The Many Uses of Hot Water Bottle

The Many Uses of Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are cute and pretty, but beyond the ‘aesthetics,’ they can be very beneficial. The good thing about them is that they’re a great investment. With 1000 shillings you can get a durable hot water bottle that can last you years.

But just what are the benefits of hot water bottles? The obvious answer would be that they keep you warm during the cold season. Hot water bottles make the cold season bearable. You almost want to carry one with you full time.

The Many Uses of Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles serve many purposes and do a lot more than warm up your bed. It is one of those items you should always have on hand, just like an ice pack, multivitamin, and bandages, as you never know when you will need it. Well, let me introduce you to some of the most awesome benefits of your hot water bottles and why you need one in your house.

1- Colon problems :

If you have a problem with your colon, if it is always bringing in you pain all night, I can tell you that it is no longer necessary to take any medications to stop the pain, because it can be done naturally!

All that you need to do is putting your warm bottle on your abdominal area while laying in bed and relaxing, this way it will basically help the articulation of the muscles in your colon and the pain will eventually vanish.

2- Back pain :

It is such a normal thing to come back home exhausted from your work and feeling the pain in your back. But every issue has a solution.

Place a hot water bottle on the affected area of your back; it will help you to soothe the pain. Hence, doing the same thing every night before going to bed will make you more active and more productive the next day.

3- Muscle pain :

After a fantastic workout evening at the gym, you may feel exhausted and eventually feeling some pain in your muscles.

Well, your hot water bottle can change this situation for the better. This pain will easily dissolve by applying the heat of your bottle to hurting muscles.

Though, sometimes the whole body can feel sore after a hard training session at the gym. In that case, you can use more than one bottle to assure your relaxation.

4- Warm your bed:

In a cold winter night, it may seem difficult for you to warm up, but you can always use the heat of your hot water bottle that makes your bed smoother and more comfortable

You can place a hot water bottle in your bed for 10-15 minutes before you plan to sleep, or just go to bed with it. In any case, it will fill you with comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

5- Neck pain:

In fact, the use of a hot water bag applied on the neck can benefit your cervical spine. In other words, it will deliver good results for the articulation of your bones.

Also, pain in the neck can occur after working for a long time in front of a computer, reading books, or even sleeping in a weird position!

The first thing most of us do is trying to stretch and massage the area that hurts. It will have an even better effect if you also apply cold and heat to it.

Cold, applied first, will release neck pain by reducing lactic acid build-up. After the muscles relax, you can apply heat to improve blood circulation.

6- Relieve stress and anxiety:

You always wonder how you can find basic ways to relax and chill out in order to forget everything that bothers you the most. Because stress has become a common thing for many of us, and sometimes we need some extra help to relax and calm down.

Next time you feel sad or depressed; try hugging a warm water bottle.

It can improve your blood circulation, which can help you relax. You can add some essential oils inside or even meditate with it. Trust me it’s a very efficient medium.

7- Better digestion :

Hot water helps much more than that. In case you have a fever, warm water reduces the body’s effort to fight the virus as much as it helps to improve bowel movements. Hence, it helps move the fats along and allows better digestion.

8- Smooth night :

Your hot water bag will help you forget all your preoccupations easily, how?

Or you don’t want to have nightmares or sleep paralysis?

So just plug it in between your feet and you will get a deep sleeping night full of relaxation, it is going to be like if you had a warm bath after a long exhausting day at work.

9- Use it when camping with friends:

You can indeed carry it with you while camping with your friends or alone because the weather can be so cold at night and you will need to warm yourself using fire, but the hot water bag should be a smoother medium for you in that case.

In fact, you are always allowed to take your hot water bottle with you on the trips in planes or on buses, it’s great for hot to cold climate changes.

10 Healthy warm:

Your hot water bag is a natural friend to you, how?

Well by using it daily before you sleep or while watching TV will enhance your body’s immune system nicely and efficiently.

That’s why the hot water bags are always favorable for us in the winter because they seem always to be a less-expensive way to get warm.

11- Feeling lonely at bed:

It is a magnificent tool for you to relieve boredom before falling asleep;

all you should carry out is lie on your bed and keep hugging your hot bag till you fall asleep. And eventually, you will get some sweet dreams.

12- Use it in your car:

On a very cold day, just place your hot water bottle on your dash about a half hour before you leave and watch the windows clear up. The heat will radiate throughout your vehicle.

13- It can be an awesome gift:

You can make the hot water bottle a beautiful present for your grandma and grandpa or for your parents too because it is not only fun and unique but a gift that is useful and keeps giving.

You can also gift it to a friend who’s always complaining about cold winter or about how cold he feels all day no matter how much suits he wears.

14- Menstrual periods for girls:

The use of water bottles has no bad effect, except that you need to check the water temperature while filling the bottle. Hot water bottles are very useful for women during their menstrual periods to overcome pain. By keeping the water bottle filled with hot water in their lap.

This way they can experience comfort and relief at the same time. Sometimes water bottles can help in digestion of food and better blood circulation by keeping them around the lower stomachs.

15- Less-expensive:

While using a hot water bottle it will not burden you with any extra cost like other heating pads and electric blankets that raise your electricity bills. Furthermore, there is no risk of getting an electric current while using water bottles. It is also a perfect warmer when you go for camping outside during winters.

16- Good for children:

As a child, I assumed everyone used them just as my family did until my worldview was shattered at a sleepover. Suffering from nothing more serious than a bit of social anxiety, I asked for a hot water bottle. From the look on the officiating mom’s face.

I suddenly understood that it was a very smooth experience and I began to advise people in order to test a hot water bottle due to its sufficiency.

17- For the babies:

Babies are sensitive to temperature changes and they love to sleep in a warm room. This is why they might start crying when they are out of their mother’s hands, so in a cold bed.

A simple little strategy could help your baby fall asleep with comfort and help save your nerves and your time. Fill a hot water bottle with lukewarm water and place it down next to the baby’s legs. Alternatively, you can also use the bottle to warm up the bed and leave it there for the baby to hug.

18- Pregnancy:

The pregnancy phase can cause a lot of discomforts. While some can handle it, others have to stop all their activities and wait until it’s gone. These pains may occur in different places like the stomach or the pelvis. A hot water bottle will promote comfort and fill future moms with relief. If it hurts too much, then you can also try taking a warm bath and try to relax in there.

In fact, this simple trick works efficiently because in this period the baby is most in need of a warm climate in order to enhance is progress before showing up to this world.

19- If you are sick:

The winter season not only includes Christmas and holiday fun, but also runny noses, coughs, and colds. Being sick is a very annoying and exhausting phase you experience. So a hot compress can soothe congestion in your chest and help you breathe more freely.

All that you need to do is put a warm bottle on top of your chest. You can even sleep with it. But make sure you don’t place it right on top of your heart.

20- Ear & Tooth Aches

Hot-water bags can be used for both ear and toothaches. In the case of toothache, it’s put on your jaw that has the pained tooth.

21- Cool off

Even in hot weather, you can fill the rubber bag with freezing water and ice, and it would maintain its coldness for hours and hours. Use it to cool off in the hot weather.

22- Woodworking

Woodworkers sometimes use hot-water bags for freshly-glued wood joints to stick them together better and faster, making them more firm.

23- Birds and animals

In farms, they put hot-water bags in pens for newly-hatched ducks and chicks. It gives them warmth and hence stays there lots of the time.

Also, putting a hot-water bag below the sleeping pillow of a puppy makes them feel much safer, calmer warmer, and sleepy.

Hot water bottles are very great devices that brings great benefits:

Hot water bottles are sufficiently warm. Nothing heats up the bed faster like hot water bottles. If you live in a place covered with snow and you don’t have a hot water bag at the foot of the bed, you should definitely reconsider using one. Why?

A hot water bottle can keep your feet even toastier. Hot water bottles are designed exactly for this purpose in order to warm you usefully.

On an average winter night, just fill the bottle with mild hot tap water. But if it’s going to be one of those bone-chilling, snowy nights, you should heat up some water before filling the bottle with it.

Put the hot water bottle underneath your blanket and turn down the heat from the bed. It may remain warm in the morning. This way you will feel warmer and more comfortable.

All in all, these magnificent tools are the best way to ward off winter and cold nights in all the periods of the year. So you really should buy a hot water bottle if you don’t already have one because it is sufficiently favorable, safer, and less expensive.


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