choose to stick with web development will appreciate the creativity that they get to exercise on a daily basis. Many prospective students want to know: What does a web developer do?

As a front-end web developer, you’ll take web design requirements and discuss with user experience experts about colors, layout, and features. Then, it’s your job to take all that discussion and make it come to life. Back-end developers are more immersed in the background components of a website or web application.

Full-stack web developers tend to do it all, managing both the front-end appearance with UX designers and back-end component work to make a website run seamlessly.

Web development requires understanding of design, user psychology, and the goals of the business creating the website. If you love a creative challenge, web development can and will provide it. 

5. Web Developers Have Flexibility

Web development is an industry that offers a flexible way to break into tech. You can work part-time as a freelancer to earn income through a side hustle while you also nurture other opportunities. You can then grow that freelance work into your own business and work solo building web pages. 

Or, you can join an established team and work with others to collaborate toward something great. Plus, the more programming languages you learn and skills you develop, the more that flexibility ultimately increases. 

Is Web Development a Good Career?

As we’ve pointed out, web developers make a competitive salary compared to other industries. The high earning potential often piques the interest of many computer science prospective students, but the creativity and growth potential are what really seals the deal for most.

Consider the Pros and Cons

It’s always important to consider the pros and cons of any new career path. Web development has a number of pros: High earning potential, opportunity for growth, and flexibility are usually top of mind for most who get into the industry. 

Some of the challenges for people who pursue web development is the competitive nature of the job market. While developers are in high demand, the calibre of coders is ever-increasing, making it important to stay updated on latest tech trends and programming developments. It’s also highly specialized, so it could be limiting for individuals who like variety in their careers.

How Do I Know It’s the Right Career Choice for Me?

If you’re still on the fence, it might be helpful to consider what personality traits and skill sets are often helpful for a career in web development. First off, an interest in problem-solving is vital. Web developers are often tasked with fixing bugs and writing code to solve issues. Anyone with patience and creativity will thrive in this role.

Web developers rarely work completely on their own, and a strong ability to communicate is a great trait for programmers. You’ll often work with project managers, UX and UI teams, and clients, requiring good communication skills.


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