TSC Email Activation Steps for Teachers (@mwalimu.tsc.go.ke)

TSC Email Activation Steps for Teachers (@mwalimu.tsc.go.ke)

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is an independent body that deals with teachers employed by the Kenyan government.

What Am I required to have in order to activate my Email online?

You will only be required to have your TSC Number, ID Number, and your personal mobile number.

What is the format of my TSC Email Account?

The portal automatically generates your Email Account with the address.. Yournamenumberdigits@mwalimu.tsc.go.ke.

How do I complete my Email Activation?

Once your Email Account is generated, click the ‘office.com’ tab that you see, so as to go to the site (https://login.microsoftonline.com/). Enter the Email Address that you generated followed by the default password, then sign in. You will be required to enter a new password.

How do I come up with a new password?

Your password should have a minimum of eight characters. Mix capital and small letters, numbers and symbols in generating your password.

I have difficulty with my TSC Email Activation. Whom do I contact?

For any queries related to the email activation, you can get assistance from the ICT Champion teachers, the TSC office near you or you can email emailactivation@tsc.go.ke.

I have no access to a computer. Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes. All that you need is a mobile phone with the ability to access the internet. You can also download the Outlook app and install it on your phone or tablet/iPad for those with smartphones.

Follow the following steps to activate your email online


1. Access the Commission Website (www.tsc.go.ke)

2. Select Online Services, and from the drop-down, select Teachers Email Activation.

3. A new page (https://tscsearch.azurewebsites.net/) will load with a field where you will be required to fill in your TSC Number and click next.

4. A new field requiring your ID Number will appear to fill and click VERIFY

5. Have the image verified by clicking verify

6. Your details which are already uploaded in the Commission System will be verified

7. Click on the icon to view and record your official email and the temporary password

8. To go to the site click on the office.com

9. Enter email as per record taken

10. Input the recorded password

11. To continue click next

12. To secure your account for future password verification. Additional information will be required

13. Click on the ” I want to set up a different method”

14. Select phone by clicking on the drop-down

15. The next email activation step is to Click confirm

16. Input your mobile number. Please note that this will be required for future password reset and other important commission transactions and payslip activities. Select the country (Kenya) and then enter the mobile number and click next

17. You will receive a code on your mobile phone. Enter the code for verification purpose in the provided space as shown above and click next

18. The account is now activated. Click Next

19. To complete the process click done

20. Change the password and put yours

21. Enter the password recorded earlier as the “Current password,” then enter your new password and confirm it. Please don’t share this password with anyone,

22. Enter your email address and click next

23. Enter the code sent to your phone and click next

24. Click on the Don’t show this again box and select No to proceed

25. To access your email click on the outlook icon

For any further queries you can contact your nearest TSC office or you can email emailactivation@tsc.go.ke.

How To Activate TSC Email For E-Platform, Virtual Meetings, Remote Learning

Here is the simplified procedure:


Steps to activate email: 

  1. Access the Commission Website: https://www.tsc.go.ke/
  2. Hover your curser around the Online services and Using Drop down arrow ,select Teachers Email activation
  3. Upon clicking, you will be redirected to another page, enter your TSC number and click next .
  4. Enter  your ID number and click on Verify
  5. Record or copy your official email i.e nyamwembethomas54@mwalimu.tsc.go.ke and temporary password i.e Vaxh3114.
  6. Check on the office.com and click to get to the next site. pick ‘another account’ will appear. Click on ‘use another account’  then provide your email that you had recorded/copied and click next.
  7. A page that requires you to ‘Update your password’ will appear .You will be required to fill a current password, New Password and confirm New password. Enter the earlier recorded password I.e Nbcs1643 as current password then choose a new password.Note that if you choose a commonly used password it will be rejected and you will be directed to choose a harder one or one that has never been used with at least a number ,uppercase letter,lowercase ,@,# etc for example Nyamwembe@#2022 is an ideal password. Confirm the new password and sign in.
  8. Once you have signed in, a page that requires you to add more information will appear. Once this page appears click next.
  9. Click on the dropdown arrow and select your country as Kenya. Enter your number, then click on next.
  10. Enter the the 6 digit code that will be sent to the phone number you provided for verification, then click on next. A message that says ‘Well done. You have successfully set up your security info. Choose “Done” to continue signing’ will appear on the screen. click on DONE.

Hurray!!! You have activated your email.

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