Tips for Staying Healthy While Studying

College girl studying

Is it time for midterms already? It seems like school just started, and now it’s time to take the biggest tests you’ve faced all semester. While it’s a good idea to study hard and get good grades, you don’t want to overdo it. Too many college students think they can simply rely on their stamina and a few energy drinks to get them through a couple of rough all-nighters and they’ll be okay. However, that attitude ignores good health practices and is not a very effective way to learn or retain information. You’ll be smarter and perform better if you stay healthy while studying. Try out these tips to keep yourself healthy, strong, and ready for any test:

Don’t skip meals

Although you may have a busy schedule, you should always take breaks for regular, healthy meals. Not only will these meals give you energy and nutrition but they can provide much-needed breaks that will allow you to refresh your body and mind before jumping back into the books.

Drink water

You may be tempted to chug energy drinks or keep refilling that pot of coffee, but the caffeine and sugar in those drinks are only a temporary fix that can leave you irritable and with headaches when you come down. Caffeine is also a diuretic, which means you’ll be taking more bathroom breaks than normal. Downing high amounts of these drinks can also lead to a lack of sleep, which makes it even harder to study later on. Water is the best solution. It replenishes and hydrates with no side effects.

Get sleep

When you are rested, your mind is better able to process and retain information. In addition, sleeping gives your mind a chance to process all the information it’s been taking in and save it for long-term retention. A solid evening of studying, followed by a good night’s sleep, will put you in better shape for a morning test than will an all-nighter.

Avoid drinking

Drinking alcohol while studying can be extremely detrimental to information retention. It can also make you groggy and sleepy.

Eat healthy snacks

Studying on an empty stomach can be distracting, but reaching for a bag of chips or a pack of Twinkies every time you need a snack can have a destructive effect on your health. Eat brain food like sliced carrots, fresh fruits, or mixed nuts. Eating healthy snacks can keep you focused on getting an A rather than gaining the freshman fifteen.

Pace yourself and take breaks

One of the most important pieces of advice you can take is to pace your studying throughout the day or week. Don’t pull all-nighters that will leave you tired and unfocused at test time. And, when you study, get up once every hour or so to stretch your legs, go to the bathroom, take a quick jog, or eat. These little breaks give your mind and body a chance to refresh and energize for the next session.

Staying healthy while studying can take some work to break bad habits, but it can also provide you with great benefits like increased retention and focus. Now, go out there, get some sleep, eat healthily, and get the A you deserve.
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