Top 10 Promotional Products for Political Campaigns

Top 10 Promotional Products for Political Campaigns


You simply can't overlook the power of promotional products in political elections whether you're running for village elder in your village or President of the state. If you plan on winning your political campaign for local, state, or national government then you're going to need more than just some buttons, bumper stickers, and yard signs. Follow along for ideas!

Top 10 Promotional Products for Political Campaigns

Promotional apparel and promotional products have never been more influential in political campaigns, so consider these promotional items to give you the best chance at winning your election.

1. Custom Political Campaign T-Shirts

Custom campaign t-shirts are the perfect way to show your support for a candidate with clothing. Election tees are cheap when you buy in bulk, can be worn to most events, and are easy to customize with your custom screen printed campaign logo. 

2. Custom Political Campaign Hats

The 2020 United States of America Presidential election should be enough to demonstrate the power of a simple campaign slogan embroidered on a baseball cap. Now you can add your custom embroidered political campaign logo to a wide array of custom hats from top custom headwear brands.

3. Custom Koozies

Want to get your campaign logo into as many hands as possible for as little money as possible? Personalized Koozies with your custom printed logo on it are a great way to get the most out of your campaign budget. Plus, these custom can coolers keep your drinks ice cold for hours.

4. Custom Notebooks

Here's a promotional product idea that's great for both your campaign staff and your supporters alike! Personalized notebooks and journals make excellent promotional giveaways at campaign events for local government elections.

5. Custom Pens

Package your custom notebooks with a matching pen featuring your custom engraved or printed campaign logo! Promotional pens are a cheap and easy way to get your political campaign logo in front of potential voters.

6. Custom Water Bottles

Campaigning is thirsty work. Hook up your campaign staff and your supporters with some custom water bottles, tumbler cups, or coffee mugs with your custom printed or engraved campaign logo. Because staying hydrated (and caffeinated) is key to success.  

7. Custom Promotional Bags

No promotional product set is complete without a custom backpack or bag to carry everything. The most popular types of promotional bags are custom drawstring bags and embroidered tote bags. Just choose the perfect bag for your campaign logo. 

8. Custom Sweatshirts and Hoodies

This is for politicians running for office in cold-weather areas. Many local and national elections take place in cold-seasons, meaning that in most cases custom t-shirts are not enough. Add your custom printed or embroidered campaign logo to our selection of custom sweatshirts, hoodies, quarter zips, and vests to make sure that your constituents can show their support in any weather.

9. Custom Promotional Umbrellas

If you’re running for political office, then odds are you’ll be doing some campaign events or speaking engagements outside. You can’t always trust the weather, so it’s best to be prepared with personalized umbrellas featuring your custom printed campaign logo. Distribute them to your whole team or hand them out at campaign events when it's raining!

10. Custom PopSockets

With iPhones and Androids getting larger and larger custom PopSockets and other attachable phone holders have never been more popular. Plus, people pretty much always have their phones in their hands, so personalized PopSockets with your printed campaign logo are a great way to maximize impressions of your logo.

Next Steps

Now that you have 10 great promotional product ideas for your political campaign it's time to get your name out there! 

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