Drinking cocktails is good for health?

Drinking cocktails is good for health?

Cocktail drinks are currently quite popular with novel
flavors that are not picky about users. However, is it good to drink cocktails
for good health? According to research, it is difficult for groups of alcoholic
beverages to bring positive effects to health even when drinking a small
amount. However, recent studies have shown that drinking cocktails in
moderation can still improve health.

Some health benefits of cocktails

Alcoholic beverages are generally not recommended as they are strongly destructive.
However, some recent research results have shown that if you drink cocktails in
moderation, you will get a little unexpected benefit. But to stop using
alcoholic beverages is often difficult because we come to them with a thirst
for refreshment.

There are studies that say that if you drink less and maintain regularly about
1-2 drinks a day, alcohol can bring some health benefits. However, the risks of
drinking alcohol often outweigh the benefits, so experts still do not recommend

In another analysis of heart health, if you keep using cocktails, you will
reduce your risk of having a heart attack, stroke, or atherosclerosis by 25 to
40%. Experts explain that a small amount of alcohol when consumed will promote
the production of healthy cholesterol. Conversely, if you drink too much
alcohol, you will increase your risk of heart disease.

When you use alcoholic beverages, the need for exercise will increase. This is
also considered a good effect when drinking cocktails. In addition, if you
exercise intensely, your body will need to use more water, so you need to drink
additional water immediately. However, even if you are more physically active
thanks to alcohol, you should not abuse them.

According to research and practice, drinking cocktails or alcoholic beverages
often promotes urine excretion. Thanks to this, the body is continuously purged
of wastes to prevent the formation of hard stones. Although you can prevent
kidney stones thanks to alcoholic beverages, if you drink a lot, your body will
fall into a state of dehydration, reducing motor and metabolic functions.

There is a reason why the habit of using alcohol becomes legitimate and that is
to strengthen social ties. Almost men tend to use alcohol-based beverages more
than women because they have a need to communicate at work and connect with
friends. Sometimes drinking cocktails makes work easier and more effective than
water or tea. However, for whatever purpose, knowing when to stop at the right
time will help you protect the health of yourself and your partner.

Stress can be reduced if we drink less wine every day. According to
psychophysiological research in women, drinking 1-2 glasses of wine a day will
increase hormones and improve marital love. Especially when entering menopause,
women who drink wine every day will slow down the process of menopause and
prevent skin aging.

A study on the use of cocktails with patients at risk of
Alzheimer's has shown positive results. Drinking a few times a week will limit
the risk of contracting this disease of the century. More specifically, wine
was studied and listed in 10 foods that promote brain activity. This will
reduce your risk of stroke or heart disease.

Drinking a cocktail or a glass of wine will help you reduce your risk of type 2
diabetes and bring about feelings of happiness. These are just some objective
opinions based on surveys that have not been fully proven and recognized by
science. So we cannot be certain that this effect will be good for all

2. Cocktail drinks suitable for diabetics

Most diabetics should not be exposed to or use too much stimulants because they
are harmful to health. However, you can still enjoy a little wine or cocktail
if you follow the rule of 1 drink for women and 2 drinks for men per day. If
you are suffering from diabetes, please refer to some of the drinks listed

Beer A 360ml beer contains 15g of carbs, many times higher than regular beers.
Therefore, with draft beer, you should pay attention to avoid loading a lot of
calories or alcohol into the body.

Wine Some studies have shown that wine makes the body use insulin better,
reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. They are quite good for strong heart
disease but need to be used in moderation to avoid causing hypo symptoms.
blood sugar .

Cocktail sangria Although sangria is a mixed cocktail, it contains a lot of
sugar and soda. Therefore, when compared to a glass of white wine, you should
use white wine to avoid causing hyperglycemia due to sweeteners.

Alcohol In 30ml of wine only contains the same amount of alcohol as 120ml of
wine. Pure alcohol will not contain carbs and some ingredients make you more
susceptible to hyperglycemia. When using it, you should use it with ice or
diluted filtered water to prevent a sudden increase in blood sugar.

Cocktail glasses Sweet drinks like cocktails really should be taken care of
before using for people with diabetes. The ingredients you should use are
margarine, fresh fruit. In addition, you can add sugar to create the desired
flavor instead of using the old recipe.

Blood Mary A drink that is mixed with the color of blood is better for people
with diabetes. Blood Mary is made from tomato juice with low sodium content. In
addition, it also adds celery to help stabilize and lower blood sugar. You can
use but not too much because each serving will contain 15g of carbs.

Filtered water Pure and non-alcoholic beverages are generally more recommended
for patients. Filtered water containing minerals and nutrients will be better
for your health than drinking stimulant drinks.

3. Be careful when drinking alcohol or drinking cocktails

When you are hungry, you should not use stimulants such as alcoholic beverages, or carbonated water. During meals, experts also do not recommend using beverages
because they affect the taste and metabolism of the body. Have a snack before
drinking alcohol and regularly check your blood sugar to monitor your health.

So whether drinking cocktails is good or not, it is difficult to draw accurate
conclusions. For your own safety, use only when needed, or do not drink too much
each day.

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