Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) Portal User Guide

Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) Portal User Guide

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Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) Portal is a web-based system for managing the online delivery of assessment tools, registration of learners, and uploading of assessment outcomes\scores by schools.

1.1. Accessing the CBA portal: URL

Schools, Parents, and Guardians shall access the CBA Portal using the web address: or through the KNEC website: KNEC-Portal by clicking on the link, CBA Portal.

1.2. LOGIN page

Schools shall login using their username and password

1.   Click on Enter Username and Enter Password to key in the username and password respectively.

2.   Click the login button to access the school home page.

3. Schools that have forgotten their username and password should contact the Sub County Director of Education (SCDE) for reset of passwords.

Password Security. Keep It SecureSafe and Private. Sharing your username and password may seem harmless, but it can open up access to confidential data.


Upon successful login, the window below with menu items shall open for schools to access various functions in the system.

Open the Grade / Level by clicking Proceed to perform various tasks by selecting specific button as shown in figure 3 below.


To update school details, click on the Update School Details button, key in school details and the update button as shown below.


This is the first menu item containing all instructions on the conduct of the assessments.

1. Click on the button Instructions on Conduct to open the below window

2. Select and Click on the View or Download button to view and/or download the general or grade/level specific instruction as shown in figure 5 above.


Click the Register Learners button to generate the interface below for schools to register leaner(s) to their school.

5.1. How to Add New learner(s)

1. To register new learners, click Add Learner(s) to open the window below.

2. Provide learner details and save as shown below.

5.2. How to Transfer/Add learner(s) from Another school

1. To register learner(s) from other schools, click Add Learner from Another School (Transfer)

2. The window below shall be generated to key in the learner’s assessment number, view learner details and transfer.

3. If the learner Assessment number is not known, use the school code for the previous school to search for the learner and acquire the Assessment number

4. View learner details and click the Transfer Button.

5.   The head teacher at the school where the learner is currently registered will be prompted to accept/ decline the transfer request.

5.2.1. Accept/Decline Transfer requests

1. Requested transfers for learners to other schools shall be viewed under the Transfer Requests for the specific grade / Level button as shown below.

2.   To accept transfer of a learner to another school, click ‘ACCEPT’ button. Learners whose transfer has been accepted shall automatically be removed from the current school list and transferred to the other school.

3. To decline transfer of a learner to another school, click ‘DECLINE’ button and you will be prompted to select/specify the reason for declining.

4.   Schools can follow up with the SCDE to resolve issues on declined transfers.


Schools shall be able to manage progression of learners from foundation to intermediate, all the way to vocational level and from stage based to age based and vice versa.

6.1. Progression/movement of a learner to a higher Level/Grade

1. Click the progression of learners button to view and move a learner(s) by selecting the desired Level/Grade.

2. Click the Move learner button and the learner will be automatically moved to the selected Level/Grade.

6.2. Learner progression/movement from Age based to Stage based

The same steps for progression / movement of a learner in figure 18 shall be followed to move learner from Age based to Stage based and vice versa.


This menu provides access to the assessment materials.

7.1. Steps for downloading Assessment Materials/Tools

1. Click on the button Download Assessment Materials to open the below window to view and download Instructions and Assessment tools categorized by grade/level and Learning Area.

2. Select and click on the Download Assessment Tools button for the specific Learning Area to download specific assessment materials/ tools.

3. Select the appropriate tools for learners in your schools and Click on the Download button to save the assessment tool as shown in figure 15 below.


8.1. Steps to capture Assessment Scores/Outcomes

1. Select the Grade/Level

2. Click the Capture Assessment Outcomes button to open the learning areas as shown below.

3. Click Capture Assessment Outcomes for the specific learning area to capture and save outcomes for each learner as shown below.

8.2. Steps to amend/edit Assessment Scores/Outcomes

1. Click on View/Edit Outcomes button to generate the window below.

2. Click Amend Outcomes button for the specific learner to edit/ amend their outcomes as shown below.


Schools can view, download, or print various reports from the CBA portal by clicking on the specific report button.

9.1. Nominal Roll

To generate the Nominal Roll of a specific Grade/Level as shown below, click the Nominal Roll button.

9.2. Outcomes Report

To generate the Outcomes Report of a specific Grade/Level, click the Outcomes Report button to view learners’ outcomes.


Where Schools are required to provide administrative feedback for a specific Grade/Level, they shall access the questionnaire following the steps below:

1. Click the Administration Feedback button to open the window below.

2. Click the Go to Questionnaire button under Administrative Feedback to provide information for use to establish how Monitoring Learner Progress was undertaken in schools as shown below.


Parents/Guardians shall be able to view their Learners details and the status of their SBA scores/outcomes using the Learner’s Assessment number following the steps below:

1. Access the CBA Portal using the link or through the KNEC website: KNEC-Portal by clicking on the link, CBA Portal.

2. Click on the View Learner Details button to open the window below to select your Child/Learner’s Grade/Level and input the Assessment Number.

NB: Parents/ Guardians MUST select the correct Grade/Level and provide the Valid Assessment Number for their child/Learner to proceed. As indicated, they should contact their Child’s school to get valid information if they have a challenge/issue.

3. Upon successful selection of the learner Grade/ Level and input of a valid Assessment Number, Click the FIND button to view your child’s details as displayed below.

Parents/ Guardians shall therefore view the following details about their learner.

  • ·        Assessment Number – Same as the one they used to view details
  • ·        Name of the learner
  • ·        Gender: Male (M) of Female (F)
  • ·        School Code
  • ·        Name of the school
  • ·        Current Grade/ Level
  • ·        Pathway (Age / Stage based)
  • ·    Status of SBA Outcomes/Scores: Total number of Learning Areas with Score out of the expected number of Learning Areas

While on this interface, Parents / Guardians shall be able to view details of their other learners (if they have more than one child in school) by selecting their current Grade/ Level and keying in their Assessment Number.

THE END – Thank you!

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