Tips to keep the inevitable wedding stress under control


After the elation of the engagement can come the nightmare of trying to organize the wedding. It's supposed to be the happiest day of your life, yet with dresses to be found and fitted, caterers to plan, and venues to be booked, the strain of organizing a wedding can let even the calmest person fall under the pressures of stress.

I have a few tips to keep the inevitable wedding stress under control.

Less stress, more rest! 

Rest is my number one health tip! I am committed to putting as little stress on myself this year as I possibly can. That means lots of yoga, early nights, practicing deep breathing, and treating myself to a massage when I can. I also go into the Stress-Free Zone – every day I take 20 minutes to simply rest without any phone, emails, or other distractions.

Avoid mass take-over

Along with the cards, gifts, and congratulations, you are also likely to get lots of unsolicited advice from people who see your wedding as a chance to fulfill their needs, not yours. Stay strong and stick to your dream and prior-plans, even if this upsets family dynamics. The reality is that although weddings tend to be for other people, marriage is for only two.

Say NO to some commitments. 

I am just one month away from one of the biggest days of my life, so I am only taking on commitments I can handle while also planning a wedding! It is so important to be present and to enjoy the experience leading up to your big day – so I am always aware of that.

Disconnect from technology. 

And be strict about it! Too much social media and laptop time are stressful. Your body can’t handle it. I make sure to say goodnight to my phone and laptop by 9pm, to ensure I rest well and give my eyes, body, and mind a much-needed break. And I love to take a full break from social media every Sunday.

Face your fears

By writing down anything you are afraid of, you may find that, on paper, the little things become silly rather than overwhelming. If not, write down possible solutions to each problem. For instance, if you are worried that it will rain, remember that you have no control over the weather, and if that does not help, hire white umbrellas.

Exercise less, but smarter. 

Many brides put immense pressure on themselves to exercise like crazy. Instead, focus on movement – but not too much. A bride-to-be needs to recognize the importance of being gentle and kind to her body. I suggest 30 minutes a day is enough, and I think at least one rest day is essential too. You can learn more about my favorite bridal moves in this recent post.

Manifest a healthy relationship with food. 

And yourself, too! I view healthy eating as the key to a less stressful life. Listen to what your body needs and don’t be too strict with yourself – this just leads to a more complicated relationship with food. Dieting will only add unnecessary stress to your wedding plans. Focus on balance and realize that “perfect eating” doesn’t exist.

Work-out your stress

If weight loss or fitness is your pre-wedding goal, don't just concentrate on hard-core aerobics and weight training; try taking a weekly pilates or yoga class, too. Mindful exercise will not only leave you, fitter, it will also ease tension and calm you down.

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