How To Better Your Chances of Survival While Fighting With Lung Cancer?

How To Better Your Chances of Survival While Fighting With Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is
one of the rising common types of cancer in India and even abroad. Many people
are now getting affected by the poor quality of air that we live in and the
pollution that is prevalent in many cities. Exposure to air contaminated with
metal, chemicals, and radioactive elements can be extremely dangerous to human

exposure results in mutation of the genetic material of the cells in the body
that causes them to become cancerous and have fatal impacts on health.
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There are some of
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can make all the difference in the world for the patient.

Cancer | Introduction

Lung cancer
affects the lung either due to exposure to hazardous chemicals or smoke from
chemical-based effluents. Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer in the
lungs. Those who smoke are 3 times more prone to Lung cancer than those who do

hazards such as exposure to heavy metals and radioactive elements or chemicals
are another leading cause of cancer in men and women. Lung cancer is expected
to grow in numbers with the deteriorating air condition and the increase in
industrial waste and effluent in the world.

Smoking can cause
lung cancer, throat cancer, bronchial cancer, mouth cancer, etc. Even then, the
number of smokers in the world is rising, and the number of people who suffer
from cancer because of smoking and exposure to tobacco in any form is also
rising in India and the world.

When a person is
diagnosed with cancer, the first and foremost step to prevent its spread is to
stop smoking or expose oneself to anything cancerous such as smoke, industrial
wastes and effluents, and other chemical exposure.

Cancer treatment hospital in Chennai includes therapy sessions that help the patients
in exploring their treatment options, understanding their health condition, and
with plenty of facts and information about their condition. The therapist also
helps in making the patients aware of all the things that they can do to help
fight the battle against cancer.

Surviving cancer
also depends on the patient as much as it depends on the treatment course.
There are many things that a patient can do to help assist the treatment and
improve chances of survival.

and Surviving Cancer

Surviving cancer
depends on many things and some of the best tips to help beat cancer are
mentioned below:

  • Optimism

One of the most
important advice that most people give cancer patients is to be optimistic and
being as normal as possible. Being happy helps the body to be relaxed and
produce the right hormones that helps the cancer patient’s treatment.

  • Stress Avoiding

Avoiding stress
and stressful situations is key to cancer survival. Stress hormones can act
adversely and cause the patient to recover slowly.

  • Eating Healthy

Being on a
healthy diet with good proteins and higher calories helps in getting through
the high doses of chemicals and medications that are introduced in the body.

  • Meditation

A simple walk in
a green park or meditation can help release stress and help with overall

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