Safaricom recently introduced M-Gas, a technology that enables people to cook using gas by paying with Mpesa as they use it. Below is how Safaricom M-Gas works, the refill process, and how to get it.

How Safaricom M-Gas works

Safaricom M-Gas is a service where you are issued a gas cylinder, cooker, smart meter, and key card for free. You will then be required to pay for the gas you use. You can pay as little as Kenya Shillings 20.

How it works is almost similar to buying Kenya Power prepaid tokens. You top-up money to your M-GAS account and the gas will be discharged for use. Once the amount you paid runs out, the gas will stop being discharged from the cylinder.  

When the gas in the cylinder is about to be exhausted, the smart meter will automatically detect that the gas will run out soon and alert Safaricom M-GAS technicians to deliver it to your home without you having to call them. You can also monitor the amount of gas in the cylinder or credit you have left in your M-Gas account using the smart meter.

The main function of the smart meter mounted on top of the Gas Cylinder is to control the amount of gas being released depending on your credit status.  


Hot to get Safaricom M-Gas


Gas users will no longer have to grapple with the hassle of managing the replenishment of empty cylinders as the smart meter sends an alert to M-Gas whenever the gas runs low. M-Gas will then dispatch a refilled replacement to the customer, conveniently delivered to the comfort of their homes, at no cost.


You can call the number provided in the contact section below and a technician from Safaricom will come and install M-Gas in your home.

How to refill M-Gas and buy credits


Customers will have the flexibility of purchasing gas from as low as KES 1 through M-PESA, with the cost of providing three meals for a household coming at less than KES 70 per day. 

The cost of the M-Gas is Kenya Shilling 70 per 300 grams of LPG. If the gas has run out, a new refilled cylinder will be delivered to your home for free by M-Gas service providers. Below is the procedure on how to buy M-Gas credits.

  • Go to Mpesa Paybill
  • Pay using your M-Gas account and paybill number indicated in the smart meter or payment details that you will be provided with during installation
  • Your Credits will reflect in your m-gas account after payment
  • Start using the gas

Safaricom M-Gas contact


In case you want to inquire about M-Gas distribution, or you have gas leakage issues then you can contact Safaricom M-Gas using the customer service contacts provided below:  

  • Phone number: 0111 010 400
  • Email:

Summary of M-Gas terms of use

You cannot re-locate with Safaricom M-Gas and continue using the gas without their permission. It will not work. You must notify them of the new location you have migrated to so that they can inspect the area for re-installation and addition of your new delivery address.

The gas cooker, LPG cylinder, and meter belong to Safaricom; therefore, they can take it back if you move to a town where M-Gas services are not offered.

You are not allowed to lend, change the registration phone number, disconnect, or dispose of M-GAS equipment without permission.

If you try to modify M-GAS and in the process, you damage it, then you will pay Ksh. 10,000 to replace the equipment. 

You may be charged Ksh. 100 for the replacement of the key card if you lose it.  

If you do not use at least Ksh. 500 in one month, then M-Gas equipment may be recovered from you.



Where can I get M-Gas?

We are starting in Mukuru Kwa Njenga and are looking forward to opening more depots in other areas soon.

Are you from Safaricom?

We are proud to be working closely with Safaricom. They help us communicate with the meter and provide the M-PESA services.

Is gas more expensive than charcoal?

Our research says that most families can cook with gas for less than 70KSh per day. If you regulate the flame carefully it will cost you less than charcoal or kerosene.

What if the amount I paid runs out in the middle of the night?

We will replace your gas cylinder before it is empty. If you have cash in your M-PESA account you can buy more gas. You can always check the amount of money in your M-Gas account anytime by pressing the red button on the meter

What do I do in case of a gas leak?

We put our customers’ safety first and our technicians are well trained on safe installations. However, if you suspect gas leak, ensure you turn off the meter and the stove, Open the door and windows. Do not light any flames and immediately call our customer service number 0111 010 400 for help.

Is gas safe?


Millions of people cook using gas every day. Gas is not poisonous. You can cook safely if you use a high-quality cylinder and a stove like ours, and make sure they are installed and used properly.

Is it safe in a house full of kids?

With our advanced technology, the card is the key to the gas meter. Keep the card away from children and they can’t waste your gas or use gas accidentally.

In case of any questions who do I contact.?

We have a 24 hour customer service team who are always happy to help and you can always call on 0111 010 400. You can also visit us at our office or depot for more information.

How do I register myself?

You can either register yourself during our launch events or you can visit our office or depot in your area. You can also contact us on 0111 010 400 and one of our team members will be happy to get to you for registration

Where can I find you?

You can always walk into our depot in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, along Cosmas Ndeti Road.


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