How to Open Equity Bank Account Online

How to Open Equity Bank Account Online

With the advent of technology, one does not have to endure the pains of lengthy bank queues to open an account.

This is, however, unless one wants to subject themselves to queueing. In this article, we will look at how to open an Equity bank account online. We will further look at the various accounts that one could access if they decide to join this bank. Let’s now delve into details below.

Online Methods of opening an Equity bank account

There are two significant ways of opening an Equity bank account without paying a visit to any of their branch offices. These ways include:

1.       Opening an Equity account through Eazzynet

2.       Opening an account using Eazzy App

3.       How to open an equity account using your mobile

Let’s start with the first method

1.       Opening an account through Eazzynet

If you have a secure internet connection and a laptop, then this must be the most convenient way to open your Equity bank account. Eazzynet allows a customer to access banking services from anywhere in the world. Here is how to go about creating your account.

·         Visit the Eazzynet website

·         A log in the tab will appear, on the bottom left part of the page, you will find. ‘not a member of equity bank? Open a hapo hapo account

·         Click on this link, and you will be redirected to another tab

·         In this tab, you will be required to fill your details like name, occupation and residential address

·         Select the mode in which you would want to receive the one-time delivery pin

·         Then click on Continue

·         You will be redirected to another page where you will be required to accept your terms and conditions.

·         You will then receive a one time pin(OTP), please input it

·         If correct, you are set and ready to go. You now have your equity account.

Benefits of opening a Hapo Kwa Hapo account

1.       One can schedule recurrent funds and transactions

2.       International funds transfers and transfer to other accounts can also be done through this account

3.       Paying bills like DSTV, KPLC, and Zuku

4.       Print and View bankers cheques, account statements, request for full statements and stop cheques.

2.       Opening an account using Eazzy banking app

·         Go to Appstore for iPhone users or google play store for android users

·         Search for Eazzy banking app and download it and install

·         After installing the App, select that you are a new user

·         Choose then you don’t have a bank account

·         Input your first and last name

·         Select and Input your identification documents

·         Key in your mobile number

·         Click on agree to terms and conditions after confirming your details

·         An account number and pin will be sent to your mobile phone

·         You are set and ready to start saving!

3.       How to open an equity account using your mobile

·         Go to the dial tap on your phone

·         Dial *247#

·         Like the other method, select your identification number

·         Enter the details

·         If an Equity agent referred you, input their code

·         If not referred, press 1

·         Then accept the terms and conditions

·         And you will receive a message with your bank account and pin

Types of Equity Bank Accounts

The bank has three main types of accounts. These accounts are:

1.       Transactional accounts – These are just two accounts. Which are: Equity ordinary account which allows one to accumulate personal deposits and a current account which is for savings and deposits.

2.       Savings account – These accounts are three. They include Eazzy save, Junior Member account and jijenge account.

3.       School fees collection account

Moreover, the bank also offers various treasury and trade bills for its clients.


Equity bank is probably the most affordable bank for Kenyans at the moment. Apart from offering the best services to its clients, Equity bank through its Wings to fly program has been able to help many children in Kenya. Therefore assisting the communities to eliminate poverty and grow their economic status.

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