Video Production Training Courses in Kenya

Video Production Training Courses in Kenya

The effectiveness of video marketing has increased over the years. Consequently, it has increased the demand for video production services. Video production skills are very marketable. You know that hence the reason for looking for a reputable college to learn video production.

Where can you learn video production?

Look no further Janeson Institute is the school to learn and acquire world-class video production skills. More reasons for studying with us include the following:

  •  Best facilities and use of up-to-date technology for teaching.
  • Affordable school fees structure regulated by Kenya Film School Fees Structure Program.
  • Our training in video production combines innovation, business acumen, and technology.
  • We collaborate with other elite colleges in Kenya that offer credentials in video production.
  • Our training programs can be completed at one's convenience. 
  • All students receive an evaluation, mentoring, and coaching from our film production experts to provide them with a competitive edge for future success in the film industry.

What exactly will you learn? 

Video production has many elements, but there are only three stages to the art: pre-production, production stage, and post-production. In this short course, we focus on the pre-production and production stages. Post-production is quite engaging we decided on a separate training for the same. We pair the post-production course with graphic effects. The course outline for the course is as follows: 

  • Camera Work
  • Composition Techniques
  • Script Writing
  • Budgeting
  • Casting
  • Location scouting
  • The art of lighting
  • Audio in video production
  • Drone Operation

The rubber is ready to hit the road with the above topics covered. To improve your personal storytelling and videography abilities, it's critical to be knowledgeable about numerous video production techniques. We guide our students well to make sure they can launch a career in either of the following industries:

  1. Wedding Videography 
  2. Corporate Video Production
  3. Documentary Video Production
Enroll today to jumpstart your career in video production, photography & filmmaking.
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