O God, Almighty Father, the creator of everything visible and invisible. In the most Holy and Powerful name of your son, Jesus Christ, the victim whose death reconciled us to yourself, and who lives and reigns with you together with the Holy Spirit eternally, we glorify and magnify your name.

We thank you for the gift of this rich, peaceful, and friendly nation; a land flowing with milk and honey. We know that many people on earth would have loved to be citizens of this great and beautiful nation but they are not. We know that there are many more people who probably better deserved to be citizens of our beloved country but instead, you chose us. In your unfathomable wisdom, you deemed us fit to be here and to be better placed to take good care of this nation. Glory to you in the highest and forever!

We thank you for the gift of diversity of cultures, thoughts and beliefs. We know, Father Almighty, that it is your divine Will that we may be different and not the same in all aspects; endowing us with different talents and gifts in order that we may complement and complete, but not to compete, one another. That we may work together and build our nation as a people. Thank you for our strengths, thank you for our weaknesses. May your mighty Name be forever Glorified!

We give you praise and glory for the gift of democracy and stable governance and systems that enable our peaceful and progressive living.

Our most loving Father, the GOD of ALL creation, whose name we invoke always in our beautiful National Anthem, I want to pray for our nation, Kenya, that it may even continue to prosper. That we shall look more into what unites us as a nation, as children of the Living GOD, as members of the family of Christ (and even together with those of us who do not invoke the mighty name of Christ Jesus, but still believe in you and follow you reverently as their GOD and creator). That we shall shun what divides us and instead celebrate our diversity as a gift of nature, a gift from you. That we shall together work, most sincerely for a peaceful coexistence of one another and be forever mindful of the welfare of each of us.

Our Eternal Father, we pray for our country, more so at this critical moment of elections, that each and everyone of us shall only focus on and work for the good of this nation. That all the institutions tasked with the process shall do their best to produce according to their mandate that would bring glory to your name, and not work for any selfish gain. That they will be true soldiers of your kingdom and defend only what is pure, what is noble, what is true, what is right in your own eyes.

In the name of our Lord, Jesus the Christ, we implore you, Eternal Father, that you look with favour this our beloved nation, and help us achieve a peaceful, credible, believable, transparent, free and fair general election and that all the contestants will willingly and lovingly accept the true verdict of the people, greet, embrace and congratulate each other and work together to build cohesion among the populace.

We pray for the IEBC officials that they will execute their mandate with honesty, sincerity and integrity and that they will be children of light who stand for the Truth and have their names indelibly inked in our hearts as faithful servants and heroes of our nation!

Dear Jesus, our Lord, you said that whoever fights by the sword shall perish by the sword. This, by extension means, to us, that whoever plans evil shall be consumed by the evil itself that he/she plans. In your most holy Name and by the power of your most holy blood, we commission that all the forces of darkness that may be planning any evil during this trying time for our country shall not only be consumed in their folly, but shall also be irreparably defeated, ashamed and quickly forgotten on the face of the earth together with their lineages and apostles. Because Kenya is for all of us and whoever plans evil against your people belongs to the author of darkness. We pray to you, dear GOD, our loving Father, that should their be any evil scheme that may compromise the peace and stability of this nation, that it will not only be unearthed in good time and ashamed, but that it will FAIL completely and the schemers perish with it and that the people of Kenya will emerge together singing the songs of victory at the end of it all. And we know, oh LORD, that your timing is always perfect!

Holy Father, to you from whom comes all that is good, this is my humble prayer and the prayer of every well-meaning Kenyan. Be gracious to us and grant these according to your loving and divine Will in the most powerful name of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


#KenyaBelongsToAllofUs #PrayerForOurCountry

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