You Shouldn’t Get Your Teeth Whitened if You Fall into These 9 Categories

You Shouldn’t Get Your Teeth Whitened if You Fall into These 9 Categories

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that, although now it's very popular and desired, is not a necessity. For those with certain health
issues including teeth and gum issues, getting your teeth whitened is not always
the best idea. You should avoid getting your teeth whitened if:

  • If
    you have sensitive teeth: the hydrogen peroxide gel used in teeth
    whitening gels is a bleaching agent that causes sensitivity during
    whitening procedures. If you already have sensitive teeth or overly
    sensitive teeth, teeth whitening procedures may cause extreme discomfort
    for you.

  • You
    have GERD or acid erosion on your teeth: GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux
    Disease) is a digestive disorder that causes acid indigestion and/or
    reflux. This causes tooth erosion and damage to tooth enamel. Weak enamel
    is not ideal for teeth whitening procedures as the bleaching agents may
    cause further damage and sensitivity. Whitening over a weak enamel can
    also cause teeth to become even more discoloured.

  • You
    have gum recession: Whitening gels can cause sensitivity which can then
    lead to gum recession. If you already experience gum recession, whitening
    your teeth can then exacerbate the issue.

  • Your
    gums are sensitive: teeth and gum sensitivity is heightened during
    whitening procedures. If you have sensitive gums, your sensitivity may be
    extremely uncomfortable or even unbearable during treatment and should
    therefore be avoided.

  • You
    have visible white fillings or crowns: Whitening will not be effective on
    parts of the teeth that have white fillings or are crowned.

  • You
    have sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide: hydrogen peroxide is the agent used
    to whiten teeth. If you are sensitive to this substance, you will
    experience extreme discomfort during whitening procedures.

  • You
    have cavities: Your teeth must be in a healthy condition before preforming
    and whitening procedures. Not only will cavities affect the whitening
    process by creating uneven spots, they will also cause discomfort during
    the procedure.

  • You
    are pregnant or breastfeeding: Although there is no hard evidence that
    suggests that undergoing teeth whitening procedures effect unborn babies,
    it is highly recommended to avoid the procedure as it is an unnecessary

  • You
    are under 18 years old: cosmetic procedures can be dangerous to children
    under the legal adult age and unsuitable for youth teeth.

If you are considering getting your teeth professionally
whitened, be sure to act safely and do not whiten your teeth if you belong to
any of the above categories.


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