How To Increase Your Worth As A Software Developer

How To Increase Your Worth As A Software Developer

In this era, the demand for software developers is very high. It is considered to be one of the top 10 best jobs in the World today with a handsome salary. But having a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering is not enough to get a software development job. There are some other factors discussed below which can increase your worth as a Software developer.

An Excellent CV and Cover letter

Your CV and the cover letter is always the first impression. It is like a brochure of a person indicating the skills and quality of the candidate. Hence, it should be kept error-free. Moreover, it should not be copied from Google. If you want to stand out from the crowd, come up with unique words that describe you.

LinkedIn Account

Your presence on the internet is mandatory to catch the attention of employers and recruiters. For this purpose, LinkedIn is the best platform to showcase your profile.

Strong Programming concepts and in-depth knowledge

Coding is not only copying and pasting the code from StackOverflow. Solutions from StackOverflow can be used for references and hints with giving the credits. But you should make sure that you research and try to understand the solution that you are using. If your basics are strong, you will be able to create more efficient solutions. If there will be any problem, you will be able to predict the reason and eventually find a better approach. Hence, keep studying about Object Oriented Programming, Object Oriented Designs and Design patterns.

Choose One Technology and Become its master

Knowledge never gets wasted. Keep yourself aware of all the latest technologies and try to learn these whenever you get a chance. It is always good to be Jack of all trades but it is great to be a master of one. Choose one technology and make sure you acquire its core knowledge.

Programming Best Practices and techniques 

The readability and maintainability of your code also matter. Moreover, the best practices and the use of design pattern also gives a hint about your programming practice and techniques. Take care of the conventions and write clean code. You should read the book 'Clean Code' by Robert C. Martin

Repos on Github (or Gitlab  )

Upload your quality code on Github to give an idea to the employer about your programming techniques.

Live Projects

Your live projects are the proof of your hands-on experience. It always gives you an edge. Be it a Mobile Application or a Web application.

Contribution to StackOverflow

Your ranking and points on your StackOverflow also determine your willingness to contribute to the software developer’s community and sharing your knowledge with others.

Knowledge of updates and new trends

Make sure you keep yourself updated about the latest trends and technologies. Refrain yourself from being outdated. The more you are aware of the latest technologies, the higher you are in demand.

Online Courses and Tutorials 

Taking online courses from platforms such as Udacity, edX and Coursera are very helpful to improve your skillset. Additionally, watching tutorials on YouTube is also a good way to learn new things.

Enthusiasm and love towards coding

If you love your job, you will never have to work a single day. You will practice more and learn more if you love to code and you will be consistent as well.


The more efforts you do, the more positive results you will witness. Hard work is the key to success. Therefore, you should be investing in yourself. Keep learning, practice a lot and be consistent. To increase your worth as a software developer, you should make sure about all the aspects which are discussed above.

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