Belly fat
During the long months of pregnancy, you tend to put on baby fat which can be most unbecoming once you have delivered. It is only fair that you start to get back in shape since pregnancy certainly has caused many changes in your body. You would naturally want to get rid of all those excess body fats. Taking care of yourself will not only make you feel good but will keep you in fit shape and form to be a good mother.

Here are some ways in which you can tune your body into shape as a nursing mother.

Take time to heal but move around

After the ordeal of the delivery, you certainly deserve the time to heal your body and recuperate. Wait till you feel more in rhythm and then start moving around the house instead of lying in bed the whole day. Unless you have a cesarean section you should be alright for moving around within a week’s time. 

Look at your diet habits

You need as much nourishment during your lactating period to give your baby the required healthy feed. You can plan a meal menu that will cover important minerals, vitamins, protein, and nutrients instead of eating different items of food. You can eat healthy meals 5 to 6 times a day by spacing out your eating time with some hours in between meals. Eat moderately and do not overstuff yourself since you will be eating many times a day. Stay away from spicy, sugary and oily food but include a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits.

Get busy in your home

Doing the dishes and prepping the kids for school amongst other things are good and effective forms of exercise but they are easily overlooked. Lifting simple lightweights, twisting, turning, bending over are some of the exercises embedded in this daily chore…the more we help out around the house the faster we shed all the baby weight

Take healthy naps

Take healthy and quick naps. You need to take naps because the baby can keep you up the whole night and this can upset your metabolism. When you do not get enough sleep and rest, your attempt at losing weight will be more laborious. Therefore, when the baby decides to nap you can also do the same as you need sleep for your energy level.

Breastfeeding is healthy and reduces weight

Breastfeeding can burn off 600 to 800 calories in a day even if you are just sitting and feeding your baby. This can be good for your weight loss, while for baby nothing is better, natural, and healthier than mother’s milk with these steps you will soon be glowing and basking in radiant health. Besides, you will start looking more womanly in a fit and trim manner.

Wear a girdle

We all know the skin expands, this happens during the pregnancy stage, but when the baby eventually comes, the stomach region begins to look flabby and sagged pending when the skin returns to its normal position. To further hasten this process, you could wear a girdle around the stomach this holds the skin firm and makes you look trim even with all the baby fat.
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