You can learn coding on your phone. See how!

You can learn coding on your phone. See how!

It is possible to learn coding from your phone, but you will be limited in what you can do. A phone is not designed or engineered to develop or build software. There is little you can do when you are programming from your mobile phone.

There are apps that are developed to run some code on your phone but these are highly limited and they were developed using computers, showing that a computer is what is intended for coding.

There are apps like C4Droid, CppDroid, Solo Learn, ArduinoDroid, etc. that can be used to compile your code, allowing you to code on your phone, but they are limited in what they can do, you don’t get the full features that IDEs installed on your computer can give you.

You can use your phone to learn programming, but you cannot use it to build highly useful applications. If you want to develop mobile applications, websites, desktop apps, and more, your phone will not do these things. you will need a computer.

If learning without practice is all you are interested in, a phone will work, but this approach will not teach you what programming truly is. The best is to learn, practice, and build applications.


These apps are going to help you learn the fundamentals of programming, you can use them for reference, notes, concepts, syntax, etc. They are meant to educate you and they will not help you to efficiently run code and fix errors.

GRASSHOPPER: Grasshopper is the best way to start your coding adventure with fun, quick games on your phone that teach you to write real JavaScript. The app is developed by Google and has features such as:

* Visual puzzles to develop your problem-solving skills and solidify coding concepts
* Use industry-standard JavaScript with just a few taps on your phone
* Real-time feedback guides you like a teacher
* Collect achievements as you learn new skills

KHAN ACADEMY: Khan Academy has a lot of courses available for free in many fields including computer science. With Khan Academy, you will learn using expert-created videos, interactive exercises, and in-depth articles in different fields.

SOLOLEARN: Sololearn teaches you to code in a fun, free, bite-sized format. You will find more than 20 coding languages, including Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL and C++. Each course is designed by expert programmers and tailored to your level.

CODECADEMY GO: Codecademy Go helps you review and practice what you learn on the web, anywhere, anytime.

Codecademy helps you to:

* Discover a new way to practice coding syntax.
* Remember more with daily flashcards that you can quickly skim.
* Review whenever, wherever. Leave the desktop.
* Learn how to apply your skills in your day-to-day with advice from industry leaders.
* Maintain streaks and track your progress.

MIMO: Mimo is just about the most accessible and effective way to learn to code in Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, CSS. Their programming lessons and practice coding exercises are suitable for everyone, even with no prior coding knowledge and experience.

With the Mimo programming app, you’ll be able to:
* Learn the most popular programming languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL
* Solve bite-size coding challenges
* Run code and build real-world projects on the go thanks to our mobile IDE
* Practice with coding challenges
* Build a portfolio of projects like websites or apps
* Get a certificate to showcase your coding skills

There are many other apps such as Programming Hub, Enki, Programming Hero, etc. that can help you to learn coding.

In conclusion, if you deeply want to learn programming and build projects, you will need a computer. If, however, you just want to learn about programming to have an idea of how it works, you can do without a computer.

Thank you so much. Happy coding.


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