How To Confirm Your Voter Registration Details Online And Via SMS

How To Confirm Your Voter Registration Details Online And Via SMS

The Kenya General Elections date is fast approaching. The exercise will be done in August when Kenyans will be able to choose their leaders for the next half a decade.

The authority tasked with the management and running of the elections, whose scope of work also includes boundary adjustments and registration of voters aka the IEBC has since confirmed that registered voters do not need to visit local IEBC offices to confirm their registration details.

The development was announced yesterday by IEBC. The same sentiments have also been echoed by other leaders, who are imploring Kenyans to make sure that their registration documentation is accurate to avoid voting issues in August.

How to check registration details

The exercise can be done in two primary ways.

The first one is via SMS.

All you need to do is send an SMS with your passport or ID number to 70000.

The SMS is not free so make sure you have at least KES 10 in your account.

The SMS can also be sent from any carrier, be it Telkom Kenya or Safaricom.

The second option is using an online portal.

It can be accessed HERE.  

Once you manage to get in, follow the prompts to confirm if your voter registration details are in order.

To note, it appears that the portal is down for some reason, most likely from traffic.

However, this is something that can be addressed by IEBC by increasing the site’s capacity.

At a late time today, you should be able to access it anyway.

For now, though, use the SMS option.

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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