Ajira Digital Program Free Virtual Training for Kenya Youths

Ajira Digital Program Free Virtual Training for Kenya Youths

The Ajira Digital Program is now offering FREE virtual training to all registered members, book a class today, and learn how to source work on the selected job category. Enroll Here

  1. What is a virtual class?
    • These are classes delivered by our instructors virtually, using the ZOOM platform. Once you register, your class login credentials will be sent to you one day prior to the training start date.
  2. When are the AJIRA virtual Classes?
    • AJIRA is now carrying out Virtual Training and Mentorship Bootcamp sessions from August to December 2020.
    • Training will be provided on a first come, first served basis
    • All sessions will be Virtual via ZOOM and will consist of 2-day virtual classroom sessions ,followed by 30-day Mentorship sessions. You will need to attend all sessions and the follow-up mentorship sessions to receive a Certificate of Participation from the Program.
    • If you book a class and fail to attend, you will not be able to book another session.
  3. How long (duration) is a virtual training class?
    • The virtual classes being offered is a TWO DAY virtual training session with an Ajira Trainer followed with a 30-day virtual mentorship session
      • All sessions start at 8:00am to 4:30pm participants are expected to log in 15 minutes BEFORE the start of the class
      • Day 1: Theory Session: Cross cutting topics and introductory details of the subject booked
      • Day 2: Practical / Technical Session per subject.
    • Virtual mentorship: Upon completion of the 2-day training, you will be invited to participate in a 30-day virtual mentorship where our mentors will guide and walk with you as you begin your journey towards working in the digital space. The mentorship will comprise of virtual Q&A sessions, google classroom assignments etc
  4. What subjects is Ajira offering training on?The virtual trainings will focus on the below 5 subjects:

1.                   Data Entry/Management – Training includes skills and insights on data entry and management jobs which include analysis, processing, mining, encoding and conversion.

2.                   Virtual Assistant – A virtual assistant is a person who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location – training on how to setup as one

3.                   Transcription – Learn how to be a transcriber and do captioning jobs that range from writing captions for YouTube videos to working on closed captions for a movie or a big brand’s marketing videos

4.                   Digital Marketing & eCommerce – Learn how to promote and sell products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media, search and email marketing

5.                   Writing and Translation– Learn about online writing and translation jobs that include, articles & news, editing & proofreading, web content, industry specific expertise, books, research, blogs, copywriting

    1. What is the duration and Reporting Time of the Virtual Training
      • To participate in Ajira training, You will be required to LOG into your Ajira Account (if you do not have an account, you will be required to create an account).
      • At registration, ensure that your National-ID is verified
      • Once you are logged into the site, you will be required to complete your profile information to 80% in order to book a session.
      • Once your profile is 80% complete, you will now be able to book a training session
      • Upon successful booking of a class, you will receive an email and sms confirmation with a booking ID. You will need this bookingID to register and participate in the virtual zoom sessions.
    1. I have an interest in more than one subject, can I book more than one class?
      • If you are interested in attending more than one of the subjects being offered, you can.
      • BUT you can only book and attend ONE CLASS AT A TIME, Upon attendance and completion of the class that you had booked, you will be able to register and attend another class in a different subject area if you choose to.
      • All classes being offered in each subject area are the SAME, you therefore only need to attend ONE class per subject area.
    2. I have registered for a class but do not have the ZOOM login credentials
      • Upon successful registration, you will receive an email and sms confirmation
      • The ZOOM Login credentials to participate in the training will be sent out to all registered users TWO days prior to the start of the training sessions
      • ONLY LOG ON TO THE ZOOM LINK SENT TO YOUR EMAIL ON YOUR TRAINING DATES – do not share the link with your friends/colleagues
      • To register, use the email address registered on the Ajira portal, your booking ID, your Full Names as they appear on your I.D and National I.D Number
    3. I have registered for a class but something has come up and I am unable to attend, what do I do?
      • If you cannot attend a class that you have registered for, kindly CANCEL your booking minimum ONE day before the start of your registered class
      • Failure to cancel your booking will add your National ID to the Ajira blacklist which means you will be unable to attend and participate in any future Ajira training.
    4. I would like to attend the training, but I am not available for the entire two days of the training, what should I do?
      • Only book to attend a training session if you are available to attend the ENTIRE session which will run on the specified dates.
      • Do NOTE: that anyone who starts the classes and does not complete the entire session will be BLACKLISTED on the Ajira site. If you are blacklisted, it means you will never be allowed to participate in ANY FUTURE Ajira Digital activities
    5. What should I bring with me during the Virtual Training?
      • This is a Virtual Training and will be carried out online via the Zoom Platform.
      • In order to take part in the Training, all participants MUST have:
        • A device to connect to the Internet, for example: Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
        • Stable internet connection
        • A notepad and pen
        • Quiet place to learn
      • You are encouraged to dress decently and modestly throughout the training
    6. I have attended the two day virtual training, when and how do I get my Certificate of Participation?
      • You will be able to get a certificate of participation from the Ajira Digital portal upon completion of your mentorship session
      • Certificates will appear automatically on your profile, under the certificates and badges tab
    7. I have Special Needs. What Should I do?
      • We would like to ensure that we are able to accommodate you in the best way possible. Kindly inform us in advance, quoting your National ID and booking ID if you have any special needs. Contact us on ajira@emobilis.org or ajira@ict.go.ke
    8. Why should I spare 2 Days to attend the Training?
      The 2 Day Training provides you with the skills and knowledge that you require to leverage on digital platforms to earn gainful employment. By attending all the sessions over the 2 days, you will get an opportunity:
      • To gain industry work-readiness relevant skills and knowledge in the gig-economy and freelance workspace to become a successful online worker
      • To participate in a 1-month mentorship from experienced digital workers
      • To interact with fellow trainees, trainers, new and experienced digital workers during mentorship
      • To access linkage to digital work opportunities
    9. Why is this Training and Mentorship important to me?
      This training offers you fundamentals that are required to make you a successful Online Worker and equips you with online work skills in either of the following 5 Job categories:
      • Data entry/Management, Virtual Assistant, Digital Marketing & E-commerce, Writing & Translation, Transcription.
      • Mentorship helps you to enhance knowledge gained through Training and Skills application as well as Job Linkages to Online work opportunities.
    10. How much am I required to pay for the training?
      Training is FREE OF CHARGE to ALL PARTICIPANTS!!!!! You will not be required to pay ANY FEE to participate in the training. You will however need to have access to a desktop device and data bundles to participate in the training.If anyone requests money or fees from you for participation in any Ajira Digital training, please report this incident urgently to ajira@emobilis.org or ajira@ict.go.ke

NOTE: that Ajira Digital will NOT PAY for your data cost or provide access to devices.

    1. Who can participate in the Ajira Digital Program Free Virtual Training 
      ANY registered Ajira Digital Member can participate in the training, you only need to enrol on the Ajira platform and book your session TODAY!!!!

Training will be offered on a first come, first served basis…… book a session TODAY to secure your space in the training!

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