How to Make Money Online with Digital Marketing

How to Make Money Online with Digital Marketing

How to make money online with digital marketing. So many people want to know. The world has gone digital. Almost everything is digital and digital marketing is at the centre of it all. Without marketing, the world does not move. Life in the present and future will always revolve around marketing. Marketing is not the way it used to be because it has gone a notch higher to become sophisticated – Digital Marketing.

So what is the digital marketing that will talk about?

Any marketing effort or method that uses an electronic medium or the internet. The tools of digital marketing encompass electronic devices, search engines, social media, and email.

Furthermore, websites and electronic money transfers belong here because they aid digital marketing. Digital marketing offers very many opportunities for making money online. We can only discuss several in this article.

Can digital marketing make you rich?

The answer is Yes. Digital marketing can make you a billionaire. Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Jack Ma of Alibaba are two high-profile digital marketing moguls or gurus. They made their billions figuring how to market, promote and sell online. Jeff is the richest man on the planet as I write this article. Yes, you can become rich via digital marketing. How to make money online with digital marketing is a valid question. Here are some answers.

1. Search Engine Optimization – a Way of Making Money Online

The top kept secret about making money online is SEO. You could become a multi-millionaire with this little-known secret. Because many people don’t know this secret they try making money online and 90% fail.

The secret of success online is Search Engine Optimization, i.e., SEO in short. You forget that you need customers to make money online as you need them for a street shop or offline business.

Question – you can use signboards to direct potential customers to your shop on the street. How do you give directions to people to visit your online shop (i.e. website?) How will customers find your website online? The answer is SEO. You need to look for and direct people to your online store or office.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing websites and their content. This action (optimizing) makes search engines to find and drive traffic to websites. Google has to find your website online. The only way Google can discover your product or service on the internet is through using SEO.

How to make money online with digital marketing using Search Engine Optimization

• Digital SEO Consultant: Offer SEO services to small business

A small business that cannot afford to hire a full-time expert to manage their website and content. These businesses hire freelancers to do SEO for them. Learn and become an expert in this field. Once you become an expert, you get lucrative contracts. This is one of the best-paying careers in digital marketing. Help drive current and prospective customers to business websites.

• Digital Advertising

Copywriting is a skill in high demand and it pays well. A copywriter must-have SEO skills. Advertising is for finding and luring potential customers to a product or service. This could be for off or online purposes. Make money doing copywriting online using SEO.

• Digital Press Release

The company do release news messages to newspaper, radio, TV, magazines and journals. The guys who write these public briefing releases are SEO experts. The press releases are for both off and online consumption.

• Work for yourself

As a freelancer, you need SEO skills to write marketing content for your clients online. Thus, article writer must know how to optimize articles for search engines. Optimized articles rank high on search engine result pages

• Software Testing

In software testing, there is a type of bug called “a content bug.) Software testers search for content bugs to ensure website visitors enjoy the content. Content bugs include; spelling mistakes, grammar and localization errors. Misuse of punctuations or capitalization issues. They would also check the effectiveness of keywords in a marketing document.

Where to find freelance SEO jobs

• LinkedIn
This is a social media platform for professional. Once you are an SEO expert join this social website. It is easy to find a job or a service contract through this site. I do get a lot of offers on LinkedIn

• Freelancer

Is the largest freelancing and crowdsourcing platform on the planet. It is free to join and you will find plenty of SEO jobs in this market place. Visit Freelancer for more information.

• Upwork

• ZipRecruiter

To help you start a career in Search Engine Optimization check this resource by my friend Carl Hendy.

2. Digital Marketing Article Writer

Every day millions of articles get written by trained professional writers. Some writers went up to the university while others reached high school. The earning power determined always by writing skills one possess and their passion.

Majority of digital writers are self-taught. I never went to college to learn how to write. I love writing, I found myself writing a blog post for my free blog at Google’s blogger.

Who is a digital writer?

A digital writer is a person who is comfortable writing for digital platforms and is able to do many things. Some of the things a digital writer does apart from writing are; editing and proofreading. They are good at developing, editing, and publishing high-quality original works.

They are able to produce content for websites, blogs, social media, and video platforms. Their writing skill is in demand even on radio and TV. The pay is great.

The skills you need to excel in a career as a digital writer are;

• SEO usage skills
• Research skills
• Editing skills
• Ability to focus on a project
• Communication skills
• Organizational ability
All these skills set you can learn as long as you have a passion for writing.

3. Digital sales representative – making money with affiliate marketing online tips

Digital sales representative

Companies have jobs known as sales representative or marketing agent. The work of a sales representative is to find, sell and serve customers under them. Most sales personnel make a living through sales commission. You sell a product or service you qualify for commission payments. The more sales you make the higher your pay.

Well, on the internet, there are sales representatives too. But online they have a special name, affiliate marketers. Digital sales reps make money the same way offline sales representatives do. Affiliate marketers get paid commissions for each sale made or for generating leads.

Tools of the trade for affiliate marketing


• Computer
• Laptop
• Tablet
• Smartphone

You need to have a Personal Computer or a laptop to become a digital sales representative. You do need a reliable internet connection because the work is 100% online.


You a website to become a successful and rich digital representative. Unlike your offline counterpart, affiliate marketing is a business. To run a successful business you need an office. A website or blog is your online office. You client must visit your office for client briefing before they can buy whatever you sell. Before a potential customer can buy you need to pre-sell the idea, product or service. You use your website to provide detailed information about a product or service you want to sell them.

What do you need to create a website?

• A domain name from Namecheap
• A website hosting account from SiteGround
• A free blogging platform – WordPress
I use the above services and I know they are good and reliable.

How to find the appropriate affiliate program

To find an affiliate program in your industry search using your keyword. Example, if your blog talks about travel, search for “travel affiliate programs.” If you are in weight loss, search for “weight loss affiliate programs.”

weight loss affiliate programs search screenshot

After you have your website up, the next step is finding a niche. You need to choose an industry. You could choose weight loss. Then choose a niche in weight loss e.g., weight loss diet or slimming pills. Then choose the appropriate affiliate program and a product to promote.

The top 5 affiliate programs in the world:

• Commission Junction
• Shareasale
• Amazon Associates
• eBay Partner Program
• ClickBank

Best 5 affiliate programs in Kenya:

• Jumia
• Travel Start
• Kilimall
• iPay Africa
• Topserve

Best 10 affiliate programs in Africa:

• Jumia
• 24Montize
• Travelstart
• Wakanow
• Konga
• Wealthy Affiliate
• Zando
• Adidas affiliate program
• Bodybuilding affiliate program
• Amazon Associates program

Use Content Marketing to drive traffic to your website

Now that you have a website you need to get customers. How? You need to write high-quality articles about your chosen topic. Example: if you are in weight loss and your niche is weight loss diet, produce articles on “diet for weight loss.”

Write useful, informative, original and entertaining articles on weight loss diets. In time people will start visiting your website for information advice and recommendations. They will treat you as an expert in weight loss due to the information you provide in your articles.

When people come to your website ask them to sign up for your email newsletter. This will help create an email list of your customer. These are the people who buy from you. The size of your email list determines your earning level. The bigger the list the higher the earning level.

Write articles every week. Three-times a week would be a good start point until you have over 1oo articles. Remember to use SEO while writing articles.

Articles that rank high on Google Search result pages are more than 2000 words long. If you cannot write go to Freelancer to hire freelance article writers. Content marketing means posting your article to various article directories online. Then your article sends people from these directories back to your website.

How to make money online blogging

There are many ways you could use your blog to make money. Here we discuss 7 of the most lucrative. Many bloggers are using these methods to become rich. The methods discussed here are big money makers for excelling bloggers.

• Sell Online Courses and Workshops

Some of the richest bloggers on the planet made their money creating and selling courses. If your blog is about marketing, you create marketing courses for both beginners.

Thus, if you choose to blog about golf, learn everything about to a point of being able to create courses.
Once you have a course, it becomes an asset that will earn you money for many years to come.
Remember, you can always hire freelancers to create a course for you. You sell the course on your blog. That means you need to have a website.

• Sell Books and Ebooks

The next way of making money blogging is writing and sell books. It is easy for a blogger to write a book. Have a blog with hundreds or thousands of articles, it is easy to compile some of them into a book. Most bloggers write ebooks because they are easy and cheap to produce. You can always hire freelancers to writer a book for you.

• Affiliate Marketing

You get to sell other peoples product or service online via your website to earn a sales commission. Depending on the size of your email list, affiliate marketing is lucrative. Many bloggers have become multi-millionaires through affiliate marketing.

• Sell Advertising space on your website

There are many opportunities to make money selling advertising space on your blog. You can sell ad space to companies and individual who would want to advertise on your blog. But, for a beginner, will always start with Google AdSense. Then as your blog grows you choose to deal with other advertisers.

• Speaking Gigs

As your blog grows, your reputation grows too. There comes a time when you receive speaking opportunities in webinars and seminars. These speaking gigs as we call the pay beautiful money. After years of reading and writing on a certain topic you become an expert. That is the reason you get these invites.

• Consulting/Coaching

You will grow so much such that peers will start consulting you. If you are in digital marketing you get consulted by small businesses and individual. Then you become a digital marketing consulting or coach. That is the natural route for a succeeding blogger.

• Selling Freelance Services

On your blog, you have a page where you pitch your services. There is a contact form for clients to fill if they need your services. It is a notice board where you tell people services on offer and if interested they fill the contact. If you are an article writer you tell potential clients terms and condition of hiring you. That is it about making money managing a digital blog to make money online. It needs hard work and continuous learning but the pay is good.

How to Make Money Online as a digital marketing Freelancer

Here is something that my grandfather told me “son before you think of making money think a course.” What he meant was go learn a trade (course.) Then use the trade to make money.

You can become rich as a freelancer but you must start with the right step. Know what you want? I wanted to write so i learned how to do it well. Now I make a living out of it.

Freelancing is doing work as an independent contractor. You are not employed by anybody. Thus, you need discipline and focus and succeed.

Here are important steps to follow:

Step a: Choose a trade

Choose a course any course that you like. You could choose article writing, accounting, academic research, editing, doctor, music, affiliate marketing. Get your qualification certificate to prove that you have trained. You need to prove that you are an editor or programmer on a freelancing website. Get certification for your course, that is why you go learn first. When you have a certificate you get work easy and fast because joining any platform is easy too.

Freelancing Very Valuable Top Skills: The best courses for freelancers that you can learn free online:

• Blog writing
• Coding
• Graphic design
• Website design
• Translating
• Analytics
• Photography
• English as Second Language Teaching
• Editor
• Social media
• Copywriter
• Resume writer
• Software testing

Choose one course and focus on it. Become so good such that people will pay you thousands of Dollars to have you do projects for them.

Step b: Join a freelancing platform

I started at Freelancer. I learned a lot as a new writer on this freelancing website. I learned how to bid and compete for projects. Then after establishing myself I moved on to better-paying sites. Freelancer is very good for beginners. Here is a link to freelancer.

Top 10 freelancing websites you could join:

• Freelancer
• Upwork
• Fiverr
• Toptal
• PeoplePerHour
• Guru
• SimplyHired
• The creative Group
• Probloger jobs
• Elance
• Wikipedia Contributor

Step c: Start bidding for assignments
Start bidding for projects once you join the platform. Once you get a project to kill it on time. Produce quality work. That way you build a reputation for excellence. You will always win projects.

5. How to Earn Money Online Digital Marketing eCommerce Business

What is eCommerce?

E-commerce is the use of electronic mediums to sell and buy products and services online. In eCommerce payments for both products and services are electronic. Data used to ease eCommerce transactions is also transferred through the electronic medium.

Why are eCommerce businesses thriving?

eCommerce is a necessity and it is no longer treated as a luxury anymore. We are living in a world where movement is restricted. Thus, eCommerce is a convenient way to overcome some of the hazards the world is facing today. These hazards include jams and crime on the roads and dangerous viruses in public places. And again it saves you time and money to shop from home.

How do you start an eCommerce business?

While not going into details here are steps you must follow to start your own eCommerce business

a) Research on the product, business, and Revenue models

Determine your Product:

Find out what eCommerce product suits your personality. Some ladies match selling cosmetics personality. Some men match with selling car parts. What product or products do you think you could be a natural fit for you? Research to find out.

Find Product Niche:

If you want to sell car parts which car model parts do you specialize in? You can’t thrive as a Jack of all car models spare parts dealer. You need a niche and become an expert in it. That is what makes customers come back to you because they know what you do with certainty.

Determine your E-Commerce Business Model:

There are several eCommerce models. You need to choose one and stick to it. Some of the eCommerce business models are;
• B2B – Business to Business – eCommerce business model
• B2C – Business to Consumer – eCommerce business model
• C2C – Consumer to Consumer – eCommerce business model
• C2B – Consumer to Business – eCommerce business model
• G2B – Government to Business – eCommerce business model
• G2C – Government to Consumer – eCommerce business model

Determine your Revenue Model:

These are the revenue models to choose from;
• Drop-shipping
• Wholesale
• Manufacturing
• Private labeling
• White labeling
• Subscription
Details – see 5 types of eCommerce business models in the references section.

b) Create a Blog for Leads Generation

You are starting an eCommerce business to make money. To make money online you need to find customers. You find customers by having a blog. The use of a blog is to drive traffic (people) to your website of online shop or store.

To create a blog you need;

• A domain name form Name Cheap
• A website host from Site Ground
• A blog management platform – WordPress

These are my recommendations because that is what I use for a long time now. Site Ground allows you to create a WordPress through one click within seconds. It is very easy. They work to together to give you a world-class website.

c) Marketing your eCommerce business
At our references section find – Pros that work – see how to market your eCommerce products

7. How to Earn Money with Digital Marketing via Social Media

When hearing the word social media what do you think about? You think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others. What you might not know is that Facebook, Twitter, Linked and other giants are Social Networks. Social networks are here to connect people. That is the main reason Zuckerberg started Facebook.

Social Media is a huge grouping of a social type of websites. There are more than 10 types of social groupings that make up the social media space.

Without going into details here is the rest of the websites that make up social media space;

• Media sharing networks – e.g. Youtube and Instagram
• Discussion Forums – e.g. – credit and Dig
• Book Marking & content curation – e.g. – Flipboard and Pinterest
• Consumer review networks – e.g. – TripAdvisor
• Sharing Economy Networks – e.g. – Uber and Airbnb
• Social Shopping Networks – e.g. – Etsy and Fancy
• Blogging Platforms – e.g. – WordPress and Medium

How do you make money on or via social media?

Here are some methods you could use to make money on or via social media platforms.

a) Youtube Partner Program
Join Youtube and create a channel. Start producing high quality, original, informative and entertaining video content. Work hard to reach at least 1000 subscribers. Once you achieve the 1000 subscribers you qualify to monetize your channel with ads. Ads make you money. When you skip an ad on YouTube you are preventing someone to make money.

b) Teaching – become a teacher on social media

You can start a coaching class on several social media platforms. These opportunities are available on YouTube, Facebook, Zoom and Skype. There are many others.

c) Sell Your Craft

If you are good at making art crafts you can use social media to market and sell. Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, etc, are excellent channels for selling art crafts online.

d} Social Media Management
Small business needs people who can manage their social media accounts. If you have this skill you make money from offering media management. The pay is excellent.

e) Use Social Media to Promote Services and Products
The world is on social platforms. If you want to reach your customers, meet them where they are – social platforms.
f) Use Social Websites to Promote Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing goes well with social media marketing, promote and sell. Those who know how to use social media for affiliate marketing make millions of dollars. You too can learn.


1. What is the importance of digital marketing?

Marketing is important. Without the market, the manufacturer would not sell their manufactured products. Because it would be impossible for people to know what is available in the marketing. Thus, marketing plays a giant role in commerce. It is marketing that drive sale. Digital marketing help business reaches people where they are – social media platforms. Without digital media, there would be advertising on Facebook or Google search. These are two examples only.

2. Digital Marketing Example

There are many examples of digital marketing. Email marketing that involves the collection of emails on websites. And then create email lists to help sell products and services is a good example. That is the reason at every website you visit you find form enticing you to fill in your email address. Once you fill in your email address the owners of the websites are able to send you promotional emails. People on an email list become customers. That is why there is this famous saying “the money is in the list.”


In the end, you can become rich as a committed and focused digital marketer as demonstrated above. There are countless how to make money online with digital marketing methods. It all depends on you whether you want to make it or be lazy. Digital marketing is a tough world to make money in but the effort is worth it. Ask Jeff or Jack what it took them to build what they have today.

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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