[PDF] TSC Merit List—Shortlisted Candidates for Interview 2024

TSC Shortlisted Candidates for July 2022 Recruitment/Replacement [PDF] – Check Details Here

Have you applied for the Teachers Service Commission, TSC Kenya recruitment 2024? If so, then you probably want to take a look at TSC Kenya Shortlisted Candidates 2024 list. For more information, see the details below.

About TSC Kenya

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) of Kenya is an Independent government Commission established under the Constitution of Kenya to manage human resources within the education sector. It is based in the capital city, Nairobi with offices in the counties.

The role of the commission as defined in the constitution are:

  • Register trained teachers
  • Recruit and employ registered teachers
  • Assign teachers employed by the commission for service in any public school or institution
  • Promote and transfer teachers
  • Exercise disciplinary control over teachers
  • Terminate the employment of teachers

Other Roles are:

  • Review the standards of education and training of persons entering the teaching service
  • Review the demand for and the supply of teachers
  • Advise the national government on matters relating to the teaching profession.

TSC Kenya Shortlisted Candidates 2024

TSC Shortlisted Candidates 2024: Check out the TSC shortlisted candidates 2024 per county PDF List of successfully shortlisted candidates below.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has made public its list of shortlisted candidates for teachers in 2024. See more information about the requirements, the list of chosen applicants, and other pertinent information for teachers’ TSC Merit List Per County below.

Download the PDF for the shortlisted Teachers Service Commission (TSC) for 2024. Do you wish to know if the 2024 shortlist has been made public by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC)? Then, read the content below to download.

To access the list of shortlisted candidates for the TSC List of Successful Applicants on the www.tsc.go.ke official portal, please follow the instructions on this page.

It is essential to keep in mind that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) shortlist contains the names of candidates who have been selected from across several states for the next round of the Teachers Service Commission recruitment process in 2024.

Is The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) List of Successful Candidates Out?

For the 2024 recruitment, the Teachers Service Commission, or TSC, has made available all lists of shortlisted Candidates. For more information on how to check the full PDF list of all applicants, visit the official portal @ www.tsc.go.ke.

How to Check the TSC Shortlisted Candidates 2024

While waiting for the list to appear on the official Teachers Service Commission recruitment website, all applicants must be patient.

A complete list of the selected applicants will be made available on the official TSC official webpage and on their official Facebook page. Continue reading to learn how to verify your name after the list is made public.

Follow the steps below to see if you have been pre-selected for the computer-based tests.

  • Navigate to www.tsc.go.ke to access the official Teachers Service Commission TSC shortlisted portal.
  • To find the center of the home page, scroll down.
  • Click “View Full List” next to “Shortlisted Candidates.”
  • Click on the date to see if you have been chosen for the position you applied for.

For the teachers who were chosen for the recruitment process, TSC has made available merit lists. The lists contain the names of the candidates who have been shortlisted for all secondary and elementary teaching positions.

You can download our merit lists, which are arranged by county and sub-county. Please be aware that The 2024 Teachers Service Commission Recruitment Guidelines will be used.

Successful candidates for primary schools may be posted to serve anywhere in the nation where openings exist, not just in the county where they were recruited.

Revealed: See Interview Questions Likely To Be Asked During The Coming TSC Interviews

In the meantime, you may be having many unanswered questions on online recruitment of teachers. Get some of these answered here.


QUESTION: How can I access the TSC online job application portal?

ANSWER: Just log on to the TSC application portal to apply for the advertised teaching jobs https://hrmis.tsc.go.ke/app/login

QUESTION: Which link should I use to apply for the promotion and deployment of practicing teachers in public primary Schools?

ANSWER: Use the online application link at; teachersonline.tsc.go.ke


ANSWER: The TSC recruitment guidelines are available. Please follow this link to read them; RECRUITMENT GUIDELINES FOR TEACHERS

QUESTION: What do I do if the list of schools is not showing when making the application online?

ANSWER: Just be patient for the system to load all details. Also, ensure that the County and Sub-county selections are Ok.

QUESTION: How many advantage points are teachers currently working on internship going to be awarded.

ANSWER: Teachers currently working on internships will be awarded an extra 10 marks.

QUESTION: My Date of Birth is captured/ reading wrongly on the hrmis portal. What should I do?

ANSWER: Simply scan your National Identity Card (ID both sides) or passport and send it as an Email attachment to the address dirct@tsc.go.ke. The Email head should be ‘NEW APPLICANT’.

QUESTION: How can I view the advertised posts?

ANSWER: For details on the advertised TSC jobs, please follow this link TSC latest adverts.

QUESTION: Am applying for a post in secondary schools. Will I be required to apply to the school where the vacancy exists?

ANSWER: No. Please note that the application is only to be done online. No manual applications will be accepted.

QUESTION: What are the requirements for online applications?

ANSWER: You must be armed with your TSC Number, ID Number and a phone number (that is operational).

QUESTION: How many vacancies Am I supposed to apply for?

ANSWER: An applicant can apply for several vacancies.

QUESTION: I applied for deployment during the last cycle. Am I supposed to apply again?

ANSWER: Yes. You must make a new application online.

QUESTION: Are teachers currently on contract supposed to apply for the advertised permanent and pensionable TSC jobs?

ANSWER: Yes. You should apply for the advertised vacancies; where they exist.

QUESTION: I sat the KCPE or KCSE examinations more than once. Must I produce all these certificates or the recent one?

ANSWER: Applicants who re-sat either the KCPE or KCSE examinations must present certified copies of the certificates for all attempts.

QUESTION: Will there be physical interviews for shortlisted candidates.

ANSWER: Yes. Heads of institutions will use the TSC-generated merit lists to organize for the interviews.

QUESTION: Will I be required to produce my original certificates and testimonials during interviews?


QUESTION: I was employed by TSC but left. Am I eligible for the current recruitment?

ANSWER: Yes. Applicants who were previously employed by TSC will be allowed to apply. But, they must declare their past employment history and why they left TSC.

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