Why Ladies Say NO and Later Change Their Minds

Why Ladies Say NO and Later Change Their Minds

The trouble with some ladies is that they tell you no but later change their mind and they want to agree to a relationship with you but by then you’ve already killed your feelings for them or taken your mind elsewhere. What should you do? First understand why most women say no, because it’s not always pride or playing hard to get. Of course, if you’re sure that she just wanted to torture you by turning you down when she also loves you, just forget about her and move on. Why would you even want to be with a person of that sort?

But most women say no because they’re unprepared or because they never saw your request coming. For this reason, you should always soften your landing by giving signs of interest beforehand. This allows her the time to think. In your conversations subtly express your admiration for her and see if she welcomes your advances. If she’s persistently resistant and dismissive, abort the mission.

They also say no and change their mind later because they needed time to know you better and rather than tell you to wait when she has no feelings for you she just said she doesn’t feel it. But if you continue interacting as friends or colleagues she might learn you better and actually come to like you.

As a man learn to not give up easily and give in to despondency or you’ll lose opportunities to be with good women. If the woman of your dreams finally agrees after turning you down initially, seize the opportunity and take off with your woman man. You’ve also known that she’s not an easy woman who rushes into decisions.

But ladies, if you’re sure you like a guy and you know him enough don’t start games. Agree right away so that the two of you can begin the next journey. Nobody wants to stay in the dating scene forever and once you find your match you should not dilly dally. Will it make you look easy or cheap? Not at all. By then he has already respected you as a person and there would be no point playing cat and mouse.

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