10 Legit loan Apps in Kenya that gives you genuine quick loans

10 Legit loan Apps in Kenya that gives you genuine quick loans

If you’ve ever been cash-strapped and in desperate need, you may relate to how it feels to not have access to credit facilities.

Thankfully, rapid loan applications in Kenya minimize this time-consuming procedure and allow you to acquire sizable loans on your mobile device.

Having said that, Which App should you have for emergencies?


Tala joins the list of top 20 loan apps in Kenya because of Kenyans’ massive downloads and wide usage. It is available on Google Play Store, and once you have downloaded the app, you can sign up and start accessing quick mobile loans in Kenya. However, you must provide your details for your account to be verified.

Tala provides personalised loans based on your digital credit history. Here you can track your credit using My Tala Status and repay the whole amount at once or in partial payments. You can repay your loan using Mpesa Xpress or through the Paybill number 851900.

Mshwari by Safaricom

M-Shwari is one of the most widely used mobile loan services in Kenya. It is not just a lending platform but a paperless banking service that allows users to save and borrow.

Saving money through Mshwari earns you an interest rate of 3% for Ksh1-20,000, 5% Ksh.20,000-50,000 and 6% for greater than Ksh.50,000 annually. You access loans of a minimum of Ksh. 100, and the limit rises based on your credit history. You can only access M-Shwari loans if you have a Safaricom line.

KCB M-Pesa

This is another mobile money lender affiliated with Safaricom, although the Kenya Commercial Bank owns it. KCB M-Pesa also enables you to save, thus enabling you to borrow.

One can access KCB M-Pesa through the M-Pesa menu on the phone SIM toolkit or M-Pesa app, so you must have a Safaricom sim card as well. In addition, KCB M-Pesa has a unique top-up feature that allows you to request a loan more than once as long as you have not exceeded your limit.

Timiza from Barclays

Banks have not been left behind regarding mobile loan apps in Kenya. For example, Timiza is an app by Absa Bank’s app allows users to do all kinds of banking from their phones.

Services offered through Timiza include loans, fund transfers, insurance purchases and many more. Timiza app is available on Google Play Store, but those who can’t access it can dial *848# to register.


Branch is one of the most established loan apps in Kenya without registration fees in and outside of the country. Through Branch, one can access up to Ksh.70,000 from their smartphones at any time.

You have to download the Branch app on Google Play Store and follow easy steps to register. After that, loans are approved in less than 24 hours, and there are no hidden fees. In addition, the lender does not charge late fees or rollover fees, so many people prefer the app.


Shika is one of the credit apps that stand out by offering more than just loans. It is an SMS app with several cool features that facilitate text messaging. The app also provides the latest news on topics ranging from politics, sports, and entertainment.

Shika acts like a portal for several lenders to give credits to their clients. However, the credits are tailored more towards startups in agriculture, asset finance and invoice discounting.


iPesa loan app offers credits from as low as Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 50,000. The shortest tenor for credits is 91 days, while the longest is 180 days, so you will have enough time to repay your credit. Their interest rate stands at 12% with no service fee.

Once you download the app, register with your M-Pesa number and apply for the exact amount you need. If you repay your credits on time, your credit limit will be set at Ksh. 50,000.


If you have not used the Zenka app to get credit, you will love it. The first credit is interest and service fee-free. It means you only have to pay the amount you borrowed within the stipulated time, which is usually 61 days.

You can download the Zenka app from their website Zenka and install it on your phone. After filling the application form, you will receive the requested amount in less than five minutes.


Zidisha is one of the best new loan apps in Kenya 2022 and is available in Google Play Store. Download it, register and start using the services. Zidisha functions as a non-profit peer to peer lending platform. It means that your credit will be coming from an independent lender and not the organisation itself.

The app is a portal where lenders and borrowers meet and transact their business. To qualify for a credit, you have to be employed or running a business, be active on Facebook, have a working Safaricom sim card, provide a national ID and have a good credit history.


Okash credit app provides both personal and business loans of up to Ksh. 60,000. You need to download the app from Google Play Store, install it and register.

Using the personal details you provided, Okash determines your credit limit and the period you have to repay. The interest rate is slightly higher at 14%.

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