YouTube Adsense is for many content creators on YouTube, the primary way they earn their income.

Much like television ad placements, when the average person watches a YouTube video they are show advertisements, the content creator benefits in terms of revenue from these advertisements provided the viewer chooses not to skip the ad or is unable to. This revenue is generated on a CPM basis (Cost Per 1000 Views).

However, there are several things most content creators don't understand about YouTube Adsense and how it works and how they can make the most money from this particular revenue stream.

Most content creators believe the average YouTube CPMs are between $0.25-$4 with a high CPM being $8-$10.

But what if I told you I tend to average $10-$30 CPM Rates and that 1 Million Views is worth $10,000 on my channel, vs larger content creators where 1 Million Views is worth $500?

Here are some factors that determine CPM Rates and Monetization that most content creators don't think about or consider:

  1. The geographic location of the views/ ads played in that region
  2. Advertiser Friendly Guidelines: these seem vague to creators though they should be very obvious and can be found very easily with research
  3. Not all views are monetized because not all views trigger an ad
  4. Some viewers have ad-blockers enabled on their devices
  5. What device a viewer uses matters, not all advertisers enable ads for views on mobile devices
  6. Language, some advertisers opt out of videos based on the language, not only of the content but the default language of the viewer
  7. Available advertising inventory, not every niche or genre has the same volume of advertising, meaning not enough to go around
  8. "Content Farms" could absorb the largest amount of advertising budget within a niche or from a brand due to volume of content and views
  9. Quarterly Advertising budgets; budgets are often approved each quarter and can fluctuate, in January ad revenue is low because inventory is low due to waiting on approvals since previous year's budgets don't tend to roll over.
  10. Monetized views that exclude profanity are more valuable and can have a CPM Rate up to 4X Higher
  11. YouTube has a thumbnail algorithm that can categorize thumbnails based on their visuals and this can impact revenue if they are deemed not "Advertiser Friendly" as well
  12. Videos with higher average view durations tend to earn higher CPM Rates, even if they get less overall views
  13. There are opportunities to place multiple ads within a video, not just in the form of video ads but also display advertising
  14. Some Niches in YouTube such as professional services, have a higher CPM rate and less competition for inventory, than content associated with entertainment or lifestyle, where there is an abundance of content

So now that you are aware of all that what can you do about it?

There are several things that content creators could do to immediately increase their Adsense earning that require a bit of out of the box thinking.


YouTubers worry way too much about views, because it is the public metric which they are judged on. But the thing that is silly about this is that views don't necessarily equal revenue.

Audit your content and look at which videos have the highest CPM Rate, it won't always be the videos with the most views. Use your other social media platforms and your tools within YouTube to drive more traffic to the videos with the Highest Overall CPMs regardless of views or how much overall money they've made.

Each 1000 views on that video is worth more... period. The math is simple.


Authenticity matters on YouTube, an there are content creator for whom that creates a financial problem, because their content isn't "Advertiser Friendly". Their audience signed on for this content.

My ruthless answer is to worry about the people who will stick with you when you make a shift to what's in your own interest. Most of these fans are not directly supporting you with their money or we wouldn't be having this conversation, so unfortunately the simple answer is to be as authentic as you can while being ad-friendly, by not using profanity.

If you are truly creative you can deliver the same value without having to utilize profanity or shock value. The good news is that you will earn more money as a direct result of this, even if you get less views, and the people who stick with you after you make changes in your content are MORE LOYAL, than the people who want you to make content at your own expense to give them what they want FREE.

Just think about that for a moment, should they ask you to take a financial hit, on FREE content you are producing for them, and feel entitled to that?


If you find a pattern in the types of videos and topics that earn you the most money, prioritize doing more videos like that since they are your most valuable players.

Don't go to an extreme on this or get greedy, you can easily burn the audience out on this type of content or run out of ideas. But if something is working, keep doing it for as long as possible and as long as it is in demand.

Even if it is getting less views, but making more money, you may have to trade the psychological pain of "why are your views down" for the public number people don't see... making a higher income.

The reason I bring this up is that YouTubers have a preoccupation with views. Some justify it as credibility for brand deals, but negotiating your rate on your number of views is not a good business practice to begin with. Brands are also getting wise to this and also don't trust those numbers at face value.


YouTube Adsense is the least reliable way to make money from your videos because of how many variable you just don't control.

It's a relatively accessible form of Passive Income, that doesn't necessarily require a high level of technical skill, expertise or investment, and that makes it very attractive to people, particularly young people.

This is not to criticize those who benefit from Adsense, I also benefit from Adsense, but I refuse to rely on it, and as of the writing of this article it represents 16-24% of my overall revenue on any given month because of the lack of control.

YouTube can remove you from the Adsense program at anytime. Advertisers could shift the goal post on what they want at any given time. You can outgrow the majority of your audience or alienate them in some way.

Making a living on YouTube puts you at the mercy of the Advertisers, your Audience, and the Algorithm, what I refer to is the "Triad of Terror".

Diversify your revenue as a content creator as much as possible.

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