The 9 Best Online Business For Students In Kenya

The 9 Best Online Business For Students In Kenya

In this post, we will be looking at the 9 best online businesses for students in Kenya. Students are a crucial element in any nation’s development. 

Online businesses are the best platforms for students because of their flexible working hours, remote locations, and potentially high profits. 

Online jobs for students exist in different categories, ranging from writing to programming. It’s up to you as a student to pick one.

We will also look at factors you should consider before getting into an online business as a student. Before that, we’ll look at what a business is. 

What counts as a business?

Well, a business is the creation of any service or product that is sold for profit. For instance, I have a business because I’m creating this content with the goal of making money through advertising revenue, affiliate links, etc.

Well, a business has to have a buyer and a seller. That’s is how the transaction will be done and make it a business.

Also, profits must be involved for a business to be a business. If you’re not selling anything or making any money from your online enterprise – it’s pretty safe to say that it’s just you having fun online.

What about online business?

An online business is any business that is conducted online. For instance, I could purchase a website and host it on WordPress (a free blogging platform).

The blog would then be my product. Visitors to the site will read my content and hopefully contact me for more information or purchase a service I offer.

In this case, getting into online businesses as a student means that you are either creating or selling online products.

Is an online business worth it?

Yes, there are a number of benefits to starting an online business as a student. First, remote working hours enable students to work around their class schedules. 

Online businesses don’t have fixed work times so this is ideal for those with irregular timetables. Secondly, it’s also possible for you to start an online business from home without having to spend a lot of money. 

This is perfect for young entrepreneurs who need a cheap business startup. The truth is that not all online businesses are great though, so it’s important that you know what to look for before choosing an online business.

How to find the best online business for students in Kenya?

Most of the time, people treat business ideas as “passive income” and expect immediate results from them. 

The truth is, most businesses take a lot of hard work to create an even harder effort to make a profit from them.

Thus, online businesses for students should be chosen with care. Before diving into one you need to have done enough research.

Have the passion and drive for online businesses because investing your time and resources into online business is not a small decision. 

Don’t be in a rush to start online businesses because there are some online problems that can be solved in a short time. 

Search online, join online communities and see what other online entrepreneurs are doing with their online businesses.

Once you have a good idea of the demands in the market, you can start your online business.

Before getting into any business, consider the following factors:

1. Potential customers

If the market for your product is too small, the chances of making enough money are slim. For instance, if I created an online guide on how to make macaroon cookies and only sold it to my family and friends, I wouldn’t make any money.

However, if you create a product that is sold to other people in Kenya and beyond, there’s a chance of making money!

Online businesses are perfect for students because the market is really big. Besides one has flexible schedules and can work from home.

2. The time required

Running an online business requires a significant amount of time each day to produce quality content and to maintain the business.

If your goal is to earn some extra cash while studying, doing a part-time job might be a better idea. Make sure to look into time requirements before starting any online business.

3. The costs involved

To have a website online, you have to pay hosting fees. Generally, I would recommend buying a WordPress site because of its ease of use and flexibility.

I would also recommend using local hosting companies to host your WordPress site because you get a free domain name AND it’s really cheap.

There are many other costs one should consider. For instance, online businesses may require a lot of startup capital to be successful.

Lastly, an online business requires a huge time commitment and you should be prepared for that. If you have all the time and money to invest in an online business, then do it. 

If not, choose another online business to start.

4. The skills required

To be successful in an online business, you need to develop some technical or creative skills. For instance, if I wanted to create an online clothing store (which is totally doable, btw), I would have to be very creative.

I’d have to draw my own graphics for the website, take my own product photos, and write original blog content.

If you already have these skills, online businesses are great for students because you can use them as part-time jobs!

I hope you got a little insight into what it takes to be successful in an online business. Now we’ll look at the best online businesses for students in Kenya!

The 9 Best Online Businesses For Students In Kenya

1. Online Store 

Starting an online store as a student means that you’ll have to buy products in bulk in order to have enough stock.

If you are buying in large quantities, chances of making a significant amount of money are high, but so is the risk.

You should also consider if you can handle distribution and customer service on your own without help from other people.

Running an online store is quite complicated, so you should consider it only if you have enough time.

2. Affiliate marketing

This is a very simple online business for students. Essentially, you promote a product and if someone buys it, you get a commission. 

This is repeated every time the person you introduced makes a purchase. So you get to earn with some consistency if you can market well.

This is a great way to make some pocket money online as a student because the amount of work required is minimal. 

All you have to do is promote products that are already being sold! You don’t need much experience for this online business.

3. Freelancing

It’s becoming a popular online business among young people in Kenya and around the world, especially students. 

Freelancing isn’t just for programming and writing, but also includes graphic design, online marketing, consultancy, translation services, and more. 

To start with freelancing in Kenya, you might want to sign up to online freelancing platforms such as Upwork and 

These platforms help connect online entrepreneurs with digital workers from all over the world. Also, online freelancing is probably the easiest online business to start because it requires little or no capital.

4. Blogging

Blogging can be a good online business for students in Kenya. It’s also great because it’s mostly automated and doesn’t require you to have an online store or any other complicated logistics. 

Blogging is one of the most popular online opportunities for students. In fact, I am also running my online business through blogging.

There are many different topics that can be covered online. As a student, you need to have your own unique angle on the online content you produce online. 

Some online entrepreneurs choose long-form content while others choose short-form content. Both have their benefits so it’s entirely up to you what type of online business you want to start online.

5. Reviewing online products online

Another great online business for students in Kenya is product reviewing online. If you’ve ever thought about starting an online business, reviewing products online is a great way to start.

You can choose to review almost any online product online. But make sure that you are writing about something you honestly think is worth people’s time, attention, and money. 

Also, don’t pick online products or services because they pay a lot of commissions online. You need to make sure that you can keep bringing real value online.

It doesn’t matter if your online business is online or offline, but you want to make sure that you’re adding value online.

6. Forex Trading 

Forex trading is another online business option for students in Kenya.  If you’re at the university level, chances are good that you learn about foreign exchange markets.

You probably also hear the saying “Buy low, sell high” online. If you can do that online with Forex trading, then you might be able to generate online profits online. 

The Forex market is online 24/7 so it’s always available online. That being said, you need to have a consistent source of online income if you want to make money online from trading currencies.

However, you need to learn a lot online before you can really expect to generate online profits online.

7. Web design services

When it comes to websites online, design online is just as important online as content online. If you can understand and apply the principles of good online design online, then you might be able to make some profit.

Just remember that you need to have your own unique angle when it comes to creating websites online because there are thousands of people who already offering these services. 

However, if you already know how to build WordPress sites or HTML5 sites online, then this type of online business could provide a great source of side income for students in Kenya.

These days there are free tools like OLITT you can use to create a website. No more hassle of coding and designing.

8. Investing in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin

The digital currency known as Bitcoin is surging in popularity and value right now and many young people in Kenya want to invest online.

If you’re looking for an online business idea, then investing online in cryptocurrency online like Bitcoin might be a good online business idea to pursue.

It’s important to remember that cryptocurrencies are very risky investments online so it’s not a good idea to invest all of your savings online in them.

There are many reputable websites online where you can purchase and store digital currencies online though, so let’s take a closer look at why investing online in this type of currency could be profitable.

9. Tutor services online

Another online business idea that can work online is tutoring online. You might be wondering how you can make online money with this option online.

Well, online tutoring online is an online business that’s really on the rise online. After all, there are so many learners online all over the world looking for extra help online. 

And most of them are willing to pay you for your help online so long as you have knowledge of the subject online they need help with online.

But keep in mind that if you choose this type of online business for students in Kenya then you’ll need some very significant expertise online to make it profitable. 

You can’t just tutor people online for random subjects because it won’t be cost-effective for anyone who wants to participate.

Again, if you want to get into online tutoring online then make sure that you’re familiar with the types of topics and problems your potential online clients online are likely to have online.

This is important if you want to generate online profits online because people online will only pay for the help online with things they’re familiar with online.

That’s why it’s vital that you know your way around a problem and the potential solutions online before you ever agree to tutor someone online.

If you can do that, then you should be able to make some money online from this type of business model online.

The above are just some of the businesses one can start as a student. With the right information and online strategies online, online businesses can be successful online.

Students have so many online resources online for this type of online business. So, what are you waiting for? 

Get online and create your online profile along with some online content online to let people know what you can do! 

This way, when the opportunity arises, you will be ready to grab it.

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