How to check my KRA PIN using ID number

How to check my KRA PIN using ID number

A KRA PIN is a must-have for every Kenyan citizen who is 18 years and above. However, most individuals might find themselves having misplaced the document or forgotten the number. What do I do if I want to know how to check my KRA PIN using my ID number? The loss of this crucial information can deny you business or employment opportunities if it remains unresolved.

Your KRA pin is an important business document, especially when conducting business and filing returns. If you can't remember the PIN or misplace the PIN certificate, you must recover it as fast as possible to avoid further inconveniences. There are different options available for you. So, here is how to check my KRA PIN using my ID number.

How to check my KRA pin using an ID number

A government PIN helps identify you or your company if you want to transact business with government institutions, limited companies, or suppliers. There are various ways to go about KRA PIN retrieval. As long as you have your ID number, here is how to retrieve your KRA PIN:

Visit a nearby KRA office or Huduma Centre

If you are near a KRA office or Huduma centre, you can visit and ask for KRA PIN recovery services at the customer service desk. You will provide your original ID, after which you will receive a printed copy of the document. It is advisable to store it safely to avoid repeated misplacement.

Contact KRA via social media

What if there is no KRA branch near you? In such a case, you can submit your PIN retrieval request via social media, a fast and convenient option. But, first, scan a coloured copy of the original ID card, message it to the official KRA social media pages, and request the service.

For individuals who prefer the digital option, Twitter is an excellent option. The media team will reply to your tweet or direct message in less than an hour.

Facebook is also an available option, and you can choose to chat with the team or send them a direct message. The team is also available in case of further enquiries about the Personal Identification Number.

Email KRA

If you are not a fan of social media and are not near a physical KRA office, you can send your scanned ID copy to the KRA official email address, However, experience has proven that asking for assistance via social media sites is the most effective as a prompt response is guaranteed.

Email is the least suitable channel to use when seeking assistance on KRA PIN recovery because they may delay in responding, which can be frustrating. Therefore, if you choose to write to them, ensure you follow up through other means of communication.

iTax portal

Suppose you have your email login details for the account you used during iTax registration. In that case, you can log in to your iTax portal using your ID number or email address, select "Reprint PIN certificate," and then download the document. This method is reliable, and it is advisable to use a password you can easily remember.


M-Service is a newly introduced application by KRA where taxpayers can file and pay for turnover tax and rental income virtually. In addition, users can also access their personal or individual PINs. The application is available on Google PlayStore.

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