How To Market Yourself (as a Dietitian) on LinkedIn

How To Market Yourself (as a Dietitian) on LinkedIn

I seem to get flooded with tips on how to market my business (I subscribe to so many newsletters!). It's all helpful, especially to remind me that I need to keep marketing my business in unique ways to capture the attention of new customers.

But you can be in the business of marketing YOU. Not just your business. You are unique, your skills are unique and different from other dietitians, a snowflake amongst dietitians.

How you run your business or how you show up at work is unique. You need to spell that out so that people will want to work or collaborate with you. Whether you are in a traditional job or an alternative job, you need to market yourself. 

Why You Should Market Yourself (as a Dietitian)

  • Attract collaborations with other dietitians - Working with others on a project or an event can elevate both of you and your businesses with more "traffic".
  • Gain more authority at work - People don't know what they don't know. You need to tell them! Telling people what you are good at might get you invited to speak (for an honorarium!) or sit on a special committee.
  • Attract opportunity - You may love your job right now but what if you got offered an even better opportunity because someone noticed your signature skills.

Tips to Market Yourself Right Now (as a Dietitian)

  • Your LinkedIn Headline - Take a few minutes to update your LinkedIn Headline (even if you updated it a few months ago). That's the blurb just under your name. Include your keyword phrase (Nutrition Writer or Pediatric Dietitian Speaker or Immune Supporting Smoothie Master or Gut Health Menu Maker ..) and your signature achievement (Author of ..., Speaker at ..., Awarded ..., Specializing in ...).
  • Comment on Posts on LinkedIn - The 1st line of your now improved Headline shows up just under your name when you post comments. Someone will notice your special service, your signature achievement, and will think of you when they need to hire or collaborate!
  • Your Email Signature - Does your email signature still align with your signature service? Include your specialty or a version of your LinkedIn Headline or LinkedIn URL.
  • Include a Call To Action - This can show up anywhere, in conversations, in social media, on LinkedIn. How can people work with you, collaborate with you, download a freebie, get a handout, invite you to speak, read your ebook, guest blog, be a guest expert speaker.

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