Stress-Free Christmas

Yaaay! The Christmas season is here and there’s a whole lot to do: parties to attend, jobs to do, contracts to sign, holiday trips to embark on, friends to visit, foods to prepare, shopping sprees to consider, amidst a whole lot of engagements. For those who inordinately participate, this period becomes short of what it should be (a holiday season), it becomes a stressful season. It is best practice to enjoy the season by avoiding or moderating things that spike stress levels so that the joy of Christmas is not completely snuffed out.

You should enjoy a better Christmas season if you follow through with the following suggestions.

Plan Ahead

Nothing beats knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. When you plan ahead of time it becomes easier to manage the season well and keep stress away.

Don’t just accept whatever comes your way, be the architect of your own activities from top to bottom. Scratch out anything that doesn’t suit you and leave those that do, modify any that looks a bit okay but has a comma somewhere. Of course, something new may come up during the period but then it wouldn’t be difficult to immediately decide on how to attend to them as against a whole lot of things propping up at the same time.

Shop Online

The 21st Century has brought with it the awesomeness of the internet: from chatting to visiting places from your bedroom to improving your knowledge base to downloading and uploading content to shopping online, etc. Whatever can be bought at a physical market can be got online.

So there is really no need to stress yourself going all the way across the city to buy food items or gifts or decorations. Due to the mad rush of this period, traffic is usually tense, fares are higher (you have a car? How about fuel price?), security is an issue; and the weather outside might sometimes be out to hurt you. Shop online and save yourself the stress.

Decline Offers

Everybody wants to visit you and everybody needs your services, and everybody has a favor to ask of you, well if you are Father Christmas then responding positively to all shouldn’t be a biggy for you, right? But hey, you are not Superman or Father Christmas so why would you want to take on more than you can handle?

Say no to overworking yourself by saying no to certain invitations, parties, proposals and what have you. Accommodate only what you can manage, nothing more. Just know that it is not a do or die affair and that the season will come and go but you will stay behind.

Have Fun Responsibly

People often have more fun than they can handle during this period, whether it is due to peer pressure or personal preference, I don’t know. But what I do know is that all of that has a way of coming back to haunt you. Some indulge in alcohol more and end up getting sick and hungover to the point where doing little things becomes like doing something pretty difficult.

Some contract diseases, get unwanted pregnancies, become obese, make regrettable decisions, all in the name of having fun. As a woman, watch what you do this period and who you tag along with because not everyone is out there to celebrate the season, some see it as the perfect opportunity to get up to some mischief.

In sum, Christmas is always memorable but, know that memories can be good or bad and you decide how it all turns out. Enjoy this Christmas season, let it come and go smoothly. Cheers!!!
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