7 things that happen after you graduate from the University

7 things that happen after you graduate from the University

If you are about to graduate, or you are simply interested in what life is all about for a graduate, then these truths should prepare you.

Often times, we are so focused on surviving the four walls of the University that we fail to prepare for what is waiting out there. We are excited to graduate and be free from school stress that we do not really consider what comes next.

If you are about to graduate, or you are simply interested in what life is all about for a graduate, then these truths should prepare you.

1. You won't land your dream job: The university is all about hoping for and dreaming of the future. But most people will not end up living that dream immediately after graduation. The cold hard truth of working hard and paying your dues will manifest at this time. You will, very likely begin in a less-than-appealing position and work your way to what you want.

2. You won't get your dream salary: This is usually the first surprise most people get after spending time, money and energy to become a graduate. You already have a number in you head that you consider reasonable, but as soon as you go for your first couple of interviews, your will find that your number is way too ambitious.  The thing is, no one will make a commitment of hiring you and paying a humongous sum unless they know what you are bringing to the table and the only way to prove this is through experience.

3. You will feel inexperienced: No matter how long you have been in school and how hard you have worked, you will feel like a baby once you enter the labour market. You will be disappointed that no one wants to hire a start-up and it will feel like you are having to start school all over again.

4. You will still need your parents: This is something most people do not expect, especially if you spent the last few years living on your own for school. You might have to move back to your parents and begin your hustle.

5. The real world is harsh: As you graduate, you will be competing with thousands of others who are graduating too, not to mention those who graduated before you. Be prepared to fight for what you want because it won't land on your laps. In school, you do not really have to compete with your peers, all you have to do is focus on your studies, but once you graduate, you are competing with thousands. Some of whom might result to drastic ways to take you out of the race. Expect friendships and relationships to be tested.

6. Dating might not be that easy: Things get a lot more challenging in the real world. You might be used to seeing prospective partners everywhere within your campus. You see someone and you feel safe approaching them because you already know they are students like you. The real world is a little different. You do not just approach someone without an idea of where you stand, or you risk looking like a fool.

7. Life won't happen fast enough: There is a schedule in school. You know when you began, how long you had before you graduate, when your exams will take place, etc. But there is no such timetable in life, so, you will find yourself worrying that your time is being wasted. You will feel stuck and worried that you ought to be doing something more with your life and degree.

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