Invigorate your spiritual connection by reading the Bible together. By applying biblical principles as a couple, you'll reach into an untapped power source.

One married couple visited a counseling office. Near the end of the session, they discussed the spiritual aspect of their relationship.

“We don’t feel close to God,” the husband said. “We can’t figure out His will for our lives and relationship. We’re just not experiencing His power in our marriage.”

“How often do you read the Bible?” the counselor asked them.

The man said, “To be honest, I read the Bible about twice a week.”

“And I usually read it five times a week,” the wife said.

“No, I mean, how often do you read the Bible together?” asked the counselor.

They looked at each other and back at me. Finally, the wife replied, “Well, actually, we don’t read the Bible together.”

Why read the Bible together?

Without giving them a hard time, the counselor tried to persuade them that reading the Word of God as a couple would invigorate the spiritual part of their relationship. Over the course of two months, this couple who had never read God’s Word together started to do so. They discussed the passages they read, and they helped each other apply the biblical principles for living found in the Scriptures. Simply put, they allowed the Bible’s power to transform their marriage.

Bible reading draws you together

After just two months, they were much closer to God and to each other. They had found the power to communicate, to resolve conflict and to love each other more deeply.

Reading the Bible with your spouse will bring you closer than you’ve ever been as a couple. Most people don’t think of the Bible as a direct avenue to intimacy, but it can be … if the two of you regularly read and study it together.

Bible reading builds intimacy

Consider Hebrews 4:12: “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” When you read and study the Bible on your own, what happens? God speaks to you. He reveals deep, meaningful things about you. God tells you what He wants you to do in your life and in your relationships.

When you read the Bible together, your spouse learns all these intimate and personal things about you, too. When two hearts and minds are revealed, the result is intimacy.


So let’s get started…

Over the course of your week, you have activities happening in your household. Are we right?

Because of these activities, it may be difficult to find time for the two of you to sit down to read the Bible together. Get it, been there ourselves.

Maybe you’re not sure what to read, you did it for a short time, but stopped and now don’t know how to get started again or it seems weird to be doing this with your spouse.

You’re not alone!

We’ve been at each of these stages too!

Any yet, you have a chance to read the Bible with your spouse that will allow the both of you to bask in the joy and calmness that comes from God’s word. Insights that you may not have seen now become clear to both of you.

With that being said, many couples are unaware of how to read the Bible together.

Below are 3 tips for you to strengthen your spiritual intimacy to experience the extraordinary marriage you desire.

3 Tips to Read the Bible with Your Spouse

Find Convenient Times

Reading the Bible together is a great way to help strengthen your marriage.

In order to make sure that you are both able to take part in your joint readings, find a time that is convenient for the both of you.

Honestly, this can be the hardest part. The thing is, if this is important, you both will find time in your schedule.

Pull out your calendars and pick a time each day or a few times a week that works best for you. You’re not looking for an hour, but 10 minutes max to be present with each other.

This will eliminate any excuses that you may have in terms of not having enough time. Schedule it and stick to it!

We’ve added a notification to our calendar time so that it reminds us of these times. It’s super helpful.

Throughout your week, you can also take a moment to reflect on your life and to give thanks for the blessings in your marriage.

Create a Daily Verse Calendar

The best way to get into the habit of reading the Bible together is to make it a project that you can both contribute to. Purchase a calendar that has enough space for you to write a few sentences.

Each day during your daily readings, make sure that each of you writes a verse from your readings that spoke to you. Some days, you may both find a verse that you like equally.

At the end of each month, review the verses that you both enjoyed. This activity will keep you motivated to continue with your readings as you complete the calendar.

Reflect and Talk

Two other aspects that you should take into consideration while reading the Bible with your spouse are to reflect and talk about your readings.

You will share how a particular verse affects you, as well as learn how the verse is interpreted by your spouse. This will help you understand each other and grow closer together in your spiritual intimacy.

The closeness you can experience when you read the Bible with your spouse is amazing!

Is it really possible to rekindle the spark and restore the “like-new” connection in your marriage?

Take action now so that you can enjoy this intimate time together, as you strengthen your spiritual intimacy pillars.

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