How to Hide Panty Lines (if You Hate Wearing Thongs)

How to Hide Panty Lines (if You Hate Wearing Thongs)

Panty lines - are more frightening than poltergeists when it comes to credibility

You might think underwear is a personal subject, but when you’re inadvertently displaying it at the office, at professional events or anywhere else, your lingerie becomes a lot less private – and has a lot more influence on your lasting impression. 

From a fashion perspective, most professional women know the basic “dos and don’ts.” Don’t wear tight pants, or low-cut blouses, or anything that’s ill-fitting. But most of all, don’t show us your panty lines! They’re not attractive, we all know that. But here’s the real problem with panty lines.  They actually make such a bad impression that affects your personal presence, and perhaps even your career. Here’s why:

  • Panty lines might convey that you’re not detail-oriented. If you don’t notice that the whole world can see the outline of your underwear through your pants or skirt, what does that say about how much care you put into your personal appearance?
  • Your “rear view” (for lack of a better phrase) is often the last thing people see. When you walk away, what is the lasting impression as people watch you go? Will they remember those articulate answers you gave during the job interview, or that you had panty lines?
  • Panty lines might mean to someone else that you don’t know how to dress for work. You think they could hinder that promotion you’re after? You bet your panty-lined a*# they could!

If you’re a habitual panty liner, you may be at a loss for a solution to the problem. I’ve got some quick advice for you:

I’m on a personal mission to eliminate panty lines completely. So take my advice, please. Your personal presence, and everyone around you, will thank you.

It does not matter how many women are moving around oblivious to the outlines of their underwear on their bottoms, it is a fashion no. Christine W. Wanjala delves into how to keep your underwear invisible.

Whichever way you look at it, a visible panty line equals trashy. There is no two ways about it, it is unsightly. The bad news is, it is certainly not a respecter of persons, occasions, or even the cost of the outfit. It shows up anywhere, and ends up ruining your carefully selected outfit that cost an arm and a leg.

The good news is that you can find ways around this. There are practical tips you can apply every day to banish the visible panty line (VPL) forever. And guess what, you do not have to go commando.

You can consider a different cut of panties. Throw out your regular cut panties and try some more tight clothes-friendly cuts.

Boy shorts
Unlike regular panties, these ones cover more of your rear and do not cut across the middle where your clothes are likely to be tightest, thus showing you panty outline.

Granny panties
These, or mothers union may not be the sexiest on the market, but they are the reason you will not see a panty line on your mother or grandmother. The coverage of your entire bottom and the high waist means you have a smooth silhouette.

Not the most comfortable, but then again if we know anything as women, it is that comfort is secondary to smartness. Case in point are high-heeled shoes.

Thongs go between the legs (to put it delicately) and this means far away from sight. You can pick from the different types, T-backs, G-strings, or the normal thongs when you opt for the tight super clingy clothes. Go with low cut thongs if you are wearing pants and high leg styles if you are wearing a dress.

Sometimes, the line between a visible panty line and no visible panty line is another item of clothing. Think, spanx, also known as body shapers or the old school petticoat. These obliterate the VPL and create a smooth silhouette. Just remember to get one with a smooth silhouette to avoid unsightly bunching. Think spandex, silk, polyester for fabrics.

Go thick
If you go tight on the bottom, pick thicker, more textured fabrics as opposed to slinkier, thinner fabrics. The former will safely keep your underwear out of sight and is less likely to map out the outline of your panties. Texture and prints act as a distraction from whatever is going on underneath your clothes.

Embrace anti-VPL panties
Thank God the lingerie industry is also trying to help by producing panties that are friendlier to our super tight clothes wearing culture. We have the all lace panties that have a flat edge and if you get them in your right size, you can bet there will be no lines showing.

There are those trimmed with lace as opposed to a normal hem, which makes their edge less abrupt giving you a smooth finish.

You can also invest on the laser cut hemless panties. No seam, no bumps, no lines.

Be careful though and get your size, they are known to roll up and bunch up especially if they are poor quality or the wrong size.

Follow colour rules
You may get the best hem less panty, if it is in the wrong colour, your underwear will still be on display for the world to see. Light coloured clothes go with plain dark coloured panties. As a rule! This means black (universal), and for us African women, chocolate brown, or whatever shade of brown is close to your skin tone.

Avoid patterns and textures on your panties unless you are layering or wearing them under the thick textured fabrics mentioned before.

Wear light/ bright coloured panties only under thick textured fabric.

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