Why Mums make awesome leaders

Why Mums make awesome leaders

Why do Mums make awesome leaders?

Being a mother teaches you so many different qualities. You have to dig deep to find solutions when it comes to raising kids.

What if you were to take these qualities and use them to become an effective leader at your workplace or even starting on your business.

Here is why you can become a successful leader if you choose to take this position


Successful leaders have traditionally been defined by their power and prestige, but studies show that empathy is strongly correlated with better individual performance.

 Seeing other people's problems through their eyes is a skill that's developed when you are a mother.

This kind of empathy is an invaluable skill that can not only help cultivate talent but also shape the morale of an entire company.


As a mum, we have to prioritize as it's not a choice sometimes but the very nature of being a mom.

Effective leaders are experts at prioritizing.

Mums gain this skill from making every day and in the moment decisions basing on their innate ability to feed, clothe and keeping their child safe.


One of the biggest and most important skills in any organization is the ability to adapt. 

The minute we gave birth, we did nothing but adapt to what was presented to us. We changed our entire lives to fit in with this new way of living.

Great leaders are able to adapt to an environment that’s constantly changing, tailoring their management style so it not only works for each employee, but also for the company as a whole.

What business might need today, may not be what it needs tomorrow in today's ever-changing climate.

An effective leader will use this skill to be successful and lead her ship in the best way possible.


Being a mum teaches you to keep parenting, even if things get tough and we do.

This skill is acquired as a result of getting through the grind every single day.

 In fact, studies show that grit is a better predictive measure of success than conscientiousness and even IQ.

Mums are equipped with overcoming mental blocks and challenges over and over again giving them the in-depth practice of this skill.

-Problem Solving

Moms quickly recognize that some problems are out of their control, giving them a unique ability to react to new info and determine whether it’s worth pursuing.

Most mums have to make something out of nothing when a problem is presented. 

The ability to do this means as a leader, she will not give up or panic but find solutions.

My Final Thoughts...

Does the above resonate with you?

I am a mum and a leader who leads other busy mums to lead their ship effectively. 

Yes, you have the skills mums to become a fantastic leader. Look out for your next leadership opportunity because you are ready to go.


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