With everyone going MINIMAL, the awareness of going organic and natural has
grown in a short period of time. From organic cosmetics to clothing, we have
seen a great transition in the fashion industry. But, with the increased
concern for the health of wellness, organic pads are another wave for a healthy

Standard pads are made from cotton and synthetic like
plastics. They are treated with bleach and chlorine, which makes them risky for
health. Moreover, they grow in non-organic environments. With the use of
pesticides in the farming process, you are prone to health problems.

Organic sanitary pads come as a rescue for you. Organic
 uses organic growing methods free from pesticides and
chemicals. Pads made with organic cotton are safer, comfortable, and are
friendlier to Earth. On usage, they feel lighter and extra thin compared to
standard pads.

Standard pads

  • Made
    from plastic

  • Contains
    chemicals, bleaches, and other treatments

  • Harmful
    for women’s health

  • Non-biodegradable

Organic Pads 

  • Made
    from organic cotton

  • Free
    from chemicals

  • Biodegradable 

5 Benefits of Organic Sanitary Pads


Organic cotton sanitary pads contain absorbent cellulose,
which locks your menstrual flow and keeps you dry. These pads are softer
than the standard pads because of the element of organic cotton in them. This
keeps your skin away from irritation, rashes, and itchiness.


Most women have complained of wetness issues during the
menstrual cycle. With organic sanitary pads, the menstrual blood gets absorbed
and keeps you dry. With dryness during your periods, you feel comfortable and


According to Healthline, non-organic pads take 800 years to
decompose, compared to two years for organic pads. Organic sanitary pads are
eco-friendly and have no serious environmental impact. These sanitary pads are
free from animal ingredients. 


With no chemicals, less water, and energy for manufacturing,
organic sanitary pads are biodegradable. Using these biodegradable sanitary
pads helps in saving nature and animals in the long run.

Healthy and affordable

Organic cotton does not use pesticides in the farming
process of organic cotton. Pesticides contain synthetic estrogen, which causes
reproductive problems. And infertility. These reproductive problems are
concerned with women. Estrogen is an important female hormone in women that
controls the menstrual cycle and is important for childbearing. Organic cotton
does not use pesticides in the farming process of organic cotton. This makes organic
sanitary pads healthy.


Because organic sanitary pads are made in an organic
environment and are cruelty-free, they do not cause irritation to skin and
fungal infections. The vagina is a sensitive area, and it is important to keep
it healthy and safe. Unlike standard pads, organic pads are FDI tested, which
means these pads are safer with no hidden risk.

Are organic pads better?

Organic pads are cruelty-free, meaning free from animals and
environment friendly. It is always good to choose options that are infused with
nature. Natural products are excellent for hygiene and the environment

While making the right decision for your hygiene, you still
might get questioning yourself whether to stick to standard pads or switch to
organic pads. The brief answer: yes, because they are organic, natural,
comfortable, and safer. Pick up the organic pads for your next cycle and find
the difference yourself!

Geoffrey Nevine — IT Services and IT Consulting

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