Top 10 Most Marketable Degree Courses in Kenya

[Latest] Top 10 Most Marketable Degree Courses in Kenya Today

Do you intend to enroll in a University in Kenya to pursue a marketable undergraduate degree? There are a variety of hotcake courses to pick from, all of which will guarantee work opportunities after graduation.

Health-related courses, computer-related courses, and education are currently some of the Most Marketable Degree Courses in Kenya Today. Tourism and hospitality courses are no longer as marketable as they once were.

Actuarial Science is one of Kenya’s most overrated university courses, whereas Pharmacy is one of the most undervalued.

Top 10 Most Marketable Degree Courses in Kenya

According to the latest statistics, these are the Top 10 Most Marketable Degree Courses in Kenya because one cannot stay long without getting a job or some other source of income. Often, such courses require students to have excellent grades to pursue them. These courses include;

1. Piloting/Aviation

Many kids aspire to be pilots, but only a few succeed. This is largely owing to the high costs of attending the course. However, because of the gap between demand and available pilots, you will never be without a job once you graduate. Apart from Kenya Airways, which is the national carrier, numerous other companies are looking for pilots. In order to pursue a piloting course in Kenya, you must have a minimum KCSE grade of C+. In addition, you must have a C+ in both physics and mathematics. This course is so popular in Kenya that students from neighboring countries including South Sudan, Tanzania, and Rwanda enroll.

2. Education/Teaching

Teachers make up a sizable portion of Kenya’s civil servants. To work as a teacher in the country, you must complete an education course, which might be a certificate, diploma, degree, or even a master’s degree. Even though the admittance requirements for a teaching course are not as stringent as those for medicine, Kenyans consider it a favorite. The benefit of taking such a training is that you will almost never be unemployed. It is also a low-stress career, especially at the primary school level, when basic skills such as reading and simple mathematics are taught. The disadvantage of this marketable course is that salaries are lower than for other marketable courses.

3. Computer Science

Kenya is one of Africa’s leading countries in the transition from analog to digital systems. As a result, businesses have adopted this strategy to hire young individuals with the necessary computer science abilities. As a result, there is a considerable need for computer science graduates to work as full-time workers or consultants. Students will gain knowledge of the fundamentals of programming as well as algorithms in this course. With this understanding, one may design computer systems, software, and even networks to meet a company’s demands.

4. Medicine

Because a sick workforce cannot do anything, health is a critical component in a country’s growth and development. As a result, it’s no wonder that medical disciplines are among Kenya’s most marketable courses. To study medicine, you must have a KCSE average of B+ or higher. Medicine is one of the most difficult subjects a person may choose to pursue. On the plus side, medicine degrees are marketable, and you can work anywhere in the world with a degree in any of the professions. Furthermore, those who do not want to work might open their own clinics, hospitals, or pharmacies and still generate money.

5. Law

Law is one of those subjects that gives new meaning to the adage that education’s roots are bitter, but its fruits are sweet. Before being admitted to the bar, you must first complete a rigorous educational program at a university and then the Kenya School of Law. They’re all worthwhile because they’re among the most well-known and marketable. Those who study law end up working in fields that assist people and institutions in resolving legal issues. It’s also a fantastic place to start if you want to be a judge or a politician. Furthermore, lawyers in reputed law companies might earn millions of shillings per month.

6. Architecture

Kenya has a significant demand for architectural solutions as a developing country. This course emphasizes hard work because it necessitates a high level of concentration, practice, and drawings. Only the brightest students who receive an A in KCSE receive automatic qualifications in this programme. Even before they graduate from college, many architecture students begin working. They are being called upon to drive innovation such as green/sustainable initiatives as a result of the increasing real estate market. Many students find architecture professions to be attractive because of the compensation.

7. A Quantity Surveyor

A quantity surveying training equips professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to identify the legal boundaries of properties. In real estate and mapmaking, a surveyor’s job entails collecting necessary data and acquiring legal documentation. Surveyors work for the real estate business, quantity surveying firms, municipal governments, and civil engineering firms. Those wanting independence can work as consultants and do so without having to work for someone else.

8. Pharmacy

If you wanted to be a doctor but didn’t get all of the requisite cluster points, pharmacy is one of the courses you can take as a fallback. You will still be active in the rehabilitation process by administering medications, even though you will not diagnose or treat patients. Furthermore, the course’s versatility makes it marketable. The high number of private and public hospitals in need of pharmacists is one reason why pharmacy is thriving. As a pharmacist, your job is to deliver treatment medications to sick people as well as advice on how to use medicines safely. Screening, vaccination, and healthy living recommendations are some of the other responsibilities that may be assigned.

9. Marketing

All types of businesses rely on marketing to succeed. It is the department in charge of establishing and maintaining client relationships. Due to the importance of marketing to a company’s brand, modern corporations have also had to embrace social media and internet marketers. Marketing is one of Kenya’s most popular degrees due to its vast use. Communication, negotiating, management, emotional intelligence, and other customer-related topics are covered in this course.

10. Mechatronics

Engineering students should go into mechatronics because it is one of the most marketable fields in Kenya. Mechanical and electrical systems, computer systems, telecommunications, and control are all covered in this course. The degree to which an individual integrates is usually determined by the specialization he or she chooses. Mechatronic engineers work with machines that have sensing and actuation systems, such as factory robots. Companies such as Keroche, EABL, and Coca-Cola, among others, hire mechatronic engineers in Kenya.

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