Google Pay Kenya, how to use it, and connection to PayPal

Google Pay Kenya, how to use it, and connection to PayPal

Google Pay came to Kenya around 2018. As for now, it is possible to integrate the American wallet directly with M-Pesa, a subsidiary of Safaricom Kenya. However, Google pay has not won the hearts of many Kenyans even though it is well established all over the Globe.

How to pay with Google Pay online

To use the Google Pay app, you must have an Android phone with NFC (contactless) technology. Then you have to download the app and save your bank details. Warning: not all banks are compatible with Google Pay. The list of partner banking institutions by country is available on Google's website.

Step-by-step instructions to pay with Google Pay on the web 

To utilize the Google Pay application, you should have an Android smartphone with NFC (contactless) innovation. At that point, you need to download the application and save your bank information. Cautioning: not all banks are viable with Google Pay. The rundown of accomplice banking organizations with the following Credit Cards are only supported in Kenya:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron

There are three different ways to utilize Google Pay: available, in a versatile application, or on a mobile site (from the Chrome browser as it were). To pay with Google Pay in-store, the installment terminal should acknowledge contactless technology. No compelling reason to open the application. Just put your phone on the terminal. It is likewise conceivable to add reliability cards and gift vouchers to Google Pay. A few dealers significantly offer uncommon offers.

Google Pay" shows when you are making a buy that the trader site is an associate of Google Pay. The equivalent goes for installment through an application. Google Pay is accessible in the installment list. Unlike Kenyan bank cards that limit KES 2,500 in contactless payments, there is no payment limit with Google Pay.

Google Pay also allows you to store plane tickets and concert tickets, as Apple Pay does. For now, the only importable tickets are those from the Ticketmaster or Southwest platforms. By May 2021, U.S. Google Pay users can now make money transfers to India and Singapore. Google will add other countries gradually to Google Pay. However, in Kenya, Google pay does not allow the following:

  • Any escrow type of payment
  • Bank transfers
  • Western Union
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Wire transfers
  • Money Gram
  • Virtual Credit Cards (VCC)
  • Transit cards

Google Pay and PayPal 

It is achievable to add a PayPal account to Google Pay. When the two versions are connected, the client doesn't need to sign in to PayPal when shopping on Chrome. you should tap on the line PayPal, beneath that of the Mastercard, and approve the buy with a PIN. It is additionally conceivable to utilize your record PayPal with Google Pay available or through an application. Note that if the PayPal account isn't adequately loaded, Google Pay will naturally sign in to the bank or move the fundamental equilibrium from the enlisted Mastercard to the PayPal account.

In May 2018, Google and PayPal reinforced their trust. It is presently conceivable to utilize your PayPal account to pay for items and services through the Google biological system, including Gmail, Youtube, and the Google Store. Since June 2019, e-retailers offering Google Pay can add the choice PayPal. This component is accessible in 24 nations where clients can connect their records to PayPal and Google Pay.

Analysis of Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay 

Google Pay is accessible in 28 nations, marginally more than Samsung Pay (24) but substantially less than Apple Pay (60 countries). Then again, it is difficult to know the number of clients of every one of them since none of them impact this figure. The quantity of Kenyan banks that offer is known. What's more, it is the apple that has persuaded the most monetary organizations.

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