5 Accountability Steps That Will Set You Up For Excellence

5 Accountability Steps That Will Set You Up For Excellence

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) studied accountability and found that you have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to a person. And if you have a specific accountability appointment with someone you’ve committed, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.

Accountability is a gamechanger when you are in pursuit of excellence. When you sow accountability, nurture it and make it part of you, you will reap greater success in almost every aspect of life. 

Read on to get insight that will open your eyes on better ways of problem-solving and becoming more accountable.

See The Problem As It Is

A problem could be anything that makes you live below the line of success. Is it refusing change (which is part of the new generation order)? Or denying a weakness/ a limitation? Whatever prevents optimal or potential solutions could vary widely depending on your unique circumstances.

Identify your challenge, its form, and extent by defining the problem. Whatever you’re able to see clearly is not as threatening as what is unclear. After you identify the problem as it is, acknowledge and accept it from the description of the problem. Denying reality is not the right step if you have your eyes set on excellence.

Own Up To Your Role In The Problem

T Siedner London NW2 says there is no more neutrality in the world. He further says that you either be part of the solution, or you will be part of the problem. Ownership will therefore imply that if you do not take a share in the problem, you are not part of the solution.

As someone accountable, you will do well to accept whatever ways in which your behavior contributes to the prevailing circumstances at hand. Commit yourself to overcome the prevailing unusual circumstances irrespective of the difficulties. This perspective gives you power over the ‘victim of circumstances view’, which cripples most people into stagnation.

Take Initiative 

Taking the initiative will mean you challenge the status quo. As long as the prevailing narrative stands in the way of your success, don't settle for it. If it is said that laziness is part of your genetic makeup, then be the one first to work hard.

Continuously ask yourself, ‘What else can I do’? The present reasons for your failure or even your success at the moment could just be what you need to overcome to excel. Think differently and persist; you will reap the results.

Take Full Responsibility For Achieving Results.

Accountability implies accepting the full responsibility for excellent results. No excuses! Work around your hurdles to still deliver above board. Cover any gaps that emerge from your commitments; compensate for missed deadlines and make up for lost time with your family.

Empowering yourself will give you a better capacity to accomplish significant results. Sharpen your skills, widen your perspectives, and increase your risk-taking stamina. This world is changing quickly, so mastering the changes and adapting swiftly will keep you afloat.

Commit To Specific Accountability To A Person

People sharpen and build each other! Get someone or a group of accountable people to walk with you on your journey. Accountability rightly means giving someone permission to help you keep your commitments. Doing what is right is easier if someone holds you accountable than if someone does not.

You need another person since no one is perfect. Everyone has a blind spot and needs another to keep them in check. You are safer with someone watching over your back than without. To succeed, you will need another person or a group to hold you accountable.

In summary, accountability will make you live above the line that separates excellence from mediocrity; noble from common, a man from a boy, a woman from a girl. Do not ignore that which is holding you back, or deny it, or blame it on someone else. It is  unwise of you to stand aloof because it’s not your responsibility, or because you do not know what to do with complex problems.  Neither cover your tail, nor just wait to see how issues unfold with time but be accountable.

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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