Boosting Concentration with Ayurvedic Memory Tonic

Boosting Concentration with Ayurvedic Memory Tonic

Many people
aspire to have good memory power so as to unlock the best potential of their
brain. Especially people who are looking to compete in competitive exams such
as engineering entrance exams, CAT exams, medical entrance exams, IAS and civil
service exams, etc., require incredible retention of information so that they
are able to memorize important facts and recall information as and when

With better
memory power and better concentration skill, success is easy in any of the
competitive fronts, be it personal, academic or professional fronts. Brahmi gritham is
an ayurvedic medicine known for improving memory, focus and concentration
skills in humans.

It is also an
excellent medicine to improve congestion issues, digestion issues and improve
metabolism. Of all the herbs in Ayurveda, Brahmi is renowned for its amazing
properties and for its incredible brain-boosting factor which makes it a credible ayurvedic
memory tonic

Functions and Ayurvedic Medicines

The cognitive
functions of the brain function as much as the practice is provided to it.
Learning and practicing are one of the best ways to expand memory functions and
improve focus and concentration.

This is why most
people learn by studying, writing and practicing it multiple times so that they
can apply what they have learned in the quickest manner and increase the speed
of recall simultaneously. Cognitive functions such as memory power, focus and
concentration can be expanded with certain brain-boosting superfoods as well
such as:

●        Vitamin

●        Salmon

●        High-fat

●        Avocado

●        Nuts

●        Flax
and Sunflower Seeds

●        Ayurvedic
herbs such as Brahmi

●        Shankapushpi

These foods are
known to be excellent to boost brain power and memory and help in improving
focus and concentration in humans. Apart from these mentioned above, there are
many ayurvedic medicines for concentration and memory power.
These herbs and plant extracts are known to be excellent in boosting memory and
focusing skills in men and women.

Brahmi is a herb
that grows locally in India and in Southeast Asian countries. This plant is
known to be excellent for brain function and developing skills related to
memory, focus and concentration. Ayurveda combines the power of Brahmi with
other herbs and plant extracts to make ayurvedic tablets, capsules, powders and
pastes that can be consumed to boost these essential powers and skills in

Brahmi Gritham for

Brahmi leaves are
perennial and grow throughout the year in Southeast Asian countries. These
leaves are thick and juicy and can be steeped to remove their extracts into a
liquid potion. Brahmi gritham combines this potion with other
powerful ingredients such as:

●        Shankhpushpi

This ancient
ayurvedic herb is known for its detoxifying and cleansing effects on the body.
It helps in clearing the blood and improving memory and retention by cleansing
toxins from the brain. It is also excellent for nasal and bronchial congestions
as it has excellent expectorant nature.

●        Kushta

Kushta is known
for its cleansing properties related to respiratory functions. It helps in
skin-related disorders and helps as an antiviral, anti-inflammatory herb. It is
known to treat disorders such as gout and bronchial disorders.

●       Gritha

Gritha refers to
ghee, one of the best superfoods in Ayurveda. Ghee is clarified butter and
helps in improving digestion, improves metabolism, aids rejuvenation and
improves ojas of the body. It also helps in muscle and bone development.

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