How to get a job at Pinterest

How to get a job at Pinterest

Are you obsessed with stacking your ideas onto the board?  Are you constantly seeking ideas online by scrolling through different galleries? Well, if it’s your hobby, why not think of it as a career? With Pinterest, it’s possible. We will see how to get a job at Pinterest.

What is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that gives people a virtual pinboard to fill with ideas and inspiration. It is a user-friendly platform and provides space to fill in with new ideas. More than 450 million people visit the platform every month. Until now, more than 300 billion ideas have been shared. 

What qualities are they looking for in candidates?

  1. Creative mind to think out of the box
  2. Curiosity to know more
  3. Diversity in thoughts
  4. Genuineness
  5. Innovative mind to explore more

You can apply irrespective of your degree or background. What they are looking for is your passion and experience in your specialization. The Pinterest policy doesn’t promote unlawful discrimination based on color, gender, race, religion, or age.

Employment types for the various job roles

  1. Contractor
  2. Intern
  3. Regular
  4. Temporary

You can choose from the above based on your availability and experience.

Departments on Pinterest where you can apply

  • Engineering                             
  • Administration
  • International products
  • IT
  • Domestic products
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • PR and Communication
  • Business development
  • Finance
  • Community operations
  • Workplace
  • Recruiting
  • Legal
  • HR
  • Sales- Domestic
  • Sales- International
  • Sales- Global Sales Solution


It is headquartered in San Francisco. However, Pinterest has its offices in 23 inspiring cities of the world. In addition, it provides the opportunity to work remotely as well. 

How to apply?- How to get a job at Pinterest?

How to get a Job at Pinterest? Search by adding keywords related to the job designation, department, employment type, and location on the Pinterest career page. Then start searching. You can find part-time and full-time opportunities. So, choose as per your availability. 

Besides the career page, the recruiters look at the online resumes on platforms like LinkedIn, Connectifier, and Piazza. So make sure you have appealing resumes there. 

How to prepare for the interview?

This is the most crucial step. The first step in preparing is to know your company and the services they provide. Search thoroughly for the role you are applying for and how well you fit for that role. You have to show your passion and knowledge regarding your job role. 

Interview process

The interview process usually takes two weeks or less. First, there is a phone screen with the recruiter. Next, there is a technical interview that includes live coding at

Then, there is an onsite interview. It involves five 45 minutes rounds. These rounds include three coding tests, one system design test, and one culture test. The questions have above-average difficulty and are almost the same as asked in other tech companies like Google and Apple. 

Selection process

You’ll be asked for a presentation once you get a call for the interview. Prepare it wisely and innovatively. Tell them about your vision and your experiences. Most importantly, how well you are fit for the role. Your presentation must stand out from the rest of the applicants. Practice as much as you can to deliver it smoothly and unhesitantly. Show your confidence and eagerness innovatively and creatively.

General questions in the interview- How to get a Job at Pinterest?

  • Why Pinterest?
  • How could you deliver your service?
  • How could you bring better products?
  • Your vision for the next five years?
  • Your core qualities?
  • Your strengths?
  • Things you like to improve on Pinterest?
  • How could you bring the change?

Special tips

As competition is high in every walk of life, make sure you prepare yourself up for a stand-out apart from the crowd. Make a stellar resume. Don’t forget to add a cover letter too in the application. 

You can use various tools to make a resume-

  • Zety
  • Careertoolbelt
  • Novoresume
  • Canva
  • My perfect resume

Tools to prepare cover letters-

  • Resume genius

Benefits of working at Pinterest

  • Vacation
  • Global year-end paid company holiday closure
  • Flexible and generous holidays
  • Physical and mental health benefits for the employees and their families
  • Retirement plans that allow for tax savings (subject to the country where one applies
  • Personal and professional development resources
  • Fitness offerings
  • Meals and snacks in the office
  • Discounts and perks
  • Adoption support
  • Paid parental leave

Internships at Pinterest

To apply for the internship, you must be a college student. Specialize yourself in coding, especially Python. Interns develop a product that is delivered to millions of users. Sometimes they come up with ideas to reach users via email notifications or any other features. So, as an intern, you’ve to come up with new ideas. In addition to core specialization, you need to have an innovative and solution-oriented mind to increase your chances of selection.

How much are interns paid?

Pinterest provides for the expenses regarding flights and accommodation. Interns are paid based on their experience.

Contract roles at Pinterest

Contract roles are employed either by their staffing partner or agency partner. Contractors are not employees at Pinterest. 

Various contract jobs include-

  • IT sourcing analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Process specialist
  • Content Marketing Associate
  • University Recruiter
  • Designer, Ad format
  • Business recruiter- International
  • Project Manager
  • Launch Manager
  • Account Coordinator
  • Technical Sourcer

Pinterest role types- How to get a Job at Pinterest?

Remote Roles- can work from home without office presence

Hybrid roles- a combination of small and office work. You’re required for 1-3 days per week in the office.

Office Roles- It’s 100% office-based. Deliver all the services in person 

Life at Pinterest

Pinterest is creating a community of diversity of people and deliver products that reflect their diverse population of 450M+ pinners. 

Inclusion of Black Pinployees

Inclusion of people identified as descendants of the African diaspora- black, multiracial, mixed-race, and afro-Latinx who are full-time employees or agency contractors at Pinterest. 

Inclusion of people with disabilities by PinAble

PinAble offers tremendous potential for intersectional learning and empowerment that helps to unleash the full potential of everyone irrespective of differences, abilities, status, race, gender, or sexual orientation. 

Companionship and openness

At Pinterest, culture is open and transparent. Employees can communicate with the founder via weekly Q&A sessions and ask their queries and get instant solutions. 

The company provides an open culture with weekly leisure hours where employees from varied fields come to know each other, hence enriching the culture of diversity and growth.

Creative marathons

Pinterest invites employees from all departments to take part in creative marathons where they exchange ideas and, in this process, comes to know each other well and bring up new ideas to the board.


  1. Can I add my hobbies to the resume?

Yes, you can. If you’re a fresher and have no prior experience, but you often do that skill in your leisure time and have the knowledge, it’s best to add your hobbies related to your job role.

  1. Do candidates need a social media presence to increase their chances of selection?

It may or may not matter, depending upon the job role you’re applying for. The most important thing is to have a LinkedIn profile or a GitHub profile. It’s where recruiters search for the candidates. So, make sure to post there regularly and stay active. 

  1. Do candidates need creative skills to get selected?

Pinterest doesn’t look at your different certifications. All you need is to have a creative mind to show your niche in your presentation and interview. Yes, you can add your creative skills to your resume either as a certification or a hobby. But what matters most is how you deliver your skills in their presence. They are looking for your creativity and ability to know things outside of your job role. 

  1. Can I ask about salary in the interview process?

It’s not wise to bring up salary in your early selection process. If the recruiter is impressed with your presentation and interview, they tell you about the pay. So, it all depends upon how gracefully you appear in the interview. If you impress them with your innovative and creative bend of mind, you can bring it up later and then negotiate. 

  1. What mistakes can I avoid to increase my chances of selection?

Just show them your knowledge of the company and the role you’re applying for. Show them your interest and enthusiasm and how dearly you want that role. Avoid cliches like ‘I want to have a big impact on the world’ or ‘I am perfect for this job.’ Avoid texting in front of them and avoid any calls. Keep your phone aside. Just be attentive there and give your 100 % presence. 

  1. What if my interview got very well still I didn’t receive any call from them?

It usually takes some days or weeks. If your interview got well and recruiters seem impressed by you, you can wait a bit longer. You can even mail them in a very formal manner regarding the job availability. If they are impressed, they will contact you back. So better is to focus on your presentation and interview. If they are highly impressed, you might be selected on the spot too. Cheers!

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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