Why Applying to as Many Jobs as Possible can be a Mistake

Why Applying to as Many Jobs as Possible can be a Mistake

There are two mistakes when applying for jobs. One is to apply to every job in sight, and the other is to apply for multiple positions within the company. Learning the reasons these are mistakes can keep an individual from wasting time and concentrating on the jobs that the individual really wants. 

Applying for Multiple Jobs at the Same Time

Individuals who apply for multiple jobs at the same time on job search sites tend to follow the same pattern. Because they are flooding the job websites with multiple applications, they are not taking the time to individualize job applications to show that they are qualified to fill particular jobs. This is the reason why those who send out multiple applications rarely hear back from recruiters. It is better to take the time to research the company and rework a job application to fit the description of the position.

Focus on Particular Jobs

The purpose of a resume is to sell the talents of a worker to a company. The resume should show that the applicant has the credentials to do a particular job and would be a good fit in the position and with the company. A candidate whose resume is too generic will most likely have his or her resume end up in the bottom of the pile.

Be Careful Where You Are Applying

Hiring managers or recruiters may post job ads on multiple sites looking for the right match for a job. One mistake job applicants can make is not noticing that they are applying for the same position with the same company over and over. However, the recruiter does notice and may think that the job applicant is sending out multiple resumes without any discretion.

Don’t Apply for Nonexistent Jobs

Some people make the mistake of applying for jobs at a company where none are available. After sending out possibly hundreds of applications, it should be surprising when no responses are forthcoming. Apply only to real job openings where the company is actively looking to fill a position.

Applying for Multiple Jobs at the Same Company

This can be a big mistake. Recruiters see the job applications as they come in, and an individual who applies for multiple positions within the same company can come across as desperate and willing to take any job. Applying for jobs in this way can end up with the recruiter noting your desperation on your application file. In other words, this is a good way to never get called in for an interview. Recruiters want individuals who actually want particular jobs because they are more likely to stay in the position.

How to Apply for Multiple Jobs at the Same Company

If a job seeker has an eye to work for a particular company, there are ways to send multiple application, limited to two or three, and still be considered, but it takes finesse to do so. The size of the company can make a difference. A large company may employ multiple recruiters, and that can increase the odds that the same individual will not spot multiple applications from the same person. In addition, focusing only on jobs that are in the same category and for which an individual is fully qualified can make a difference.

Getting Your Name Out There

Besides letting your friends and coworkers know that you are job hunting, it can also be a good idea to use social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn to promote yourself. Many recruiters now take a look at a job applicant’s LinkedIn profile because it can contain much more job information and history than a resume. No matter what an individual’s field of employment is, using job search sites or a job search service can be enhanced by using social media.

Applying for a job and getting a callback for an interview takes dedication and focusing on skills and credentials that apply to particular job descriptions. Just as knowing how to get considered for a job is important, so is using the right means to find that job. 


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