Steps for cleaning belly button

Steps for cleaning belly button

There is an outward popping belly button and an inward
popping belly button, and for 90% of us, it is an innie. This inward belly
button is more prone to bacterial growth and these cause the foul odor. Also,
oil and dirt may accumulate in addition to sweat, around the belly button area.

How Do You Clean Out Your Belly Button:

Cleaning the belly button is a very important part of our
personal hygiene and needs some careful steps to proceed. There are ample
substances which can help in cleaning the belly button which include
astringents like rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, baby oil, salt water, tea
tree oil, warm compress and also mild body wash

Steps for cleaning belly button:

  1. Collect
    all the supplies like water, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, baby oil,
    and body wash

  2. Use
    a cotton swab to dip in any of the above solutions

  3. Now
    start poking around your navel region in circular motions

  4. Use
    a dry Q-tip to wipe it clean

  5. In
    addition, you may apply a warm compress and leave it for minutes to clear
    off the infection and itchiness

  6. Use
    antibacterial cream or anti-fungal cream every night until the infections

  7. Use
    your fingertip to clean the belly button every time to take a shower
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