Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree in Kenya

Jobs You Can Get Without A Degree in Kenya

The unemployment rate in Kenya and especially among the youth is alarming. Out of every ten graduates, four of them are jobless. Also, it takes close to 5 years for a university graduate to secure a decent job in Kenya. It can even be worse trying to search for jobs without a degree.

In 2018, a lawmaker told the country’s national assembly to declare youth unemployment a national disaster. According to MP Anthony Oluoch, the overall unemployment among youths in 2018 was 55%. As a result, a handful of youths have set aside their university qualifications and ventured into jobs that do not require a degree.

Jobs You Can Secure Without a Degree


Skills Required



Small business owner

Money-handling skills


Good grammar
Ability to adapt new trends

Customer service agent

Listening skills
Communication skills
Persuasion capability

Cab driver

Driving skills
Communication skills 

Social media manager

Interaction skills

Web developer

Designing skills

House help agency

Marketing skills
Training skills

Real estate agent

Marketing skills
Good communication skills

Cleaning service provider

Marketing skills
Organizing and managing skills

List of Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

1. Artist

To qualify as an artist in Kenya, you do not require any degree. If you can compose your poems, songs, novels, or any other artwork, you can earn a living. This is because, when there are events, you can perform and get paid heavily.

Artisan is one of the jobs that don’t require a degree in Kenya. Most of the artists you see performing on stage never went through any university to start up their career. Therefore, if you are a talented artist, you can join the industry.

2. Small Business Owner

You can become your boss by starting a business.  This can come true by starting up a poultry farm, a grocery, or a beauty shop without any degree. You only need a small start-up capital to kick off the business.

Since we are in the digital era, you can make your products known through social media platforms. As one of the unskilled jobs in Kenya, you can improve your skills on the job by learning through those ahead of you. There are several small businesses that you can run in Kenya with little capital.

3. Blogger

For people who love to create content, this is your field. You can start blogging as early as you finish your form four. In Kenya, serious bloggers are earning up to 300k without any degree at hand.

Blogging is one of the easiest jobs to get here in Kenya. This is because people are searching for content each day. You only need to come up with what you want to write about, post the content daily, and keep sharing it.

4. Customer Service Agent

Most companies in Kenya do have a customer service department. It plays a crucial role in handling customers’ complaints and other needs. To qualify as a customer service agent, you do not require a degree.

You keep learning as you continue to handle different customer issues. First, you need good listening skills. Second, you need to be patient and portray excellent communication skills. Finally, understand your brand well to sell it.

5. Cab Driver

Cab driving is one of the jobs that do not require a degree certificate in Kenya. All you need is a driving license. You can join one of the best driving schools in Kenya and learn what it takes to be a cab driver.

Since we have a lot of transport services providers in Kenya, you can secure yourself a job. You can work with Uber, Bolt, PTGT, etc. Such companies offer jobs in Kenya widely.

6. Social Media Manager

By January 2020, Kenya had 8.80 million social media users. This proves that people have embraced the use of social media. As a result, companies are employing social media managers to manage their platforms.

You can venture into this job without a degree. You only need to know how to use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and skype.  Therefore, a social media manager is one of the no-experience jobs in Kenya.

7. Web Developer

Web development is one of the growing fields across the globe. Also, all the learning materials that you require to gain knowledge are readily available for free online. Hence, you don’t need to go through a university to be a web developer.

As one of the well-paying jobs without a degree, most youths have embraced it. Many companies in Kenya are offering job vacancies without experience in Kenya for web developers. Grow your skills and keep practicing to master the game.

8. House Help Agency

Currently, many women have embraced working in Kenya. As a result, they need the house helpers to take care of their homes. You can cover the gap by starting a house help agency. This is a type of job that does not require a degree.

You only need to look for people who are willing to be house helps, train them, and then hook them up with jobs. You can get employers by advertising your agency on the social media platform and word of mouth. In the end, you earn a living for your family.

9. Real Estate Agent

It is one of the jobs without qualifications in Kenya 2020. People are buying land to build homes, business houses, and other facilities day in day out. Also, the real estate industry is taking the business field by storm.

As a result, you can work as a real estate agent in a company and make a lot of money. Your work is to advertise the available real estate company products, and once a client buys, you get a commission.  

10. Cleaning Service Provider

The need for cleaning services and especially in urban areas is rampant. This is because offices and homes need cleaning services regularly. You can start up your own cleaning service company without any degree at hand.

You can begin small, and with time, your company expands. Look for a committed team to work with and buy cleaning materials. You can be one of the billions in Kenya through such a job without a degree over time.

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