How a break from technology can be healthy

How a break from technology can be healthy

Nowadays it can seem like technology is making life much easier than it was in the past. We literally have access to technology everywhere, most people have smartphones and computers always turned on and rely on this technology much more than we may realize. Sure this technology is great, however, there are ways that this tech could also be negatively affecting our lives, so the question is: Can we detox from technology and what may be the reasoning for doing so.

Technology is surely great and has benefited us immensely through the years this is more than true. Being constantly connected to the outside world can help us to do much more and have a far greater impact than ever before. It would be difficult to imagine life without such technology and many people question if we could really lead such rewarding lives without it.

We rely on technology far too much

Along with technology comes a greater sense of connectedness and because we rely on it so much it’s hard to imagine life without it. But does it hold true that technology really makes life better? Let’s examine this further.

One thing is for certain, however, and that is the old adage where too much of anything can disadvantage us and disconnect us from as healthy life as is possible. This is absolutely true with respect to technology. Too much tech can actually put us into a false sense of belonging and that could potentially have a negative impact on our lives. I’d like to take a few moments and explore some of the negative aspects of technology so if you’re ready let’s have a look, shall we?

You may need a technology detox if you are so reliant on the tech that you are isolating yourself from the outside world. This is especially true if you feel that social media is the be all end all of your social life. Remember that there is a whole world outside to explore and that when we rely on technology to the extent where we are isolating ourselves from this outside world that we may need to detox from the technology. So go ahead and take a break from that which may be limiting your quality of life and get out there.

Signs you may need a break from tech

You may need to detox from technology if you are experiencing neck strain. Yes, this is a thing that has been attributed to technology, especially the use of smartphones. For obvious reasons, you may strain the muscles in your neck and this could be a sign in plain sight that you need to give the technology a rest. We see it all the time in waiting rooms, on public transit, or even during breaks at work. People hunched over, glaring intently at the screens of their smartphones, this is a relatively new phenomenon and one that we should be aware of to prevent such strain. This has also been noted with respect to cramping of the fingers from swiping at the smartphones, so if you are noticing any of these symptoms you should likely take a break from the technology and put down your phone. Luckily there are many different activities that you could be doing instead of browsing status updates of your favorite celeb or the latest fads. So get up and do something constructive instead, take a walk, or god forbid go socialize outside the realm of technology, it will do you some good!

Another reason that you may need to detox from technology is if you are experiencing difficulties sleeping. Oftentimes we have our phones close to us like for instance on the nightstand when we turn in for the night. This can, in fact, lead to problems sleeping and getting that quality sleep that we may need to function properly throughout the day. Sometimes we may not even realize that it’s our phone that has woken us up in the middle of the night, in turn, disturbing our sleep patterns. I recommend that you power off your phone for the night and you may have a better, more restful sleep as a result.

Here are some common ways that you can effectively detox from technology

Plan ahead – the best way to detox from technology is to plan ahead and through doing this set-aside times where you are going to turn off all your devices and instead find something to replace that time with something constructive.

Take up reading – reading a book can be an excellent way to take your mind off the technology and in turn giving yourself the break you need to live a healthier, tech limited lifestyle. Reading is also great for many other reasons, you could learn something new and increase your vocabulary at the same time. Just be aware that you can strain your neck this way to, so read in moderation.

Power down at night – we mentioned this before but it can be such a powerful means to detox from technology that I cannot stress this enough. This way you ensure that your sleep is not being indirectly interrupted by technology.

Get up and move around – instead of sitting down during your lunch breaks at work, staring at the screen of your smartphone, go for a walk or otherwise get up and move around. Not only is this healthier for your body, but you may also break the habit of constantly looking at the latest status updates, or the latest on the Kardashians, haha.

Tech can be addictive – breaking habits is not always easy but it’s time you may want to start looking at your technology as a bad habit that may need to be broken. The only thing that can help you break a bad habit is changing your behavior, so now may be the time for you to seriously consider this.

So there are some things for you to have a serious look at and although it may be hard for you, change is possible and maybe what you need. You may even forget about your smartphone or computer and gain healthier habits that involve going outside for a walk or even reconnecting with nature which can be extremely empowering for the soul.

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