What Age Should Kids Start Learning to Play Golf?

What Age Should Kids Start Learning to Play Golf?

Having children is one of the most exciting and life-changing events a person can experience.

As parents, we teach our children from the moment they are born. There are some things, like golf, that we just cannot wait to teach them. We all want to share our love of golf with our children, but it may be several years before they are ready truly take up the game.

Introduction at a young age

Thanks to technology and all PGA Tour events being televised these days, it is far easier to get your kids into golf at an early age.

This is completely different than 20 to 30 years ago, when the Internet and Golf Channel were in their infancy. Parents have the ability to watch golf in a variety of ways, and children can be exposed to the game early on. This doesn’t mean they are picking up clubs and playing nine holes. It simply means there is an exposure to the sport.

With the advancement of video games, kids can be introduced to golf simulation games. Once children are old enough to be mobile and their attention span lasts more than a matter of seconds, kids could take part in simulations.

Games that allow players to go through golf swing motions provide kids with practice. They can also learn the basic techniques used in golf. This not only introduces the raw basics of a golf swing but does it in a fun way in which children are learning.

Rule #1: Have fun

According to PGA.com, the most important rule for teaching children to play golf is for them to have fun. There is nothing worse than an overbearing parent frustrating their son or daughter during a lesson. This can turn the child off from playing the game.

Your child may not find golf to be fun, but over time, this could change as they grow older. Therefore, it is important not to push them too hard early on.

Parents need to remember all children advance at different ages. Sure, Tiger Woods was just two years old when he appeared on the Michael Douglas Show in 1978. Woods was a prodigy when it came to golf, but not all children can be at the same level within three years of being born.

What Age Should Kids Start Learning Golf?

Parents can typically enter their children into formal golf lessons at five years old. Your child may begin showing a strong interest in playing sports at this age, especially once they make friends at school and want to partake in activities similar to their peers. In addition, children are learning at school, and their attention spans will be more capable of lasting through a golf lesson.

Though most golf instructors require children to be at least five years old to start lessons, children can progress and develop at different rates. Some could be like Woods and have the ability to grip a club, stand properly, and swing at an early age. However, other children may take years to get this down.

One school of thought is a child needs to be at a good level of maturity to play the game. Due to the equipment involved in the sport, golf can be dangerous for those who are not mature enough to play the sport. A child getting hit with a golf club or hitting someone is a real possibility. Therefore, your child needs to know what is and isn’t expected of them while playing.

The PGA’s website recommends that before a child even picks up a club, they should learn the etiquette of the game. This is also a great chance to begin teaching your child the complex rules associated with golf. Again, a child needs to be of a certain maturity level to learn these items, so don’t expect every two-year-old to comprehend the ins and outs of golf.

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