How to Receive Google AdSense Payments Through Payoneer

How to Receive Google AdSense Payments Through Payoneer

In this article, I will show you How to Receive Google AdSense Payments Through Payoneer. As you know that Payoneer is a financial services company ltd that provides online money transfers with digital Payment services. The account holders of Payoneer can receive there payments and funds into their bank accounts through some procedure of Payoneer. The account holders of Payoneer online money transaction e-Wallet, or into re-loadable, Master CardDebit card. Payoneer users are nowadays more than a billion people. Because the money transaction and withdrawal by Payoneer is much easy and better.

Huge companies like AirbnbAmazonGoogle AdSenseUpworkFreelancer, and Fiverr, use Payoneer to send mass payments around the world online. However, it is used by eCommerce and marketplace and famous business people. To connect their firms with a publisher based outside of there countries.

However, if you are a perfect and professional blogger and professional freelancer, and Fiverr worker. Therefore, Payoneer is the best source and platform to receive your payments online in your own country by adding your account bank. Although you can Receive and send your Google AdSense, Freelancing Payments, Fiverr, and YouTube Payments through Payoneer. By the way, in this article, you will learn the complete procedure of how to receive Google AdSense Payments through Payoneer.

Receive Google AdSense Payments Through Payoneer?

Before going to order for Payments achievements. Firstly you need to create a Payoneer account after creating, the process of approving the Payoneer account is slow nowadays due to security problems. After that, you have created a Payoneer account you must wait till the updates that. They give you some several business days with full updates. Read also if you don’t know how to create Payoneer Account.

Step 1. Log in to your Payoneer account

Step 2. After that, you logged into your Payoneer account. From the top of menu click on Receive and select Global Payment Service. Global Payment service allows the Payoneer user to use multiple currencies of there countries. And from Global Payment Service the users can select their international payment account, which you can request your Bank Account Name.

Step 3. Under Global Payment Service, Request the Grow globally – request more receiving accounts. Request the country payment where you registered and your AdSense approved.

Step 4. From here you have to full fill some requirements where you want, that Google AdSense pay you through Payoneer.

  • Mark the Currencies you would like to get paid in.
  • Which marketplace are you currently selling in? If you are marketplaces seller then you have to choose your company properly from the list.
  • Fill the blank with the English language, other languages are not acceptable.
  • What are your total monthly sales volume?

Add Google AdSense Payment Method

Step 5. After that, you requested for Global Payment Service. Then it will take some several business days to be approved, while it approved Sign in to your Google AdSense and click on Payments.

Step 6. After you clicked on Payments then click on Add a Payment Method. For which country you have requested by Payoneer you will receive an update of a bank. For example, if you are requested for Australia country then enter the Name of Bank, BSB Number, Account Number and click Save button.

How to Request for Payments in Payoneer?

After that, you created the Payoneer account and added the Global Payment Service. Where your Google AdSense is registered so, now it is the time to receive the Google AdSense payments with Payoneer. Therefore, we need to withdraw our Google AdSense with Payoneer to our bank account. Follow the instruction in the picture in order to not miss any portion of them.

Step 1. Log in to your Payoneer account, and from the menu click on “Activity” then click on Manage Currencies.

Step 2. Transfer money between your currency balances to make payments in the currency you need. Click on From select balance, To from there choose the currency you want to transfer to your bank account.

Step 3. Choose the amount you want to transfer.

Step 4. In here you go to Withdraw and click on To bank Account. Withdraw will transfer your money amount to your account through Payoneer.

Step 5. Withdraw Money to your account, your bank must be approved by Payoneer account. If your account is approved by Payoneer, then on top of menu click on “Withdraw” and click on “To Bank Account”. Then select the “Withdraw from”. The currency which you are using, and enter the amount of your money then request for “Review”. Remember that the money will transfer in “24” hours by Payoneer to your bank account.

Note: Before getting “Verified” of Google AdSense into Payoneer. You must wait at least for 2 Bussines days to get the response from Payoneer. Google AdSense will send a less amount to your Payoneer for getting sure of your Payoneer account. After that, check the transferred amount from your Google AdSense amount then enter into your Payments verification. However, every 21 or 22 Date the Google AdSense will transfer the earning amount into your Payoneer amount, then you need to Withdraw to your bank account. And you can check above the article how to withdraw the amount into your bank account.

In addition, Again if you faced any kind of problem in Payoneer Advanced setting. Then you can contact directly Payoneer Support Team ask them for help. Payoneer support team can help only from Monday to Friday, and Saturday and Sunday they are Off.


That’s all about How to receive Google AdSense Payments Through Payoneer. Therefore, I hope that the article was useful to you. If you enjoyed reading this article don’t forget to share your comments and feedback below in the comment section. And if you faced any kind of problem-related to this article feel free to ask your question in the conversation.

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