10 Top Online Jobs In Kenya That Pay Through MPESA

10 Top Online Jobs In Kenya That Pay Through MPESA

Technology has enabled many Kenyans to make their living through online work. Many people turn to top online jobs in Kenya that pay through MPESA.

Of late, there has been an increase in the number of residences or buildings that have internet connectivity. Among the internet service providers in Kenya who have made it possible for people to work online are Zuku and Safaricom.

In Kenya, Safaricom, a mobile operator company introduced MPESA to solve the problem of Kenyan people related to money transfers in 2007

The ease of getting paid by an international company such as Upwork through MPESA has made online jobs more appealing to a majority of Kenyans. The integration of PayPal and MPESA has created unlimited possibilities for many people in Kenya to work online.

If you are new in the online work sector, we have gone ahead and included a sample of top online jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa.

Listed below are just some of the many online jobs that pay through MPESA in Kenya.

1. Content/Article Writing

In this digital world, there is always a new website coming up that requires content. So article writing or content writing is an in-demand skill. You can write content with little effort. You have to learn SEO which is very necessary for web content. Many journals and magazines also require content writers to write content.

So long as you can deliver original content and you have excellent mastery of English as a language then you are set. Remember that content writing requires some important skills such as SEO, and proper formatting among others.

You can offer your services online by freelance market places like Fiverr, Upwork, and Textbrokers and withdraw money via Mpesa.

2. Academic Writing

In this form of writing, you need to be an expert in research, formatting, structure, and referencing styles like APA, Chicago, and MLA. It pays more than an online article writing job.

Remember that quality is key as you will be writing for people with various levels of education such as Masters Students.

Through Mpesa, you can get paid whether you are doing the job on international platforms or local Kenyan sites of Kenya.

3. Affiliate Marketing

It is a commission-based online job in Kenya that pay through Mpesa. You sell a product of a company, and it pays you an agreed amount of money.

Kilimall and Jumia are two local affiliate marketers where you can do remote affiliate marketing jobs. It is one of the best ways of adding an extra coin into your pocket.

Among the best affiliates are Amazon associates and Clickashare.

4. Online Forex Trading

The buying and selling of currencies in exchange for another is what is referred to as Forex trade. Forex exchange market is the most popular market in the world. People are always in need of foreign currencies for activities such as tourism, trading, and commerce.

One should not just engage in forex trading without training first and learning on the best currency pairs to trade.

Currency trading is conducted electronically and there in central marketplace, it is purely over-the-counter.

Kenyans can take part in forex trading through local or international platforms. Some of the local platforms could be through banks such as KCB bank. One can also trade through brokers such as IG, Saxo Bank, Interactive Brokers, XTB, eToro, Forex.com, Pepperstone, and AvaTrade.

Platforms such forex.com, AvaTrade, IQ Option, Hot Forex, FXTM, accept MPESA.

5. Working on Job Sites

In this virtually connected world, a vast number of sites offer you high-paying online jobs. Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, PeoplePerHour, and Freelancer are top market places that provide you a remote work. From data entry to web development, you can perform any online job which matches your expertise.

After completing this job, you get paid. You can transfer your money from the accounts of these websites to your Mpesa account.

6. Blogging

Blogging is an interesting way of earning money online. Travel, Entertainment, Technology, Gardening, Beauty, Pets, Cryptocurrency, Insurance, Celebrity News, Current affairs, Health, and Fitness are some popular niches for a blog these days. You can choose any of them which suit you.

Start writing content on your chosen topic. By offering affiliate marketing and sponsored posts, you can earn from this online job. By attaching a Google AdSense account to your blog for advertisement, you also get profit. You can withdraw these payments in Kenya through Mpesa.

7. Start an Online Shop

Are you looking to sell your products or services in Kenya? It is a future-changing online Ecommerce job for you. You do not need to establish a physical store. You just need to make an online shop. When a customer buys your product, you will send his or her desired product and get money. It is an online store job that you can also perform part-time and get paid through Mpesa in Kenya.

Online selling is one of the top online jobs in Kenya that pay through MPESA. There are unlimited products that one can sell through Jumia or Killimall or Facebook marketplace or through Instagram

8. Web and Graphic Design

In this technological world, every brand wants its visual identity and online presence that is reachable for every person. Logo designing, Portraits, Ebook covers, wedding cards, and resume design are some popular categories of graphic designing. So if you are a web and graphic designer, you can earn money by offering online services.

You can perform your online design job as a freelancer and get an immense amount of revenue. Upwork, Fiverr, and Guru are top freelance market places that required your skills and give well-paid online jobs. Web graphic and graphic design are some of the top online jobs in Kenya that pay through MPESA.

9. Transcription

If you are an attentive listener, you can do this online typing job excellently. You need to listen to audio files and convert them into text form very accurately. It requires a computer, internet connection, time management, and ethical skills.

From the medical to the business industry, everyone involves in seminars and conferences. So they need transcribers that can transcribe their seminar topics into informational articles.

You can earn up to 50 Ksh. to 2500 Ksh or even more and that depends purely on one’s experience and accuracy of your work. Rev.com, Gotranscript.com, and Speechpad.com are some online websites that offer you an online transcription job, and can pay through Mpesa.

10. Sports Betting in Kenya

Sports and especially football has been one of Kenyans’ favorite forms of entertainment. The entrance of sports betting has made even more Kenyans to be interested in sports.

MchezaBetikaShabiki SJM22BET, and BetWay are some of the betting sites where you deposit your money through Mpesa.

After winning a bet you they pay through Mpesa. It is a very simple online job in Kenya that everyone can do without any fundamental skills. You just follow some guidelines and tips to win their bets.

However, like any other game learn the rules and the tricks first before engaging in sports betting.


There is no limit as to the number of top online jobs in Kenya that pay through MPESA. However, one should be extremely cautious before engaging in any gig to avoid being scammed.

The partnership between MPESA and PayPal has made it easy for freelancers in Kenya to get paid. One just needs to have a PayPal account and a Safaricom line.

If you have been looking for online jobs in Kenya that pay through MPESA, then you can get some ideas from the above list.

You can choose any online job which you can do efficiently. It is only one click away from you if you really have an urge to make money through a remote job whether it is a part-time or full-time job in Kenya.

Remember that so long as you have an in-demand skill there is always someone somewhere who can pay you to perform the task.


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