What’s the cost of installation of Electric Fencing in Kenya?

What’s the cost of installation of Electric Fencing in Kenya?

Electric Fencing in Kenya is very important for every homeowner. When planning to build or upgrade your home, the electric fence should be prioritized. Every security device or system that you add to your home has an impact on the cost to you. On the same hand, the Supply and Installation of an Electric Fence will have a cost on your overall security budget. It is wise to plan and budget ahead as security for your home cannot be overlooked. Electric Fences Kenya has very affordable solutions that are tailor-made to meet each client’s specific requirements. We can work with you in designing a budget for the Electric Fence cost.

The cost for installation of an electric fence in Kenya depends on some factors which we are going to discuss further here below including; the size of the plot to be fenced, location of your home, type of the electric fence and some other individual preferences including fence keypad, electric fence alarms (15 watts or 30 watts or more), type or model of the fence energizer machine among many others.

Type of Electric Fences

The following type of electric fences influence the final cost for installation;

  1. Domestic electric fences
  2. Top wall electric fences
  3. Freestanding electric fences
  4. Farm fences
  5. Chain link fences.

Models of Fence Energizer Machines

Another factor that will determine your final electric fence cost is the type of energizer machine. The following are some of the most popular fence energizer machines in Kenya

  1. Hammer
  2. JVA
  3. Nemtek including Druids and Merlin
  4. Stafix

Cost of installation of a fence on a 50 by 100 plot in Kenya

Most urban homes should consider Electric Fencing in Kenya. Though the final quotation may vary for each home, we have a rough guide on the cost of a standard electric fence. For a standard 50 by 100 feet plot, the average cost is between Kshs 70,000 to Kshs 85,000 for the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the electric fence. The razor wire fence is charged separately. Assuming the total perimeter is about 100 meters for a 50 by 100ft plot, the cost for supply and installation of razor wire will be an additional Kshs 33,000 to 35,000. A combination of electric fence with razor wire fence should be considered. The razor wire acts as the second layer of security. Furthermore, there are various types and designs of the razor-wire fence to choose from.

This cost may vary depending on the design of the fence and the installation location.

Cost of fencing per acre in Kenya

Whereas getting the cost for electric fencing on a one-acre plot could be straightforward, it is not easy to do an estimated cost for a big farm. For farm electric fences, the cost depends majorly on the farm location, the gradient of the farm and also how clear the intended path of the electric fence is clear.

Cost of electric fence per meter

The average cost per meter depends on the fence profile including if the fence is a top wall or free-standing. However, we can state the average cost per meter for a top wall electric fence is from kshs 600 per meter to kshs 800 per meter. You can call us on 0722 708034 or info@electricfences.co.ke

Electric fence energizer price in Kenya

While doing Electric Fencing in Kenya, it is important to note the quality of the energizer material. However, the price of the preferred energizer machine depends on the length and profile of the electric fence.

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